Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 Jun 2014: Time for summer hair cut!

After months and months of neglect since like Jan (or was it Dec?), finally head off to my Japanese hair salon in HK to have my mop of messy turf trimmed. 

Since the summer has been incredibly hot and hard to maintain a nice perm hair ( as I would prob bun it up perpetually), Ito San suggested a light layering to reduce the volume and just color my impossibly hard to ignore white hairs at the front. 

I like my finished cut. I had requested for my fringe to remain at nose level. Ito San offered to take pictures of my hair but I'm seriously too shy to "model". So I had to turn to cover my face for him to take a shot of his fine handiwork:)

I really like his layering. It looks wavy n permed but it wasn't. My hair feels light overall and definitely more shapely than the mopped head  I came in with. 

Ito San took more Pixs but I found my expressions too embarrassing to upload. As u can sense, I'm not a great fan of selfies:) 

Once again, my hair is neat, ladylike n easy to maintain until winter before I shall perm it again! Thanks Ito San for another day of hardwork!!

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