Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20th Jan 2015: Off for my long overdue haircut with Ito San (AR salon)

After 7 months...I finally have to force my lazy arse off my bed and booked Ito san for my haircut.

Not sure if there are others like me who can be so lazy. I guess now that I have moved out of causeway bay, and with all the 2 months long protest roadblocks earlier resulting in nitemarish travelling (a nitemare in terms of excessive hours), there was little motivation for me to take the bus-train down until I seriously am finding my hair to be in a straw like state.

It's dry but thankfully no split ends which is why I have been putting it off, but messy entangled hair is definitely a source of minor irritation. Since my mum is in town and I know she's been itching to get Ito san to cut & perm her hair for her, I figured I now have a reason apart from self vanity to get my hair tidied.

So off we went, two ladies on a mission.

Before we did our hair, took mum out to Chung Cusine for our morning Dim Sum. That's the pre-haircut photo..the messy hair ladies. See that heavy unkept clustering mop on my head?

Work in progress...
I only opted to cut my hair without perm nor colour. I think my previous hair colour is still holding up nicely despite the last root touch up a long time ago. So I will prob colour and perm it next round.

Mum wanted a perm and cut. So I hung around waiting for her to finish.

Ito san checking mum's perm and to trim it down

After wash and hair blown dry by Mandy

Tadah! After 2 hours of waiting for mum, 2 satisfied women went home feeling all light headed and happy & pretty of course:)

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