Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 Dec: Back from trip

We are Back from holiday and I am now full blown sick. Cough, cold and weak. 

It was a first adventure with baby on plane. So much things to bring and prepare!!! Had to wake up extra early to prep his congee, steam his food to bring to plane and thankfully because he's still young, he was easy. Slept half the flight both ways, drank his milk and then was time to land:)  no cries, just a happy baby. Relief! Even the lady next to us complimented he was such a good baby. 

We took little one to Phuket for his first proper swim in the pool. Worried might be too cold for him but he seems alright though I took him out of the room pool once I saw him dribbling. (He had a cold 4 days before we took off) 

The main pool was warmer and so we decided to let him play there instead. Daddy bought all those flotation devices but he didn't like any of it. He rather be held. I think it's the lack of sense of security. He had a good time at least, better than sick mama. I was hit by mild food poisoning. Then runny tummy, then cough, cold sore throat. Basically just sick. 

But it was good to get away. 
At least little one had fun I think. 

We stayed in Andara resort. The room was by far the best we had stayed. It was huge and bed comfy. They even have baby bottle steriliser n bottle warmer. The kitchen was a proper full kitchen with huge fridge. The only let down I found was the food. It wasn't good and frankly that's how I ended up sick coz something I ate wasn't fresh. Suspect it's the grilled pork neck which tasted stale.

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