Saturday, December 27, 2014

27 Dec 2014: Sometimes I wish my mum isnt so stubborn....

There really is no end to my mum's stubbornness.
It irritates u more when she refuse to recognise it.

For example she bought some Australian mango.
She bought 2 and they were half green. I told her she had bought really unripe ones and will take a long while like at least a week before she can eat them. She look at me and insisted that it's ripe because she can smell it. I told her "No mum. This Australian mango is not ready. If u slice it now it will be sour." She repeated "no! Who says mango must be yellow. U dunno in singapore those still green mango are ripe?"

I have to hold my rising blood pressure n repeated "these are Australian
Mango and I hand been eating them for last 10 years. The green mango u eat in singapore are Thai mango, I dunno how they are but I'm telling u this Australian mango needs to turn orange red before u can eat. I def know Australian mango better than u since it's native fruit for my man!!"

So mum left it in the fruit bowl as I told her. Two days later, the mango scent is stronger but still 1/3 green. Stubbornly my mum put the mango in the fridge n declare it's ready. I got really fed up n took the mango out. It's not cheap n I have no intention to waste my fruit just coz she's too stubborn to listen. I told her that fridge will halt the ripening n it's not ready. She keep insisting it smells ripe n that it will be soft n soggy. I refuse to comment further.

Finally 3 days more the fruit is almost all yellow n I stuck it in the fridge.

When we cut it, it was sweet ripe n firm. My mum was like all surprised. I told her "if u had cut it when it was green, I would have to thrown my whole mango away. And the fruit was firm n
Not soggy rite?". Only then was she convinced she's not always rite.

She finally bought another one and this time is almost orange red n I told her this can go to fridge earlier since it's almost ripe. She conceded finally that not all mango are to be eaten half green.

When she bought guava, again she insisted that hard guava is ready. I told my mum it needs to give a little when pressed before guava will be sweet.  Again she brushed me off saying guava is her specialty. Since guava isn't expensive, I let her go experience her theory.  I told her to skin the guava as the skin will cause constipation while the seed will provide the fiber for bowel movement. Again she didn't believe me. She insisted skin is good. I told her u can keep your skin but I will remove mine. After trying one guava with skin on, she experienced constipation n finally conceded again she was wrong.

After 4 guava, sour ones, she blamed the shop owner bluff her. She left one to sit in fruit bowl. I left it till it has some give when u press it. She insisted that guava is spoilt but it turned out fine and was finally sweet. Instead of admitting she was wrong, she now claimed it's overripe n too soft inside n she don't like it. sigh. luckily i liked it and ate it.

She also told me she like perssimon. I told her it belongs to "Han" (寒) category but she insisted it was warm. I had to dig out this fruits n health BOOK by Taiwan nutritionist and show it to her so she will stop doubting wat i said..

I'm just so tired of correcting all her wrong notions n she's so freaking stubborn that she must do things her way, proven wrong before she will listen to other people. It's like she just don't get it that we do grow up n learn things too.

More recently, I like my mum's steam pork egg dish. I told her that I like that for lunch every day. She said she cannot understand how it is possible to eat same thing. I told her it's fine, i like it and there are other dishes to provide variety. She keep asking if she takes out pork will be better. I told her no, I don't like steam egg alone it will taste weird.

One week later, despite me refusing her offer to steam egg alone, she had to cook the steam egg today without the pork or minimal. It tasted not very nice but since it's cooked I just ate it since I don't want to waste food n assumed we ran out of pork. However, when I opened the fridge, there is was, a 3/4 full raw minced pork. I asked her why didn't she used it today then? She said oh I plan to use it tomorrow but I said but it states expires today!!! Why would u keep it for after expiry date n waste perfectly expensive good Japanese pork when u could have used it today? I was annoyed coz I know she just want to cook the steamed egg because she thinks no one can eat same dish everyday, rather than wat I wanted. It's so frustrating coz now I have to put in freezer n eat expired pork. Jesus Christ.

Then when it comes to steam fish, she keep asking me how long to steam fish. Yet she keep splitting the fish in half and plate it like in aeroplane shape. I told her many times I don't want my fish opened up like that because u are causing the fish natural juices to seep out more but she stubbornly insist on doing her own way. Finally I told her "if I want to cook your own way, then I have no comments n don't ask me how long to cook because I dunno with ur cutting style.  U want to ask me to time it then u have to keep the fish intact the way I cook it. Finally one month, she finally does it the way I steam my fish before I will answer how long to steam the fish for.

The problem with mum is that she keep thinking she is very "liberal" and open minded but she really isnt. In her own world she thinks she is very receptive but to the real people around her, she is frustratingly stubborn and while she will pay u lip service that she may agree with u, she will still secretly do things her own way until she is proven wrong. Sigh.

I dunno if all mums are so difficult or just my mum so used to getting her own way.

Sometimes she is ok esp when its unknown terriority that she is unused to and she will be more open to listen to u, but sometimes she drives me up the wall when it comes to moments that she thinks she knows best. Even my husband commented one nite to me "You mum is really stubborn." I shrugged my shoulders. What can i Say?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

24th Dec : Merry Xmas!

This year, my man decided to fix up the Xmas tree since we decided not to go back Oz. Yeah!!! Finally a year without having to see irritating people!!!

At the same time, my man whipped up my fav salt bush lamb rack with a whole lot of other goodies for me and mum. Life is good!

24th Dec 2014: Arrrrgghhh

Sometimes I don't understand my mum. She really don't listen to things I tell her when it's said nicely. She will always pushed to the point that I had to snap or raised my voice before she will stop doing things I tell her not to. Arrrggghhh.

For example I was prepping food by the sink. She kept rinsing the cloth and wiping the sink (not counter top but the damn sink) dry. I told her nicely "mum leave it first coz I will still be rinising other stuff n will get wet" she don't acknowledge. I went to cut my carrots n rinising my knife and she was at it again, I told her nicely "mum later. I will wipe down after I'm Done. ". She put her used cutlery in the sink and I was in the middle of washing the mug with water splashing and she went to wipe the sink again! I got really irritated and I have to raise my voice "MUM just STOP it. I TOLD u I will wipe it after I'm finished. Why are u wasting water n effort to wipe it dry and I'm in the middle of washing n the sink will be WET?!!!! " only then she stopped.

