Sunday, December 20, 2015

21dec: Sleep!

Winter has been so shiok. So nice to sleep in and baby is enjoying his sleep too!! Ever since I let daddy watch n care for him, both turning into late night owls n I had to put a stop to daddy turning my boy into late night baby!!! 

He used to sleep by 10pm or earlier but daddy been letting him zzz at 11.30pm!! I was pretty adamant that it's not right!!! Daddy did it so baby can sleep in later n he don't have to wake up early. I had to intervene when he said baby didn't want to sleep early but I saw baby rubbing eyes!! So I had to put baby to sleep by 9.30pm one night so that I could get him back into his old cycle. Of course that means daddy says he's tired coz baby is back to being up by 7 instead of 9am. 

This grobag by the way is awesome. Little one slept sooo well!! So comfy n the little one loves it! I bought one sleeveless to pair with grosuit and another grobag with quilted sleeves so that he can wear his thinner onsies inside

My boy has my sleeping genes. He can sleep 14-15 hours a day. Some babies his age sleeps far less. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

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