Monday, October 26, 2015

25 oct: Weekend alone with bub.

Husband and in laws went on a trip to China for some major family reunion. So that effectively leaves me alone with bub for 1.5 day till daddy comes home. 

Initially on thurs, MIL and relatives book him on sun eve to come back which means he will be back like 8pm+. Only because they think he should join them for 2-3 hour lunch and see see look look.

Do I look like I superwoman?
Where am I suppose to find food for self if husband comes back so late on Sunday when maid on off? You folks (for once not my husband) Got spare a thought for me while u bunch so happily plan your trip? In the first place u guys are the ones who passed the flu virus to my boy, wanting to carry him even when u have dribbling nose. 

So when my mil told both us the tickets she bought, I was quietly annoyed , didn't show it but just said firmly "No sorry, I need him back early because someone has to get food for me. He can skip Sunday lunch." My mil went "oh.. We (the relatives) thought would be nice for him to join in lunch"

I told her "well he would have met them all on sat and sun morn. He can afford to skip lunch and come back help me"

My husband agreed n said ok. I didn't stick around to see eat my mil has to say. She's prob ok but it amazes me how thoughtless they can be. 

So come Friday despite being busy, I took my mil to hospital for some doc checkup due to some post op concerns. That took 4 hours out of my day but at least it gave her peace of mind.

I dunno why everyone always depends on me to get things done. Even simple things like getting cab from HK isl to Kowloon, I m expected to handle that. Of course despite my careful planning to get them there early to change ticket, something has to screw up. My mil misplaced he tickets!

She was like still taking her own sweet time looking and I had to leave baby crying in cot to help her locate. Those tickets ain't cheap since she so deign to buy the first class instead of economy. 

After 10mins, that's it. I tell my husband to go buy new ones or they will ALL miss the ferry. Looks like it's their family thing to always be so ill prepared for trips. Not to mention as I was checking their bags, tons of tissue paper and plastic bags all over. Ghees! Now I know where my husband gets this nasty crap habit. I never understood why his luggage bags are always so messy with small tubes of things, scraps of paper, tissue packs half used, stray unused tissues. It grates my nerves to see that mess. Ok I'm OCD. I like to compartmentise my contents. That means every thing is packed in smaller bags by categories. I will never ever have funny stray paper of tissue in my bags. Ok I digress. 

So come sat, I did pretty well. Even had time to sit down watch Misdion impossible movie n eat a bowl of ice cream. It was quite relaxing. 

Sunday was ok but abit tougher n baby was a tat off schedule. We both overslept by an hour. Still we survived till daddy came home at 3pm

Boy was quite funny actually. 

He seems to know daddy was going away. Was in unhappy mode

Then he calm down when he realise I'm
Still here with him.

And then sun morn cry again when there's no daddy. 

And then very happy when reunited with daddy

Most of my gfs were "horrified" at the prospect of caring for their baby on their own. 

They freak out at the notion their maid is on leave. I guess when u are used to someone helping u all the time, it can be quite daunting but hey, our parents never had maid (though they had families to help i m sure) those mothers in Australia n states without maids cope on their own too. 

So it's doable just a matter of mindset. I refuse to subject myself to mercy of anyone such that I can't do without them. So should one day my maid is gone, I can still jolly well survive n cope as it is without freaking out. I think soon it will be easier once we upgrade him to solid food for 3 meals. I just have to endure!!! 

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