I don't get it.
It's not the first instance that she is so stubborn. It's so vexing to talk to her sometimes.

I appreciate many things she does but sometimes, I really wish she won't make me repeat 4-5 times n pissed off before she will stop. My MIL will always get it after I tell her things 1 time but my mum.... Sigh. And people always think I'm exaggerating when I say i get along better with my in laws than my own parents.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 2014: a round up for the year

Finally managed to retrieve my password to blog again!!

Can't believe it's already Dec in a blink of an eye!!!
Most of my herbs have died from neglect except my rosemary.
Not to mention my ficus was invaded by swarm of caterpillars happily chewing their heart out demolishing the leaves by the minutes!!! Good thing my mum is here to help me rid the caterpillars!!

In the short span of 4-5 months, much has happened!

Not sure what's up with my bro and his useless wife but looks like it's heading for the inevitable separation path. Frankly, I have never gave this marriage a vote of confidence knowing her princess like behaviour which she prob will never admit to. We gave it 2 years but looks like it ended in less than 1.5yrs...

In that 1.5yrs, I had refused to call home because I don't want to hear mum
Bitch about her all the time. About her laziness, her empty promises, her major spendthrift ways, her alcoholic ways, her always coming home late after 2 am, her inability to do housework or even clean their own bedroom toilet, her constant "forgetfulness" to even take their own bed sheet to laundry for washing etc. OMG! I'm so sick of hearing all these things even before the wedding that I have enuff of hearing rubbish things about rubbish people that I had to cut the link to preserve my sanity. I can't stand constant hearing negative over a bitch that I have no interest in nor any desire to engage in any conversation that involves her. My policy towards people I dislike immensely is to treat them like complete stranger n not even think about them.

So imagine my non surprise when I receive a text  that proclaim about the big fight and the end of a mismatched marriage. I flew mum over so that she can detached herself from the situation n let my brother handle his own marital affairs, whichever way he wants.

My mum absolutely detest bitchface n was worried that my brother wants to take the bitch back.
After one week of listening to my mum floodgate of complaints over this bitch, I had about enough and had to tell my mum to stop by 3rd week. I had to put a ban on the topic and told my mum under no circumstances I want to hear bitch being mentioned in my household. She's a bloody jinx n I don't want her bad luck to contaminate my current happy home with all her negativity. Plus I told my mum, that her son is old enuff to make his own decision n we are in no position to influence his choice no matter how much we dislike or loathe the bitch. Marital matters are between the two of them n from the day he chose to marry her despite the whole family raising reasonable doubts & concerns, he has to bear the consequences of his choice. We can only sit by the sidelines, offer views only when asked n be supportive of his final decision or procrastination whichever it is. No matter how much we may dislike her, we are not the ones who have the final say. So no point bitching about something n someone u have no control over. Plus, I don't see why we need to waste so much energy n invest so much emotions over a dead weight fake bitch who will never change for the better? She will think she is always rite and be obnoxious about it, so wats the point?

Finally after 4 weeks, my mum realised I meant biz when I say "stop I don't want to hear abt wat bitchface did, didn't do or say. Not interested." I have to teach my mum how not to hold so
Much negativity in her life or she will never be happy. Then all she will ever  make a habit is constant bitching n complaining about other people which is NOT how I live my life. I think 2-3 weeks for her to rave and rant is more than enuff. I think she's getting it but it's been such a lifetime of habit I think will be hard for her to kick so long as she return back to Sg n get sucked right back into the environment. Oh well, I do wat I can. After all I'm prob the only one at home who can be firm with her without offending her majorly. My eldest bro will get backlash from her if he tries to do that & she will be extremely upset if her fav son does it to her & she will think her son is siding with the other woman.

Now, my mum is channeling her focus on my plants, cooking and playing farm heroes.
I'm quite impressed that she is almost at level 100! No small feat for someone over 65yr old. Quite proud of her. Now...if only I can work on her diet to make it healthier... She's eating too
Much snacks n sweets n greasy oily food. I had to put a stop to fried food because it's too oily. I don't know when her cooking become so unhealthy. Unfortunately for her, she will have to adopt my less salt, no sugar and minimal oil diet. I think she's suffering. Lol

Sunday, July 20, 2014

19 July: We finally got ourselves an outdoor table set!!

The weekend turned out lovelier than expected. In fact it was a gorgeous sunny weekend with bits of rain here & there.

My BFF is coming to visit next week with her friend. I guess that gives me a good reason to drive out to Ap Lei Chau- Horizon Plaza to finally hunt down a cheap table set. Something which we have been putting off for months. Plus, it gives me an excuse to drive out rather than sit around the house like 2 huge potato sacks.

I wanted something small, something foldable, something with a good solid feel, something that will not break my bank which means something that is not in the ridiculous 5 digit range or even 4 digits in the high range. Ikea has stuff about HK2000-5000 range but they are all wood. Wood is a pain in unsheltered rooftop because u need to glaze it yearly or it will look really shiiity, with cracks and stuff.. Nah...wood is my last choice.

My first stop was at Patio mart but everything is wood there and nothing really caught our eyes. So I moved down to level 7 where Garden Gallery is. Amazingly, we found the "perfect" table for us!

It's not those typical by the poolside cheap plastic table. A pure polyethylene unmixed with UV protection & shockproof, constructed to withstand heavy loads and with a damn good sturdy feel to it. The ergonomic Norman chairs turned out surprisingly comfortable and mould nicely to our butt and upper butt as you lean back. My fav part is that it actually has a nice feet perch. What do u expect? German usually make good stuff:)

What made me even happier is the price for this ZOWN product. (Website here)
At HK880 for the square table and HK380 per seat (with 10yr & 5 yr warranty respectively ), I could literally chuckle & do my sexiest Aloha Hawaiian dance out of there. We did pause to consider if we wanted a more elongated version at Hk980 but I figured a square table is more functional for our needs and should we move again, I think a square table will fit into our place better. Plus the fact that both my man and I are hermit by nature and hardly have guests over, having a big table is really an overkill.

