Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exhausted after being back

After my trip to Morocco and Portugal, been totally exhausted and not wanting to do anything at all. All I wanted and had been doing was to sleep day in and day out, with exception to time devoted to laundry, groceries and cooking.

Finally finished loading and sorting the photos, they would be up the next few days when I am in the mood..lol.

Morocco was honestly the singular most disappointing and boring trip ever. It's so far down that even comparing it as a poor cousin to Istanbul is being overly kind. The place really had nothing interesting to offer, food is blah, and the quality of air is horrendous unless you are up in the mountains. We were in Marrakech and heaven knows what is the hype. Nothing exotic, nothing interesting.

Portugal on the otherhand was unexpectedly fun, enjoyable and tiring! We were exhausted at the end of everyday from all the walks. Straight on pounding the streets for solid over 10+hours everyday without much break. Every inch of my body was aching by the last night and I was too exhausted and spent to even sum up any appetite to eat anything!!! Lisbon was amazing, primarily I love all the little things and history that comes along with the place. I didnt even have time to finish or rather cover alot of the major sights in a week!

Portugal is a quaint and lovely place that is deserving of a return trip. Did I mention how awesome and fantastic some of their food were? It's honestly good and apart from Denmark, this place had great food which is at some point strangely similar to Asian food. Or maybe we had port it over during those years they had dominated Asia? Portuguese tart....yum yum...more about that later.

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