Monday, June 25, 2012

Bye Bye Ms Tardy

OMG! Hurray!!!

Finally a message worth celebrating!! Ms Tardy has suddenly announced that she had decided to quit class after this module end!

Unsurprisingly, she came up with all sort of shit excuse saying that "her health" issues and so she had to put her studies on hold. mean your laziness got the better of you?!

She claimed that the fall that she suffered last year is sooooooo bad that it had resulted in her structural issue. Errr...she merely tripped over a curb and suffered scratches and that was like 1 year ago? I was there when she fell and it didnt look that serious and she certainly did not complain about it all these while, and suddenly this week the problem suddenly surfaced with such dire consequences? Cannot help but be suspicious about her claim just around this period now that I decided NOT to let her leech on me? And that the other classmates didnt want her to leech on to? I suppose she wants to wait a year and rejoin the class with the new born mum that she has been sucking up to. Good, you two deserve each other!

Regardless, while I hope sincerely nothing too bad happened to her. If it is true, I certainly hoped that she will recover well.

I am sure glad that I am free!!! No more having to worry about having to partner a slacker anymore!! Fantastic!! I knew sooner or later she will give up when she realised she is too far behind the rest of the class but this soon is like striking lottery!

Goes to isnt me who have no confidence in her. Even she herself knows where she stands. Amen.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fruits in season....nectarine

Apart from lychee season, its also nectarine season too!
Had a very good week of US nectarines! Been slurping them up non stop!!
Kinda expensive at $HK34 for two from city super but I am not complaining!

wah takes over a week for a moron to book a simple lunch.

How many days does it take a moron to organise a simple lunch date? More than a week and still not settled.

She kept asking us what food and where. I replied, just ask the new born mum, she can decide and we will follow. Moron then said, new born mum said anything, let us decide. Are u fucking stupid, I already just told u we will go with the flow! I "LUN" (control), so I didnt reply to her stupid post. Another HK gal instead replied on my behalf and repeated "Let new born mum decide, we eat anything." Moron wrote back "She suggested japanese. So How."

U fucking moron.
I replied. "Ok. Go ahead and book."

Moron replied
"New born mum says u guys decide where."

I "LUN" dont reply. I really want to sit this one out.
Super "PEK Chiat" liao (beyond Fed up)

The other HK girl reply again "We are fine with anything."
At this point I already buay tahan this moron organisation skill. I need you to ORGANISE and NOT be a fucking voice message rely idiot.

Finally, new born mum suggested something. Moron asked us if ok.
We said ok. Then Moron wrote back and said "Oh the place is full, so how we need to pick again." I though she finally show some common sense to let us pick 2 jap place when she include the links but when i click, fucker only gave a link to a page full of various jap places in CWB..hello, isnt this as good as we doing the job for u?

No one bothered to reply her.
Then today she wrote, new born mum suggested a Thai place.

I replied "Ok."
Moron repled. "I am ok too. how about others leh?"

I really sipeh sipeh sipeh buay tahan so had to tell her off liao.
"Why dont you just go ahead and BOOK the place FIRST and then if later cannot, then we cancel lah. Else wait and wait like forever and you wont get a table in the end."

Moron replied
"Oh ya GOOD idea!"

Yes you fuckwit. It's not good idea, it fucking COMMON SENSE.

This moron really sipeh sipeh jialat. Gone case.
Old people always describe people like this "Mo Nao" (No Brain)...
Work with this kind of people really "vomit blood"... the brain so "thum bye".
really "ha-base" gone case.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taiwanese style braised pork

Made Taiwanese style soy braised pork tonight. This is one of my favorite because it is so easy to make, short time taken and yummy to eat with rice.