Since they were light to carry to our car, (the nice staff loaned us a trolley) so I saved another HK100 for delivery.

The first thing I did was to unwrap everything. Tada!!! Totally in love with our outdoor table set!! Apart from it's usual functionality, this table gives much needed shelter for my basil & mint!! 

20th July (Sunday)

Since the weather has been lovely today, I decided to stay up the roof and type this while happily seated on my new chairs, sipping my cold orange juice and having a nice gentle tan with my plants, complete with my MacAir & mozzie coil of course...

Friday, July 18, 2014

18 July: They have sprouted!!

The picture says it all:) 

My chilli plant has finally fruited!!! 
Hip hip horray! 

Finally after all the depressing flower drops, I found a shady but unblocked spot behind a bigger plant for this chilli fellow. I found a big tile and provide some minimal shade from direct rain pelting. 

These few days have been Typhoon 3. The wind strength was ghastly n so I made the decision to bring my plant down before it snap in two. My plant has grown up to my waist now and since it isn't bushy n heavy bottom (but heavy top), I didn't want to risk it. 

The other 4 are still up there looking abit sickly, deprived of much needed sun due to the shower curtain covering them from heavy rain pelting. I couldn't be bothered to move all of them (too much work). So only my basil was brought down as well. Not sure if the other will perish from too much water. We will find out soon enuff...

Friday, July 4, 2014

3 July Beauty: Sofina Primevista Multibase Cover

My old stuff are finally out and so I'm off to try something I had been eyeing on the last past year. Sofina makeup stuff. 

Hailing from Japan under Kao, it's currently only available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong retails outside Japan. 

What interests me isn't the colour series but the cover that will minimise the pores for combination/ oily skin. Have heard so much about it but I had been stalling since I don't want to clutter my bathroom with half used products.

In the end, I purchased the Primevista multi base cover and the face cake powder. 

The multi base comes only in 1 shade. Their principle award winning item is The long wear UV base targeted at 10hr long wearing makeup with SPF. It is clear and don't conceal pores. Since I don't wear make up much and my sole need is to cover pores, I tried the multi base cover instead. 

As indicated on the packaging, the small 25g tube (at about Hk300) aims to conceal pores, dullness, blemishes & helps to apply the foundation stay better. Not scented and has (mild) hydration purpose, which I take it more as non drying and translates to non caking:) 

I was recommended to take shade 5 for the face (foundation) powder for neural shade. 

I gave it a test run today. 

The multicover base glides on easily and dries quickly without stickiness. Applied to only T zone area and spread out sparingly to cheekbone to cover pores.  

Pores definitely look minimised but don't expect it to work like concealer on its own for freckles. Thought I would top up with the powder to try out the duo power. All it take is a very light pat n the powder coats n adhere to the base easily. The point to note is NOT to layer too much powder or it will cake n look patchy. 

The face feels matt. I thought it look a little light when matt but once I step into the HK sun n humidity takes over, the color melts n blends perfectly to my shade. Best thing is that the pores def look "invisible". 

I sweat a lot today and did workouts n the face thing did not run or go patchy. Stayed on as promised. went to shower n rinse my face n the holding power remains after I pat my face dry. 

All said n tested, I love this new product for lazy person like me who do not like layers of stuff on my face. 

That said, with such great delivery on staying power, that means u really got to clean ur face thoroughly to rid them when the day ends!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

28 Jun: Happy Pink Dot Day Singapore!

Today is Pink Dot day, in support of the gay people in Singapore.

I'm glad we have Pink Dot. Not because it's just horray that gay people can come out of the closet but rather, this event gives hope and comfort for parents of gay people, to witness that there are people out there who will not ostracize against their children in our "selective" conservative Singapore society.

Some particular religious people fanatics have been trying to shove their views down our throats lately with their loud outcry that this Pink day event is pure abomination, a destruction to family values and family units, an erosion of family values because they think that gay people are out to destroy the world and will stop reproduction in their tracks and cause millions of family units to fall apart. They made it sound like being gay is "contagious", a fad, a "lifestyle" that will make it appealing for straight people to convert to "gayism". I dont know if I should weep for their ignorance

I remember when i was growing up in the 70s, 80s, many adults of all races used to "advise" me to stay away from Albino people. I was warned told that Albino people are "cursed", "evil", "freaks", "something wrong", "parents did evil things so it is their punishment/ retribution" or it might be "contagious". Down syndrome kids I remembered were targeted too with such hurtful ignorance. I remember when I was volunteering at Down syndrome school in the 90s, there were still parents who would whip their toddler or child out of the pool (with horrified expression) faster than u can blink when our Down Sydnrome charges were happily going into the pool.

Fast forward 30 years on, Albino people are no longer shunned or ostracised or deemed "abnormal" creature. Parents of Down Sydnrome kids no longer have to weep or despair behind close doors because they no longer have to fear people calling their children devil spawn. The veil has lifted and I thank Science for clearing the "mystery" and proving that it all boils down to Genetic coding and has nothing to do with what the parents did or did not do right. It is something that Mother nature decided should happen.

I once asked my husband, "Why dont Science just prove once and for all that being gay is to do with genetics and nothing to do with lifestyle choices? That will SHUT ALOT OF RELIGIOUS people up and give gay people a place in society and recognition they deserve." We talked alot about it, as to why there isnt funding for something so fundamental about human make up. We talked about ethics, if parents would end up wanting to genetically modify their kids if they discover their kids are gay? We talked about religious groups' reaction on the studies since that will over throw their centuries claim that being gay was wrong. We talked alot, but ultimately, we realised no one will fund this sensitive & non monetary project. So to me, if religious groups are so HELL BENT on telling me that being gay is wrong and it's not genetics, then PROVE it to me via scientific research. Otherwise, I will stick to my belief that being gay is genetics, not lifestyle. I am more inclined to believe that industrialization and chemical toxins polluting our food chain has a bigger role in altering our genetic makeup.

