Saturday, November 7, 2015

7 Nov: baby is sick again...

My little one has succumb to coughing n fever today after a whole week of his grandpa coughing away at home. Well even I caught the cough so I can't imagine how my baby could have avoided it. 

I have been battling the sore throat, cold and block milk duct which translate to bloody sore boob for a week and just when I was getting better, now I'm Hit by cough. Sigh

Was too tired tonight. Baby wasn't drinking his milk well. He refuse to drink more so we had to dilute pear purée with water to get some fluid into him. He would usually chalk up to around 750ml per day but today he barely reach 540ml and only 1.5 solid meal. Wasn't overly worried but still...I put him to sleep early at 9pm but he woke at 12am. 

I was so tired I fell asleep again while pumping with the pump still attached since 10pm and so my husband stood watch and didn't wake me. I'm quite a regular figure in falling asleep sitting up while pumping for months now. My MIL and FIL were quite concerned about my constant lack of sleep and busy days. They must have had a word with my man coz he told me both mum n dad are worried I'm not resting enough. Maybe that's why he's also been a bit more helpful and with mum to help, more relaxed and stop berating me. Though everyone seems to think I should consider giving up pumping breastmilk so that I can rest more. Unfortunately I'm not mentally ready to stop yet. Don't ask me why but I just feel like I can still push myself along. Stubbornness is an inherent traitmark..I like to say it the Sg way "Die Die also must try!"

My mil while chatting with me today told me to rest more. She gently told me that if I don't rest enough I can't care for baby. So she really try to help me feed him and watch him as much as possible while I pump and prep his meal. She went marketing to make soup for me since I'm tired of the "stupid one" cooking, who has no concept that sick people should eat light food. Well we have already established she's stupid. 

Again tonight she clip the clothes instead of using the hanger. I was quite fed up and my mil quickly changed it to hangers. If my 75 year old mil can rem after I said it once, my fucking stupid maid can't after months? It's moments like this I really wonder if she had a brain at all. 

Any case hubby let me slept till 2am tonight. I jumped off bed at midnight when I heard baby whining and rushed out relieved his dad was already feeding him pear juice. I thought I will go shut eye for another 10 mins but it ended up 2 hours. Struggled out of bed only coz I needed to pump since its been over 5 hours. If I don't do it now morn I will pay the price. 

Can hear baby coughing in his sleep. Sigh. Hope his fever will subside tmw. Didn't occur to Husband to take his temp again but he's sure baby was still warm. I had given him some fever med at 8.30pm. So I'm concerned the fever hasn't come down. Can't sleep now. 

Hopefully little one will be better tmw.
Get well soon my little bub!


Veron said...

Oh dear....get well soon lil one...

Oh is tat finger pointing to your maid? :P

Nomad said...

Haaaa haaaa my frens said exactly the same thing in FB! Lol