1. Collar (neck) pork.
2. Fresh Chinese/Japanese Mushrooms - (amount subjective, at least 4 will be nice)
3. Carrot strips (amount subjective - usually half a carrot will do)
4. 4 big Garlic cloves - coarsely chopped
5. Dark Soy Sauce (Using Taiwanese Kim Lan brand) (老抽/黑酱油)
6. (Kim Lan brand) Soy Paste (金阑酱油膏)

7. Rock Sugar & fine sugar
8. Wu Siang Fen - 1 tsp
9. Fried Onion Shallots - 2 tbsp.
10. Oil for frying (am using coconut or olive oil)
11. Red dates, deseeded.

Prepare sauce
1. Mix 1/2 cup of soy sauce with 1/3 cup Soy paste (you can lessen the portion. I dont even rem if its 1/2 cup coz I do a visual estimate)
2. Mix in the Wu Siang Fen
3. Put in 1 tsp of brown/white sugar and 5 small rock crystal cube sugar. 
4. Pour in 2 cup of water

1. Cut the pork into cube or slice bite size.
2. Heat 2 Tbsp of oil. Stir fry chopped garlic until just light brown, throw in the pork and fry together till pork is cooked in wok. About 5mins.
3. Pour in prepared sauce. Lower to medium flame. Cover lid for 5mins and stir.
Optional: (4. If you have earthen pot or those ceramic pot, it is best to use them over metal wok to gives tenderise the meat as it absorb the flavour. However if you have none, you can still use wok. Transfer from wok to earthen pot if you can. Cover lid.)
5. Mix in the fried Onion Shallots. Estimate 2 tbsp or more if you like.
6. Mix in mushroom strips & the 2 red dates.
7. taste the sauce, if too salty, add more water.
8. Cover and simmer over low flame for 15mins. 
9. Add carrot strips now. Taste the sauce. if it is still not sweet, add a few more cube rock sugar or you can wait till after you add carrot to decide. (carrots will also sweeten the sauce) .
Soy sauce gets saltier when cook over time, so add more water if necessary. it's subjective so I wont indicate how much to pour in.
10. Cover simmer till meat is tender. Generally another 10-15mins give or take.

Dinner is served.

Weekly update on Ms Tardy again!

wah lao....simeh buay can someone be so freaking uesless?

I think Ms Tardy has picked up my negative vibes to stay away BUT....

On Wednesday, she was late for class again (what's new) and came in when sensei was halfway explaining a new grammar and asking us to form sentences. When she took her seat next to me, I was replying sensei so I didnt have to make any eye contacts with her. As usual, she didnt even say thanks to me for taking her notes for her & place it on her seat. I honestly dont know why she bothered to come to class if she is going to miss half the lecture?

As I had made up my mind to stop her leeching on me in class, she was completely lost in class on Wed. When it was her turn to make her own sentence, she faltered, looked at sensei blankly. Even when sensei was telling her the answer, Ms Tardy just couldnt heck it and kept turning around asking in cantonese "What? what?" As sensei was focused on her, and trying to explain to her, Ms Tardy instead of trying to understand what was being explained, was more concerned about not looking stupid in class by turning to the guy seated few seats away from her for help. The guy wasnt very sure himself and finally Ms tardy lost it and had her first mini-outburst exclaiming in Cantonese in exasperated tone "I dont even know what the hell she (teacher) is talking about!" Yeah great, like throwing tantrum is going to get you marks. I didnt even care enough to sniggle because she really is a dead weight. I need to get away from her!!!

After the class, I scooted off my seat to ask Sensei advice on my assignment and Ms Tardy just causally said to me "Oh I cannot do lunch with you today." I replied her"Oh ok, I cannot do lunch with u either." Secretly I was thanking my lucky stars!!!

Then back to her sucking up to the new born mum. She was trying to "organise" the visit and of course, her fuckup organising got us no where and so another girl replied to the thread and suggested that since the 4 of us are busy next week and have to leave by 2pm, she proposed we should postpone the visit and just have lunch with the new born mother. I replied to the thread and said agreed. Meanwhile I directed to Ms Tardy aka "Ms Organisor" to ensure she go book a place else last minute, no way we can secure a table during peak lunch hour.