I have several friends who are gay.
One of them comes from a family of 6 kids, 4 sons and 2 daughters. The father is homophobic and a typical Testerone driven chap. They grew up on a farm and there was no internet in those days when growing up and they are of Christian upbringing. There was absolutely NO INFLUENCE of gay people and yet, out of the 4 boys, 2 are gays and till this day they do not dare to tell their parents outright they are gay, out of respect for their parents feelings. (Though the father cannot be so blind when their sons only bring back one particular male friend back respectively every Home visits for many years). How can being gay be a lifestyle choice when nothing in their growing years support this claim? Gay was not a topic to be spoken of in those 60s and nothing would have planted that idea in their head that "being gay was something they should explore". Nothing. To further fuel my own curiosity, I asked them. "At what age did u actually feel an attraction for male or that u kind of realise you were gay?"

They told me they didnt know they were gay. There was no labels then when they are growing up but they knew they had never felt anything for girls but they started having crushes on boys when they were as young as 10yo. To those who insist that being gay is a choice, I simply ask, why would a 10 year old kid (esp one who goes to church) decide to wake up one day "deciding" that they want to be attracted to same sex, going against everything they were taught, and face lifelong bullying and ostracism? Who in the right mind would choose such a difficult journey to love if they have a choice?

As for religious shoutouts claiming being gay is wrong, I would say to you "My brother/ Sister, you are being wrong. Your eyes are being blinded by the devil to create discord amongst men and you have forgotten the simple teaching of Love all, Judge not. Live and let live."

The word that has been thrown around "Lifestyle", I don't quite get your definition of the word used.
People who persists on buying branded goods is chasing a "status" lifestyle. People who only eats organic food is after a "healthy" lifestyle. Lifestyle is something that one goes after to achieve a purpose. So in those outcry of "gay lifestyle", what exactly is it? A lifestyle of being persecuted by non accepting mainstream? A lifestyle of being called faggots when your manhood feels threatened? A lifestyle of suffering from possible cutting of ties by your own family members? Again I ask, what benefits does this "lifestyle" does this entails in the eyes of the protestors? Gay people comes from all quarters, all walks of life. Being gay is not exclusively to the "rich and famous" and so it cannot be a "lifestyle". If someone is poor and yet still gay, how do u explain that hard choices if it's not mother nature's work?

Gay people or recognizing their right to love the same sex does not destroy family units, nor will it erode the family values. Family units are destroyed by many things such as ADULTERY, WOMANISING, ALCOHOLISM, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, GAMBLING, MIS-COMMUNICATION, GREED, DISTRUST, DISRESPECT, CONFLICTS with in laws etc but never by gay people. Gay people couldnt crave for more stable family, more than you realise.

If you want to throw the argument that gay men "sleeps" around, then I will tell you "Straight man" (or straight rapists) sleeps around too and spread HPV, HIV, STD to many woman (or even married partner and their babies) too" Some straight men are equally guilty offenders of irresponsible sleeping around. Some straight men also double timed their partners. Some straight men also enjoy engaging anal sex with straight women. So it's misguided that only gay people are wanton or sole source of spreading sexual diseases. In any case, unless you are gay, what gay people might or might not have isnt going to infect you will it since u wont be allowing anyone to poo jab you right?

As for family values which religious people proclaim that gay people will erode, what family values may that be? U mean to propagate? Well, in that case, should all single people, consciously choosing to be childless couples and priests and nuns be stoned to death as well since they are not abiding by God's words either? Incidentally, gay people do not necessarily stop procreation, infact, gay people DO DESIRE to recreate and many has done so via surrogate mothers or donor sperms. Think Matt Boomer the actor with his own brood. So no, gay people will not cause the extinction of man kind. If you say "gay parents" will raise gay kids, then should all parents of convicts or criminals themselves be banned from ever having kids because they wll be bound to raise a child who is after a criminal lifestyle? There are no proof either that gay parents raise gay kids nor single parents can only raise kids who will not believe in marriage, but on the contrary, many well educated straight kids have been raised by loving gay parents. However, the law prevents more gay couples from proving the fact that they can be equally good parents as straight parents.

So No, I disagree that family values will be eroded. Gay uncles, and aunties are equally loving to their niece and nephews. They too teach them to be upright person, respect elders, be useful to societies and be compassionate. So how is gay relatives an erosion to family values?

Some online anti-gay people say "oh allowing them to love same sex is ok, then we might as well condone pedophiles since it's their freedom to love" I shake my head at such desperate grasp of the straw, arguing with no logical sense. Pedophiles are a crime not just because it's an adult molesting a child, it's a crime because they are knowingly inflicting trauma and doing something against the unknowing child wishes. It's NON CONSENSUAL because the child has no knowledge of the thing being done to him or her. It inflicts horror, anguish and possible lifelong suffering from a pedophile act and it's hurting the kid. That will explain why a 40yo man touches a 10yo child is wrong but a 50yo man having sex with 20 yo woman is not despite the the same age gap.

 How can Gay people be drawn in comparison with pedophiles boogles me, when gay people do NOT inflict pain on children nor anyone else? It's a private love affair. They dont go around shoving their dick at you and if they do, that's call Rape and that's jailtime. Speaking of pedophiles, Catholic Churches have long been exposed to harbour plenty of Priest Pedophiles and yet nothing was ever done to them. So should churches be shut down then since it's all so wrong and we can never be sure of whom the church is harboring as a potential pedophile?

