Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hair perm in sg!

After what seems like forever, I finally went for hair perm after 3 years hiatus. 

Since I have left HK, no more Ito San to do my perm anymore...:( 

I tried a local salon in orchard for haircut n my experience was terrible. The shampoo gal was a Malaysian and she totally tore my scalp off while washing. I didn't even realise it till i was colouring my hair n wondering why it sting so much n when I reach home, my scalp hurts. 
I could not even have rain shower water hitting my head coz it bloody hurts! Having been pampered by Ito San salon for so long the gentle washing, I had a rude shock back in sg. 

I looked at my head n saw two big angry red wound on my scalp on both sides!!! The stylist told me I must have scratched it myself while showering. I was like first I have no nails due to baby and secondly I never ever scratch my head with fingernails either! I know that since primary school ok! 

So my hunt for Japanese salon in sg begun. I came across art noise salon n Thot of checking them out first with cut n colour.

As expected, Japanese stylist never disappoints!

My stylist is shuji San n he arrived only just 8 months prior. However he was communicative about the style discussion etc. His English wasn't fluent so we tried Japanese though mine was terrible. I have forgotten so much after lack of use in 3 years. Still we managed lol.

Due to my time constraint, to rush back cook dinner for baby, he finished my perm n treatment under 1.5hr. He was very understanding about my need to leave by 5.30pm

We discussed a little n I told him I would like a natural big wave look. So here we are today with my new perm in unedited shot

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