Ms Tardy, instead of refering to the thread and count the number of headcount with her fingers, fucking useless pig head instead post "Err...for how many people." You stupid or what, how many people in the class??? This question is insulting her intelligence that I dont even want to answer. Dont want to waste my breath on a person who dont even have basic skills on arranging a SIMPLE lunch. Every time I organise, did i once ask YOU how many people? I mean why do you need people to prompt u or tell u what to do?

Friday, June 15, 2012

緋色の欠片animeのOP: 「ねぇ」

While watching the new anime series 緋色の欠片」, I too fell in love with the opening track  『ねぇ』.この歌が大好き!

I think it's a beautiful track with pretty nice lyrics.

So far the anime has been pretty good, bordering between supernatural fighting against the "forgotten gods turn demon" plot & love theme somewhere along the line I think. Well, the romance part is gathered from the opening track of course. 

藤田麻衣子 - ねぇ[DL]

ねぇ 君は 今だれを 想っているの?
(Hey, who are you thinking of this moment?)
私は君を 想っているよ
(I'm so thinking of you)

(I can feel it when I opened the window)
Ah 夜のにおい
(ah the scent of the night)

(Right now, who are you thinking of now/ whose face is in your mind now)

冷たい 雨ずぶ濡れに
なってた 私に
(As I get soaked through in the cold rain)


(Only your hands reached out to me)

なぜいつも 君なんだろう
(Why does it always seemed to be you)
(the one to be supporting me)
(In every moment such as this)
(I am falling for you again)

ねぇ 何しても 君に会いたくなるよ
(Hey, I want to see you again no matter what I do)
好きになるって 苦しいんだね
( Even when I am suffering from being in love)
嬉しくなるのも 切なくさせるのも
(Happiness or misery)
いつでも 理由は 君だけだよ
(No matter when, you are always the reason for being so)

素っ気ない 態度(そっけ     たいど)してまた

(With an indifferent attitude again)
(Today passes by)
(I reallly hate it this way)
(For I really care about you)



(Why is it so hard to be honest to the person that one likes)
(No matter when)



(I'm trapped in my loneliness)

(Hey, I really want you to notice)
(That when I said 「I am fine」, I was crying inside.  )

見上げた 夜空
(As I looked up into the nite sky)
星が 綺麗なだけで
(Where the beautiful stars are)
ここに 君がいてくれたらって
(It was here that you said I wish for you to be here)
(For you to be here by my side)

ねぇ 君は今だれを 想っているの?
(Hey, who are you thinking of right now?)

してこの気持ち 抑え切れ(おさえきれ)ないの?

(Why can't I control this feeling that is overwhelming me?)

ねぇ 何しても 君に会いたくなるよ
好きになるって 苦しいんだね
嬉しくなるのも 切なくさせるのも
いつでも 理由は 君だけだよ

今君を 想ってるよ
(Right now, I am thinking of you)

(hey, I really want to see you)

No title.

Finally my man is coming home from his long trip and I can have someone to whine to again! Life is so boring without my hubby, coz there is no one at home for me to make them squeal with my relentless poking and bullying. Hohoho.

After sleeping mostly for 2 weeks, it's time to slowly awake from my hibernation mode. How can one sleep so much? I dunno. It has got to be genes.

Ex-bf text me today asking if I am feeling better. He texted me the other day just to tell me he was back in Sg and heading back to China and I happened to tell him I am sick. It's kinda funny actually if I looked back at our past messages. It's always about "where we are now." "Where are you" "sick" "at the airport".

Anycase, today he text me that he is back in Sg for his mum's prayers. Again, no idea why he want to tell me that but oh ok. So I just text him back "Good boy." I mean, what else can I say right? I cannot say say a prayer on behalf right? he replied back "good boy? Funny. Monk made me do everything..."

Anycase, during my trip back to Sg, I told my mum that my exbf's mum has passed away. She was shocked. I mean come on, who wont be shocked?