I will be honest and say I grew up believing gay is wrong, and was told "dont share food with gay people because they will spread Aids to you." Yes, my parents are rather old school and conservative. They probably might have hung their head in shame for rest of their lives if I had been gay. However, I remember on a trip to Taiwan when I was 10 or 11 year old on a tour group, there was this 2 guys who were always seated at the back of the coach keeping to themselves. Yet, I rem too they were very nice to me, taking time to talk to me and entertain me on the bus as we travel from one sight to another, watching out for me in crowded places. My mum wasnt too pleased and reprimanded  me  frequently thruout the trip for "talking to the male companions". For many days, I had the best time of my life. I had "2 big brothers" to play with me since my own brothers were grounded in Singapore for NS and school.

Looking back, I realised now that the 2 big brothers were actually a gay couple, and it explains why all the uncles and aunties kept their distance. As fact stands, bright as day, I didnt die from Aids sharing their food during meal time or taking their snacks. Neither did my exposure to these gay people at my young age erode my way of family thinking nor destroy my family (though it was my dad's affair with another Malaysian woman that did the irreversible damages). And no, neither did I turn gay just because I saw them kissing privately. I totally have NO IMPULSE nor Desire to try to kiss another gal either simply because my genetic makeup is different. Even with gays friends, nothing will compel me to sleep sexually with another woman. Even going to a convent school with all talks of "lesbian couples", and all the hand holding etc, I know without a doubt I am only attracted to guys no matter how close I am to my gfs. Nothing will possess me to be "influenced" to become gay just because I am surrounded by all these "lesbian" talk back in school. So trust me when I say, gay people cannot convert you nor change who you are fundamentally. It's just like the Thai boys who want to be woman, you cannot help wanting to be who you are.

Discrimination against gay people may never end unless Science can prove them wrong. 

I hope that day comes soon

I dont expect many to come round to understand that being gay is not a lifestyle. I dont seek their belief but I seek their tolerance to not lash out or actively cry out against gay people. Gay people are everywhere.

Australia celebrates gayism openly with Mardi Gras every year and yet, their family units remain strong and people are still popping children left right and center. New Zealand has changed their legislation towards gay people and you do not see their country falling apart with a surge in divorces or children turning gay.

At the end of the day, it's your choice whether you want to accept gay people. 

However, think about it. You might even be friends with one, eating food prepared by a gay person, watching entertainment brought to you by gay people, wearing clothes designed and made by gay people and you wont even realise it and you prob in no way have suffered. So dont judge for the sake of judging unless you have concrete proof that harm has been done to you or mankind as a whole.

As for my gay friends, I celebrate your right to love and be loved.

Happy Pink Dot Day!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

21 Jun: Post Op

This gotto be one of the worst day-op I had. Unlike the previous times where I woke up feeling fine n happy after GA, this time round I was bloody shaking in cold and first time ever to puke an hour after I woke. I can't rem ever being so bad previously. 

Interestingly as I told my man, the puke didn't taste too bad since there was no putrid food but a lingering taste of lychee, which happened to be the last thing I ate the night before. 

My mouth was sore and the back of my throat hurts. They scraped the top of my mouth too which hurts. Damnit. Gonna take a week to heal I bet. My arm wasn't bruised from the injection but the arm was all red from the blood pressure wrap throughout the op. Didn't realise an hour wrap can cause such "bruising". 

Anycase the funny thing was the nurse couldn't measure my pulse no matter how many times she tried. So she asked the nurse who had checked me in in the morn. The young nurse replied "yah we couldn't measure anything in the morn. She has no pulse." 

The senior nurse immediately corrected her "OF COURSE she HAS a pulse!!! We can't measure it that's all. The young nurse realised her boo boo n kept quiet. If I wasn't so groggy there n then, I would have burst out laughing! 

Was so hungry when I woke that I had a bowl of soup, scoff down chicken
Pho and a plate of spicy wings. I don't know if I will ever pay for not watching my diet but too hungry to care. 

My man was a gem to make soup dinner so that I can sleep as I was awake since 5am and we didn't get to check out till 1.30am waiting for accounts dept to get the bill ready. 

As expected, had ulcer n sore throat when I woke this morn. Otherwise am back to happy self though still sleepy. I could be imagining it but my teeth look a shade more yellow:( 

More depressingly, my massage lady asked me "Have u grown fatter esp ur thighs?"

Oh no!!!!! 

20 Jun: So sad. Loss of another good staff

Went back to my old place to collect some letters and govt bills, only to discover that the management office supervisor in charge Peter has left! The new young chap looked a little clueless. 

I asked when did Peter leave and the young chap looked uncomfortable and said yesterday. Which was rather strange since he had only just emailed me last week to collect my letters n mentioned nothing about his last day. 

When I stepped out of office, I bumped into the cleaning lady. As usual, she was all smiles and asked after me and so I stayed on to chat with her abit as usual before I had moved.

She asked if I knew Peter has left. I told her I had only just found out 3 seconds ago. I was told that the departure was nothing short of a surprise really and caught them off guard. It was a last min thing and Jones Lang people even sent someone down to watch him pack n leave and so he didn't have a chance to say bye to other colleagues. It was absolutely shocking. 

As the conversation progress, the cleaning lady got progressively upset and started tearing. She has nothing but praises for Peter which many points I agreed. She said he was a great understanding boss, often standing in for others, personally involved in many of the complaints, often missing lunches to handle work, and rather than having the cleaning lady wait to claim back money for purchases (eg rat poison etc) , he would pay her first so that she doesn't lack money. 

I could tell she was really upset and all I could do was to give her a good hug to comfort her. Before I left, I promised to pop by as n when and next time I shall bring snackies for her:)

From a resident point of view, I knew he was always being sandwiches between unreasonable residents and upper management. He often found himself in a situation where he cannot say no to resident demands when he should since the upper management will undermine him. I have never seen him get mad and always tries to help. So I'm not sure why he was ousted out so unceremoniously.

