Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21 oct. I love my granny & Yeye

I just want to say. I love my granny 嬤嬤! She's really really nice and gentle with me, and she will chat with me whole day long too!! When I'm tired she will let me fall asleep in her arms while mummy is tired or busy. 嬤嬤don't go back!! I love to be your little koala! 

Unlike with my mum, my little one really like being with his paternal grandparents

He's ok with my mum but u can tell he's not a big fan of hers after a few weeks after her arrival. My boy will fuss or frown when she carried him and she will quickly hand him back to me claiming "he only wants his mother coz he recognise people now" hello mum, he was only 3months then. Recognise wat people? What stranger aversion u r talking about? U want to play your hp just say so. 

Now close to 7 months, he's sticking to his grand parents like bear to honey without a need for transition or getting accustomed. He adored them from day 1. Obviously my mum theory was flawed.

 Plus compared to my in laws who are so happy to watch him and carry him, my mum would be playing her phone and say "oh I don't want to get too close so much so he won't be too attached to me and cry when I leave" see the difference folks? About my mum weird mindset vs normal grandparents?

Plus my mum kept irritating me with her comments to my son like "oh u r so smart, u will be lawyer and ceo etc". I told my mum many times, no expectation there. So long he is happy, healthy and don't go astray is good enough for me. But my mum just loves to add her opinion about my boy being smart and earn lotsa money next time. It's super irritating. As if it isn't enough she inflict her expectations on us, please don't place your own views on my child. Perhaps to u, money and intelligence means a lot and the same thing but to me, character development takes precedence. Of course if he's smart it's a bonus. 

My mother in law on the other hand said this to my boy the other morn
" it's ok if u are not smart or top in school. Just stay good and don't stray. Must stay upright and good character". She didn't say it for my sake. We never talked about this but when I overheard her chatting with my boy, I was happy that someone shares the same view n outlook and yet that someone is not my
Mother but my mother in law. People always raise their eye brow in disbelief when I say I am more in sync with my in laws than my own parents. 

As well, the maid gets along perfectly well with my in laws. What does that say about my mum who went around bitching about my maid? While my mum thinks my maid cooking is horrible, my in law said its not bad. It goes to say a lot...

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