Then during one of the car ride, I cannot remember what my brother and I were talking about, i think its about relationship and so i told him about the death of my exbf's mum as well. He was equally surprised. I think he was more surprised that the two of us were even talking? For some reason, I think my brother thought I hated my ex to death, but it couldnt be further than the truth. Strangely much that I was angry for a short while but sadder for a longer, but I dont think I am very capable of really hating someone. I can ignore someone but hating? That's so not me unless u tell me pissed off at someone is the same as hating?

I didnt see a point in harboring anger or hatred over something like emotions. Like I told my mum, regardless what happened, I did had a great time together. In many ways than not, he did more than what my own father ever did for me. He taught me to swim, his dad paid for our tennis lessons, and frankly when we went travelling to Europe, I am sure his parents had given him some allowances. And when it was my bro's wedding, he tried to help out etc. So to me, he wasnt all that bad. In every relationship, there is give and take. At least with him, I had learnt many things and through the relationship breakup, I too realised many important lessons about relationships. Not to mention, living a life without a baggage is way much better than having to "avoid" people in life.

Incidentally, I bumped into one of his old bestfren and his wife while I was in Sg. They were actually the other couple whom we hung out with alot back then. I havent seen them since the breakup in states and my last conversation with his fren was "How could u know and not tell me?" I suppose that was why when he saw me, the look of shock and surprised was blatantly registered all over. He was obviously speechless and didnt know what to say. In turn, that made me kinda speechless too.

The wife was a bitch as before but I really dont want to waste my breath on her. It was suffice to say that her husband was equally appalled by her lack of tact and grace. I didnt want to be rude and tell her how unfortunate that their kids looked more like her than her Chinese husband.

Anycase, it was a short 2-3mins hi-bye but felt longer than that. It's strange that it wasnt even that awkward when I last had a meal with my ex. Maybe because he didnt know that my ex and I had mended our friendship since he himself is no longer in touch with my ex. So he didnt quite know what to say.

This is really one hell of a "bump into" that felt a not so sweet taste in my mouth for no conceivable reasons. And for reasons unknown, the meeting brought this song to mind...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The beauty about Singaporean speech? Only my fellow local countryman can read and understand it.

I posted my FB status last nite. Never expect any response or people understood my Hokkien malay rojak and probto non-singaporean, this seemed very gibberish! heh heh heh.. I feel so at home already. Launguage is such a powerful medium. It draws people closer together instantly. Quite funny that my fren commented that I havent lost my Hokkien roots. Seriously, how to forget my first mother tongue that I learn to curse in? Come to think of it, I do miss speaking Hokkien. It's so raw and crude but straight to the point...hahahaa

FB status, venting off steam.
"I really want to KaoPeh about this very KNS eh lang. Super the KiamPah Jialat. Really See peh see peh BuaySong BuayTahan! Dah-bai bedek bedek bah.bodoh, tang lang Keoh Sai. Bin-Pei Sibei Gao . Go Fk spider lah!"

Ms Tardy did it again!

It's simply amazing how one person can manage to piss me off consecutively for 3 days straight. Honestly, I am starting to understand as to why some of her student's parents can treat her not so nicely. You know how there are some people in this world that "are asking for it?" Well, I think she really is one of those.

After her non surprising lack of contribution in class yesterday, just when I thought I can have a break from her for a week, she pissed me off again. The group of us had lunch after class yesterday. I wouldnt have gone if it was just her but since there were others, I thought might as well.

During lunch, we mentioned about arranging a new date to visit the new born. Honestly, I dont really give a damn if I see that baby or not. Firstly, I am not close to the mum and secondly, well secondly, what can you do with a sleeping baby apart from making small talk the mother which I have no interest in. Normally, I dont mind visiting good frens and their new born since I genuinely would like to visit the mum. Yes, it's the mum I am visiting, not the baby. The baby cannot response, what's so fun about visiting a baby? At least a toddler  is more fun than a newborn. Hence in this case, there was no motivation...