I did sent a short text to him asking if he was Alrite. He replied "這是命運安排,緣起緣滅,有得亦有失,因有協議,我未能透露個中原委,待日後我會作說明。深深感謝各位愛戴,「天行建,君子自強不息」我會繼續奮鬥。" and since contractually he was binded to keep silent on the matter, he couldn't say why he was asked to leave but hoped for a chance one day in future to clear the air. Meanwhile he had gone camping n sent me pictures of his trip. 

Apart from his departure, another lady security guard was promoted and sent to another condo. We ended up having a bunch of new security guards. Not that it matters since I am living elsewhere now but still Quite sad coz I really liked my old guards and the lady security guard was one of the few who actually expressed genuine sadness when she first learnt about my impending move. I rem when We were moving out, she ran towards me to hug me goodbye on my last day there. Well, at least we did get to say our proper good bye back in feb. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

19 Jun: Idiotic commenter who think the sun shine out of china people arse

Some people are just so idiotic. Got this today in response to my earlier post (which wasnt even china bashing in anyway) . Thanks for throwing the first punch so that I can have no reservations returning the favor in kind. 

"You are a rude bitch. You say Mainlander are Ching Chong Cheena ? Lol don't you know in usa regardless where do you come from if you looks chinese/east asian you would be called Ching Chong too. Some Singaporean Chinese think that they are better than Mainlander, but the fact is Mainland Girl/Guy are much better looking than your average Singaporean Chinese. This is what I hate from Singaporean/Hongkonger/Taiwanese. I am a Overseas Chinese but I don't think lowly of Mainlander, because in the end, all of us all 华人(it's Huaren, if you can't read Hanzi).
Maybe in a few years when PRC surpass usa as the biggest economy all of you would proudly say that you're Chinese, bla bla bla etc, yeah what a hypocrite." 

Firstly, I wanted to mock & laugh because this "delusional" writer, assuming that if China is super power overtaking USA, that many including myself will kow tau to these "still" uncivilised Chinese who behaves like animals who have no qualms about defecating on public streets (post). Firstly, get your facts right. I dont like them not because they are poor or because they are not first world country. I dont like them because they behave like rude arseholes out of their country, bringing with them their undesirable habits and culture and EXPECT other nationalities to accommodate them when they are no longer in China.  

Yeah sure, Americans or westerners don't or can't really tell us apart from looks, yes I agree. However u missed the point, they generally can tell by behaviour. Go ask those with Chinese exposure (not just those who don't even have a passport) and they will bound to tell u China folks come to mind if they see an ethnic Chinese behaving badly. They are also part of the equation forming non Chinese haters in case your small mind fail to comprehend. 

Oh please, only morons like u will think everyone rushed to adore, suck up or be Chinese wannabe based on economic power. No thank you, it's a bane to be associated with such badly behaving china people and will be viewed as a bad joke by many in Hong Kong n many countries of civilised well bred Chinese. 

Plus u are a real pea brain hypocrite.
U obviously are confusing race with nationality as well. 

On one hand u act all "enlightened" that u don't think lowly of mainlanders because we are all so call ethnic Chinese 華人, and then in the same breath u claim to hate us Singaporeans, HongKongers & Taiwanese. Eh did u realise how ignorantly stupid u just sounded? Can u differentiate race vs nationality or not? Proud as a Ethnic Chinese, of course I am but that has NOTHING to do with china being super power or not. It's the virtues of being Chinese that I'm proud of, our values, our motto, our traditions. NOT because China is or isn't super power u misguided fool.

My views of mainlanders will change the day their behaviour change but like I said to my frens, prob many generations later ( and it is widely assumed we will not see the change in our lifetime). Like not spitting, not screeching loudly, not shouting across walkway or anywhere ignoring others, not lifting up tshirts or shirts to scratch their fat belly, not assuming everyone should treat them like GOD because they spend money in HK, not act like desperate beggars swiping milk powder etc off the shelves, not behave like 7thmonth hungry ghost buying in bulks n stuff into their luggage bags at checkout points blocking others, not treat their children like kings (or dogs) to pee n shit every where including in fine dining restaurants, not cut Q, not shout at people who tell then to Q, not think the world revolve round them just because they are descendants or fucking dragon (or worm...), not act like bunch of hooligans in other people country,not act like 潑婦, 仗勢欺人,滿嘴歪理,得勢不饒人in other people country, not black hearted to go around poisoning the world with their tainted products etc.  I think I have summed up the tip of ice berg. ( FYI: oh yes, my Chinese language goes beyond 華人)

In case it isn't clear enough for u, what I have listed is behavioural problems not race, stemming from the cultural great divide from China (or lack of culture after the end of cultural revolution), nothing I have EVER posted is about me not wanting to be or ashamed as an ethic Chinese (by race). What I said is I don't want my NATIONALITY to be mistaken as PRC. What's wrong with that? I'm not born there and i don't owe china any allegiance. So by your definition, other people CANNOT not like China as a country based on their people's bad behaviour? Do u even understand what u are arguing about? 

Go ahead and hate us Singaporeans or Taiwanese because we look at current china people with great contempt n disdain, because we point out their persistent bad behaviour ( to the point their own govt have to create a good manner handbook for travellers). 

U can go suck their balls, get rich whatever. We don't care and we don't need you to tell us how to shape our views. Plus, I don't care if YOU think they look prettier than us Sg girls/ guys. Yah they do or they don't, so? We are not talking about 虛有其表。If they are going to behave badly, dressed in Prada and face of polished makeup with fake lashes, they are still worthless if they only look good on the outside n empty on the inside 沒內涵 esp it comes to social behavior. That said of coz there will be pretty n smart ones but that's like ahem. Plus, if i continue to see mainlanders dressing like that (post), I would still call spade a spade, ching chong cheena. U are welcome to embrace their dress sense such as this, but that's you. I dont have to share the same dress sense appreciation as you.  

If china people would like people to show them more respect, then perhaps if they stop holding a chip on their shoulder, trying to tower over others, shouting at everyone, then perhaps they might earn the respect they crave. Until then, they just have to live with the just desserts based on their behavior which is generally condemned by many. 

