Monday, November 16, 2015

16 Nov: say what? More sickness!??!

I really can't catch a break can I? 

Just when I thought my little boy was getting better after the mild scare of seeing mucous in his poo, he's down with fricking Roseola infantum! 

The other night, had to take him to hospital out patient coz he was crying from 12-4.30am. Couldn't tell what was wrong. 

Those GP are really no good. Prescribe something baby unfriendly for my little one. Took baby to see PD the next day as PD was concerned about his sudden high fever at 39 degree n mucous poo etc and called me. He wanted to be sure it wasn't something else (can't rem the name but something about swollen testicles) 

Today while my hubby was changing diapers, my mil saw the red rash on body. The problem with hubby being colour blind, it's risky coz he can't see red spots or red rash or cuts etc. Doesn't help that he's already not an observe t guy. Sigh. I worry sometimes I will miss out symptoms coz it's all on me to spot any physical surprises. 

Watsapp my PD n he called back to say not to worry. 

This explains a lot. Why baby has been fussy n irritable the past week. Explains the on n off fever. All those cough n cold were also part of Roseola infantum symptoms. I had a nagging suspicions it might be more than just simple cold coz it was running into 2nd week. Just didn't know wat was it. 

Well, hopefully the fact that baby wants to drink his milk again n laughing again means he's getting better!!! I certainly hope so coz no way I can survive with so little sleep n fighting cough n cold. 

Thank god I repeat, my mil is here. Even when she tired, she still carry little one to sleep. At almost 8kg, even I feel tired but my mil really soldier on. She will wash my bottles for me when I crash n help cook congee for baby when I'm stuck pumping. I am deeply grateful for my
Mil. Some people only know how to open mouth n pester u have kids but won't lift a finger to help. My mil while hoping we will change our minds never once pressured me n yet soooo helpful n caring to make sure I get to sleep. 

I was thanking her tonight while carrying baby. Hubby was heating up ginger tea. I jokingly said if mum wasn't here I will die. Or that my hubby n I will prob be fighting away. 

My mil immediately said "no! Cannot fight over baby! That's something u guys must not do. Anything talk it out calmly, be calm. Don't fight or shout. "

Both my husband n I kept quiet. My hubby was unusually quiet n made no comments. I don't shout. Esp when fighting I usually talk tersely but I don't like to shout. I am assuming mum knows n it's her son she's hinting to. 

Let's hope baby will get better soon. 
I dread to think teething will be horrid!


WhiteDusk said...


Been some time since I've roamed the blog-space.
Got a whole lot of catching up but a baby? (I've really been gone for way long!)

Best regards

Nomad said...

Hey!!! Nice to hear from u again!! I tried to stay in touch but your blog was no longer accessible so didn't know how u were doing. Hope all is well back in sg despite the haze. Your kiddo must be quite big now and the dogs too:) stay in touch and thanks too:)

Nomad said...

And oh yes the baby... It was a bombshell to everyone on FB too. Lol. No one knew till kiddo was born. U should see the 200+ messages with exclaimation! Lol

WhiteDusk said...

Definitely a bombshell!

Stopped blogging for the longest time... no idea why I just stopped. Whenever I feel like blogging again, it felt like a chore so gave up the idea multiple times.

Phuket looks great~

Nomad said...

Hahhaaaa! Yeah I know what u mean I stopped for a year or more too... Then I install the phone app and got back in again because my stupid maid was pissing us off and I need to rant!!! Else I will explode. Blog is a very good anger management tool n sanity enhancer:) lol!!

Yeah Phuket was great

WhiteDusk said...

Hey I didn't know got a phone app... its on Android?

WhiteDusk said...

Well, thanks to you now I've gotten the Blogger app on my iPhone~
Time to start blogging again~

Nomad said...

Haaaaa haaaaa!!! That's good isn't it?!! More reads for me!!