For some reason, Ms Tardy really super on when it comes to visiting this new born and mother. Maybe she is rich and Ms Tardy feels like she wants to suck up or something, I honestly dont give 2 hoots about it. We talked about trips and I mentioned about my Oz trip in 2 weeks.

Maybe Ms Tardy is trying to do me a favor, she decided to self organised another visitation exactly in 2 weeks time. Thanks lor. Exactly on my day of departure. What kind of idiot tries to organise things WITHOUT first asking for a range of dates or days and expect everyone to make it on ONE day. Obviously Ms Tardy is no corporate material with the obviously lack of organisational skills, and she really is better off being self employed piano teacher for the rest of her life...

So as expected, some others can make it, some cannot. Then Ms Tardy come asking me what to do. Ki Si lah! You so KPO want to organise then dont count on me. All the fucking time expect me to cover your shit in class and now still want to bother me? Stooopid gal.

Then last night, her new FB status is "Why am I so unlucky? Just bought an Apple Mac book and the new model is out."

Hello STUPID. it's not bad luck. It's you being so ignorant and lam nua, never go do your research and chao he lang, never listen to what I say. You asked me for my views exactly one month ago, I already tell you Apple will normally update their range in June, so can wait and see. You deaf and dumb, always like to ask people for advice but dont listen, and rather paste on FB and repost your question of "should I buy apple" to your bunch of ignorant IT illiterate friends, then serve you right lor. Plus, if you actually bother to read proper tech news, then you will also know the new model was announce some time back lor just like how they do it with iPad pre-launch. Seriously, which fucking planet have you been living on? Also, before you buy, you dunno how to ASK the sales one meh when is the next new model? You want to pretend to be smart, act smart, and just want to brag to the world u have got an Apple, well Ms Tardy, this is what happens.

The other thing that had more direct impact was how during lunch, we were talking about forming study group, she immediately jumped in and voluteered herself. I secretly winced to myself. Seriously You fucking leech, please no. What on earth do you think you can bring to the table apart from your stupidity? I had shared a private lesson with you before and you were completely a waste of human time and the only reason you were good then was to split the cost. For that, I didnt mind helping you on and off to "balance" off the value of your existence to me. However, you took it for granted and it's bad enough I have to do your homework and presentation, still expect me to teach you? Fuck off lor. I am no saint. and my name is not Theresa either.

That eve, I wrote to my other gf that my preference is for small group only (since I am offering my place as the venue), and that with a big group, SOME people will just be lazy, show face and chit chat only wasting without contributing and waste everyone's time. The gal I wrote to is very smart, one of those very perceptive HK gal. She immediately wrote back that she get my concern and that she agree that a smaller focus group will be better, and so it shall just be us 3, excluding Ms tardy. Ho sei!! Thank god!!! There is a reason why i like hanging around bright people. When communication is involved, we do not have to say everything out in black and white. Amen. Thank god for creating like minded people.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ms Tardy and her usual uselessness

It was interesting going back to class. As usual, Ms Tardy was super late again and expect us to cover her slack.

What was even more interesting is that it would appear that I am not the only one being annoyed or found Ms Tardy unreliable. During discussion before our presentation, there was no part allocated to Ms Tardy at all. I pointed that discrepancy to the other 2 gals and from their tone, it was apparent that NO ONE trusted Ms Tardy to either be present or be of any value.

As expected, during the whole oral presentation and Q&A, Ms Tardy just sat there looking stupid but trying very hard to look the "smart" part. While conversation flow between the 3 of us and audience, she just sat there with her fake "Hoo hoo hoo" laugh to try to look as if she is mingling. What an utter loser. I can safely say, she probably didnt understand 50% of the Japanese conversation that was taking place and that was why there was no contribution on her part!