Incidentally, I like Thai, Vietnamese n Cambodian people and they are not superpowers n prob won't be for a while.  So for a moronic commenter who thinks people view will be changed solely because of how china fare on the international platform is really a big mental loser and superficial idiot, who incidentally don't grasp the meaning of hypocrite very well. Hypocrite is when I pretend to like them but I don't deep down. However, truth is, I never liked them since I was 10, and worsen and reinforced after living in Hong Kong. Sure there are nice china people, esp those educated overseas which I complimented upon, learned from or chat with but these are few and rarer than blue diamonds.  

To explain what hypocrite is more succintly for you. Hypocrite are all those China freaks who sell out their country, give up their passport or take up PR status with other countries, pretending to switch national allegiance to the adopted nation but conduct their businesses or celeb publicity stunt as Chinaman but when they earn enough money, they will give up loyalty to their new adopted nation and flock back to mainland. Why dont you go call people other budding China celebs hypocrite for trying to appeal to China market at but happy to ditch their china passport at the same time for their personal convenience? THAT, my friend is hypocritical behavior, making decisions that is best for themselves at the expense of their native mainland nationality.That there are common mainlanders who are willing to sell their soul or treat nationality as a business transactions for their personal benefits are the real hypocrites in these world and ready to run back to China after milking the system of their adoptive country with no intention of integrating with the society. Hypocrites are those china folks who condemn Japan all the time but yet happy to buy Japanese milk, eat Japanese food, travel Japan at the first instance. Those mainlanders who flee China in the past and now encouraging their children to milk the growth of China are the real hypocrites of the world.Hypocrites are people who cast stones at Japan for whitewashing WW2 but yet unable to face squarely at Tiananmen incident where innocent blood was shed IN CHINA. Those china people who lie, scheme and cheat to get ahead to earn more money are the real hypocrites of the world, so dont you purport to know what hyporcrite is.

Though I have no real needs to justify nor clarify to ur random stones casting, when people ask such as times in Australia, my reply is simply I'm enthic Chinese by race, not Chinese nationality and will continue to maintain that for as long as I live. Do I want to travel to China, no. Do I want to work in China even with good jobs prospect, I turned it down. Do I accept Chinese tenants just because they think they can buy me over with 30-40% higher than market price, the answer is also flat no. Highest bidder means nothing, what I look for is someone I can trust and entrust my home in good care. I wont blink for money, and neither will I blink if China becomes super power tomorrow. For the same reason i would say i can speak mandarin and never say I can speak Pu Tong Hua. So I have n will never be a hypocrite n have a pretty clear conscience.

Meanwhile, stop being such an uptight donkey or get your panties in a bunch just because I had previously posted that I would rather prefer to be mistaken as Vietnamese/ Thai than PRC. Go out and get some fresh air. If u have so much free time to lecture others (or calling me nasty names) about my bad impression of badly behaving Mainlanders or that I rather not be identified as one of them, then I suggest u should go china and teach them manners first instead of braying uselessly at me.

Monday, June 16, 2014

16 Jun: My chilli plant flowered! Yeah!

Happy, is seeing your plant finally blooming flowers:) certainly hope more will follow suit!

To think when I first started in March, they were just seedlings grown from old chilli Seeds. The journey of excitement counting leaves, to the distress of seeing them dying from neglect when we went overseas till now nursing them back to health n flourishing. 

Never thought I could be so proud of myself. Haaa haaa

The rainy week has started n the wind is strong. I'm still in 2 minds if I wanna move the chilli indoor or leave them exposed to elements in this testy period. 

Meanwhile, someone gave me some seeds to plant. They come in hairy brown pods. Absolutely no idea what they are but hey they are starting to form seedlings a week later:) Whatever they are, gonna be a huge surprise. 

16 Jun DIY Recipes: Simmered pork belly

Didn't have much time to stay in kitchen for hours to cook dinner since I have lessons today, so decided to try cooking simmered pork belly for the first time. I could just leave it to simmer for 2 hours while I go about doing my stuff without having to be in kitchen physically. 

So off I went to grab some pork belly (sanmainiku). Cut it to 2 inch size cube and started frying with the fat side down till brown

Flip over to other side when the fat side has browned

Stir fry some sliced ginger, garlic and dried sardines (optional) . Add in sake and some water, salt n sugar before putting the meat back in.

I didn't have time to leave the meat to soak longer to absorb the flavor so I decided to serve with the sauce. 

I think it's a relative success for a first attempt:) 

Prob gonna modify the recipe abit more to make it richer with thicker sauce next time since that's how my man likes it better, though he happily polished everything off this round! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2 Jun 2014: Time for summer hair cut!

After months and months of neglect since like Jan (or was it Dec?), finally head off to my Japanese hair salon in HK to have my mop of messy turf trimmed. 

Since the summer has been incredibly hot and hard to maintain a nice perm hair ( as I would prob bun it up perpetually), Ito San suggested a light layering to reduce the volume and just color my impossibly hard to ignore white hairs at the front. 

I like my finished cut. I had requested for my fringe to remain at nose level. Ito San offered to take pictures of my hair but I'm seriously too shy to "model". So I had to turn to cover my face for him to take a shot of his fine handiwork:)

I really like his layering. It looks wavy n permed but it wasn't. My hair feels light overall and definitely more shapely than the mopped head  I came in with. 

Ito San took more Pixs but I found my expressions too embarrassing to upload. As u can sense, I'm not a great fan of selfies:) 

Once again, my hair is neat, ladylike n easy to maintain until winter before I shall perm it again! Thanks Ito San for another day of hardwork!!

15 June: chilli plant flower bud showing more!

Now that I'm seeing flower buds in my Thai chilli plants, the excitement is rather hard to contain. 

Saw a few other flower buds forming but there's a leader of the pack showing a bit more of the potential petals.

"Potential" being the operative word since HK  weather has been so erratic with its share of hot sun n flashes of rain that makes this rather worrying for a novice gardener. Esp so when I have absolutely no shelter for my plants since they have outgrown their Ikea containers. 