When it was over and we were all heading to the restroom, the topic about the baby present came up. I wont have brought it up except that one of the gal sounded resentful that we had to pay so much more for the present. I simply admitted "Oh I was pissed about that!" The 2 other gals chimed in and said "Me too!" I guess I wasnt the only one to feel the same about the fucking behaviour of Ms Tardy. The other gal, like me, raised the issue as to why Ms Tardy couldnt have told us in advance she was sharing the present?! She told me she complained to her hubby straight away and when she saw my email to Ms Tardy, she felt her feelings were validated and glad that we felt the same.

Of course the scary thing about some women is that, despite being terribly angry with her, they manage to cover up their emotions towards her. I found it abit hard on my part. I honestly didnt want to converse with her at all. She is still too annoying at this junction for me to try to pretend to be all friendly.

During lunch, again, Ms Tardy's "Oh I agree" mannerism surfaced. Whatever others say, she would go "me too me too!" I had to remind myself not to roll my eyes and so I just kept drinking my hot tea to keep half of my facial expression obscured. I almost wanted to ask her "Do you have any other opinion apart from Me too?"

In fact, when she said she stayed up very late last night, i had to bite my tongue from sarcasm that her late night "preparation" was completely OF NO USE today during the impromptu conversation. How can you "memorise" any conversation. Only an moron like her will think it is doable. Funnily, no one bothered to ask her why she stayed up so late.

The gals mentioned about group study and of course MS pig Tardy said she wanted. Dear lord no, I really dont want to see Ms leech twice aday. I am thinking if it would be rude to tell the other gals that I dont find MS Tardy of any valuable contribution, She will only be leeching off us. I really dont want to open my door to her. I think I am beyond fedup at this junction.

Ms Tardy pig pisses me off

A seemingly innocuous person can also at times be one of those thorn in the flesh, and I found myself staring into one these days.

She started off all innocent, all friendly to everyone. Now i remember why I have always DISLIKE and DISTRUST all those irritating people who thinks or wants to be FRIENDS with EVERYBODY. Basically they are unreliable, spineless insecure piece of shit without the ability to stand their own grounds which explains why they sooo desperately need to be friends and liked by everyone.

Newsflash! It doesnt happen buddy, not in this planet. No one can be friends with everyone. That's the law of being.

The issue I have with her isnt that she wants to be liked by everyone. I honestly dont give a shit who likes or dislike her. However, it's another thing when you start to get on my bad side by acting stupid.

For a long time now, her tartiness was starting to get to me. She is ALWAYS late for class. Again, why does it concerned me? Well, stop fking expect me to spoon feed you with all my notes if you cannot get your lazy arse up in time when the rest of us can. And if u expect people to take all the notes for you, which part of the word "reciprocal" do you not understand?

Initially, I didnt get why a someone from her holiday tour group would openly criticise her on Fb and got her all huffing and puffing mad. I mean seriously continuously made scant remarks about her. I ddint know what she did to trigger that floodgate of attacks, esp from someone who only shared a trip with you. As far as I am concerned, you two are strangers and yet she wanted to pick on you should have set off alarm bells in my head. Well it did, I just didnt respond to it though I found it ironically funny like a slap in her face since she was bragging on and on about how wonderful and fun her group tour was and how everyone was sooo nice to each other like some fucking airy fairy tale. Guess it was only her her slow witted mind that she thinks everyone is "besties". What a moron.

I didnt know what was written but according Ms Tardy, she claimed it was character slander. Suffice to say, she didnt elaborate except that the attacker had said she was a phony bitch or something along the line. That incident was months I am beginning to comprehend why some others are so pissed off with her.

She has a bad habit I noticed. She likes to to agree with what everyone says without actually contributing her views or even hold one. It's almost like she wants to go along to please. So annoying!!! I came to notice that she would always complain about something, or ask me for advice on the matter, but only to repeat the same question on her FB. Then what the fuck u ask me to give u advice for? Now, I simply brush her off. Dont waste my breath.

Recalling another incident where she was complaining to me about how expensive to pay Hk$390 per person for a private makeup lesson shared within the 3 of them. Firstly I didnt know why she even bother since she dont even shower before coming to class and she stinks. I can virtually smell her unchanged bedsheet and drool. Secondly, in the past 3 years, I have never seen her use or own any makeup. Anycase, after she complained, I told her dont waste money if she doesnt get much benefit from it. She agreed completely and then next day, she went to sign up for another HK$350 per person makeup session @Mac with the same gf. You get what I am driving home here? First complain complain, then stupidly someone ask her to go along for makeup class, she still went ahead to pay because she feels like or need to be "part of something" so that she can update her stupid FB status.

Another thing, she like to use FB to reinforce her sense of self importance. What pisses me off this week was her lack of contribution to a group project, totally fucking forgetting to do her share and scooted off for her holiday, while I had to cover her slack. Fucker. I had specifically told her to pass us her share on Sunday, but comes Tues nite before the dateline on Wed, she was still busy packing her luggage. meanwhile, her FB notification from Sun to Tuesdays was flashing through my ipad with her sharing of her "happy day out shopping." "happy day out with my new permed hair" "Oh what a wonderful day to idle at home." As if it wasnt bad enough she didnt do her share, she had to stupidly tell everyone how free and relaxed she was. Tonite, I saw her status update and it said " working hard for presentation tomorrow" Making it sound as if she is soooo darn hardworking and all these self importance is really pissing me off. I bet tomorrow she will be Ms Stutter Queen again and depend on us to save her from the pits of embarrassment and not look like blatant idiot. I dont make it a habit to see people fall flat but in her case, I love to see it once, just once to make me feel emotionally balanced.

As if that wasnt enough to cast enough ill-will in her direction, she didnt tell us she went ahead to buy present for a friend, despite having said that she will share in the group present. Fucker. Now I have to pay more for the present. I am not happy. Of course I am not happy. I told her off that she should have told us way earlier. SHE KNEW we were buying a group present but no, she want to suck up to the Ms Richie Rich with her Oo and Ahhh over the cute newborn. Oh pluuuzzzz...makes me wanna gag... She had 2 weeks to tell us that she wasnt gonna share but the mashed-potato-head did not of course. I wont be ranting if she did.

There are alot more little things that are snowballing and really really making me disgusted with her. Unfortunately, how she loves to sit next to me. I so hate to let her copy my notes that now, I just dont even write down anything anymore because if  I get it and you dont, too bad. Go pay more attention next time.

Ms piggy Tardy aside, during the time that I have been sick this week. I found out who really has a good soul. Another classmate called me and sent me text messages if I needed her to get lunch for me since she knew my man was out of town and being sick & alone, she was concerned I would starved. You see, THIS IS what I call a GOOD person and worthy as a friend. A friend in the hour of need, is a true friend indeed. Ms Tardy bitch didnt even as much offer a get well text, despite always expecting me to help her with her fucking homework in the middle of the nite or 2am in the wee morning. I learnt to not bother with her watsapp messages anymore and feign innocence the next day. Too bad. I never claimed to be Snow white with a big heart.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

First nite out at Sentosa Board walk

Went back for 2 weeks and unfortunately fell pretty much sick on the last week. That was a bummer since I had to cancel quite a few appointments I had been looking forward to. The heat in Singapore wasnt as bad as my friends had scared me. Apparently it cooled down a little the day I touched down. Amen.

Went to Sentosa Board walk.
First time ever since the thing had been built for ages.
My fren proposed chillout drinks at Wine Company there and we saw the fireworks that was set off just when we arrived. The place was full for the airconditioned seats so we took the outdoor table. wasnt too bad that nite thankfully. They could do with external fans though...

How much the place had changed! I couldnt recognise it. Actually, it is NOTHING like I had remembered. How much the landscape has changed. What used to be just a simple linking bridge for vehicle and pedestrian surrounded by open-ness is now a designed walkway....

 It was a warm nite but a simple drink, food, friends conclude a pleasant nite