Meanwhile my man is laughing at my pathetic attempt to grow California poppy flower seeds. I just know I'm not good with flowers.

My trees are still looking ok. New growths are forming at areas where the branches broke off so it's a relief for me. 
Still sprouting flowers or little noobs that are flowers so I take it they are happy where they are, though only 2 out of 5 are developing flowers. No idea why. 

My indoor plants are doing well except the calathea whitestar. I have no idea what went wrong n the top leaves started to brown n curl n look really sick. Lobbed off the 2 sickest looking leaves n shall see what happen. This pot is a real fussy pot n there is so little information out there for this relatively newly discovered plant that makes it really frustrating. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong!!! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 June: Gardening Novice Minding Her Biz up the Roof

Been scorching hot for a whole week here in HK n my Cory plants are half dead from heat steam, despite being in the shade!!!. Its almost sad to look at them...

It's a good thing I visit and tend to my plants at least once a day because really, you never know what creepy crawly you might find on them out of the blue. I was blind sided by this nasty spikey furry black, yellow and red stripes caterpillar on my rosemary few days back and on my chilli plant today! 

I caught them a little late on my rosemary so they had a good feast before I washed them down the pipes. I swear these caterpillars have invisible wings or something coz they would magically & unsuspectingly pop up from nowhere!! 

As for chilli plant, I manage to catch it at the base of the stem and since I didn't see any bitten leaves with holes, I must have caught that leaf muncher in the nick of time. 

When I tried to poke and prod the caterpillar off the stem, the damn bastard crawled so fast as if its on skates with many legs. I suppose when ur life depends on a quick getaway, there really is no mucking around:) Much to it's dismay, This chilli plant owner managed to flick it off to the basin and I started the flood gate of hell for the bugger. It was interesting in a way, to see the caterpillar examining it's surrounding n circling around as he realised the water is gushing towards it from all directions. Poor little fellow finally realised resistance is futile and off it went, swept into the drainage pipe as the water swirled around...bye bye leaf muncher! I leave u to ur fate in the sewers...

Meanwhile, I brought my basil back indoors last week coz of the amber rain and it didn't quite like it. I thought it was looking too bushy n gave it a trim but the little green monster decided it didn't like it's new look. So the spoilt brat decided to up the game n grew more leggy on me! Ended up now it is Looking abit weak and draggy. My man did laugh n said I have turned my basil from herbs to ornamental plant....not before having his plucking of a handful for our spaghetti sauce. 

So I brought Sulky Basil up again for some sun, and to have some play time with his green brothers n sisters, cousins n all. Maybe it's just my imagination but it def looks more perky up here basking in the setting sun, blue skies n chilling breeze. Spoilt brat.

Sulky basil towering over his teeny weeny cousin Oregano. 

I don't even want to go there. 
Let's just say Hong Kong's amber rain has been merciless and lavender def do not like torrential downpour. I might as well have said I have invented clayish lavender water in a pot:( 

Oh back to chilli plant. 
Funny how the 6 seeds are growing up so differently, with different speed sizes and health. 

The 2 plants moved from indoor to outdoor is suffering from stunted growth, curled baked leaves ( immense heat n indirect sun is still bad idea) so they remained in their small pot n hopefully will catch up soon.  The other 4 pots seemed to be thriving n one possibly flowering soon, with a flower bud in the horizons. The leaves are incredibly huge now, longer than my fingers now!

I won't count my eggs, or chilli yet but exciting this is!!  Will my plant get to flower? Hope the weather doesn't play up on me to cause their demise!!! 

Meanwhile, my oregano herb seemed to be growing well...I think it has grown bushier in 2 weeks judging from the three pictures. Didn't realise it like a drought like environment till belatedly... We learn something everyday. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014: 678 Korean BBQ, Sydney

May 2014

Sorry about the jumbled order but here's back to blogging about ozzie trip
By chance, we came across this Korean BBQ place near our service apartment as we were lazy to venture further beyond walking distance joints. 

To my surprise "678" Korean BBQ is highly popular in SYdney with both tourists n locals. I suppose having been on Running Man program had done it favors in terms of online search popularity

Evidently, a lot of Korean super stars have been here based on the wall of fame

Generally when a F&B joint has been overhyped by celeb patronage, I often find myself not liking the food a lot. However, seeing that it's late at 7.30pm and we are already in mid Q, might as well try it out. Plus the fact that the whole place is run by Koreans n plenty of Koreans patronage, I'm assuming the food has not been bastardised to suit the western palatte too much.

Upon arrival, it's important to get a ticket number and not just join the Q u see before you. After which you are free to sit of the waiting bench or stand around till a server come looking for you while confirming (matching) your ticket tub number. 

We waited for about 20mins n swiftly seated. The place is huge by the way. 

On the table, there's a quick guide on using the assortment of condiments. 

The menu had a good spread of various meat and cuts. I was starving and so we ordered beef ribs, marinated chicken thigh with chilli and premium pork belly. I could simply not pass up on my spicy tofu seafood soup. 

While waiting, we were served this free steam egg custard soup and I love the simple savoury sweet taste! Yum!!

The meat came with the vege sides and corn. Nice! They would also change the grill plate when they noticed it's getting too grubby.

our spread

Kick arse good spicy tofu seafood soup

my sizzling premium pork belly

The premium pork belly was sizzling goodness with natural sweetness (and not very fatty) but the beef was "meh" not great & on chewy side. Our fav was actually the spicy chicken thigh! Tender spicy good!

The spicy seafood tofu soup was AWESOME and definitely something I would order repeatedly! It has not been diluted in its flavor to suit the westerners so that is why I love it!

Between the two of us, we prob over ordered n could barely finish our food but I'm glad I tried almost everything and was highly satisfied!!!! Love it in fact n would fed be back!!!

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  • Address: Corner Pitt St and Goulburn St, Sydney, Australia 2000

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