Friday, October 30, 2015

29 Oct:

Took little bub out to grocery shop. It's a good day

While walking to the bus stop from home, the mini bus came and I was thinking damnit, can't walk fast enough to make it. To my pleasant surprise, this Filippino guy who was last in the Q saw me and decided to semi board the bus. Meaning he told the bus driver to wait, put one leg on the steps n waited for me. He made sure I could board the bus and told me to
Take me time. It's moments like this that is really heart warming!! 

Then in the supermarket, because I was carrying my boy in the baby carrier, I couldn't quite comfortably bent down to grab stuff and this Caucasian guy saw and helped me grabbed the stuff I need and asked if I needed anything else. 

While buying the vegetable, the packing auntie rushed to the back (telling another customer to just wait for her to come back) to cut up the squash into smaller portions for me coz she saw me juggling my boy and other groceries.

At Starbucks, the barista saw me waiting for my take away order while standing with a baby, he told me to sit down and will serve me my order when it's ready. He packed and took everything to me personally in one bag so that I can rest my feet while waiting and mind you he was busy and not like a quiet free moment. (HK Starbucks always have impressive customer service in most branches I go to on HK island) 

When I walked to the cab, the driver opened the auto door and told me to take my time and even tell me to forget the $2 ( the fare was $41.70) coz baby is sleeping. 

Today I declare is a good day. 
Actually every time I go out with baby, it's mostly a good day. Everyone seems to give me considerable considerations. Feeling thankful!

30 Oct: falling sick

Sigh...Just after tending to sick bub for almost 2 weeks, I knew I would be falling sick at the rate of sleep deprivation I was going while the little one has recovered. Hit with runny nose and sore throat.

My in laws were away for the week and my man finally tried to help more. To give him due credit, he has been doing all the late afternoon 4pm feed and night feed while I continue to prep dinner and wash the bottles etc. He also try to help bath baby now since I have upgraded him to shower instead of bath tub since I found it a solid pain in arse to change water when he pee in the middle of wash. It's tough to watch a wet baby n change water at the same time. So I figured 6months+ is good enough to sit on my lap and shower like adults. Interestingly the little one like his showers. He actually protest when it's done. Funny boy. 

Well maybe it dawned on Daddy it won't be fun for him if I do seriously fall ill and he will have to take over completely. Or that he's very thankful that despite my lack of sleep, I still brought his mum to hospital to see a specialist for her health concerns and that sapped up 4 hours of my time. Anycase, So both of us are trying to keep the damage to the minimal right now.

After weeks of accumulating resentment n annoyance, I def feel better now that he's pitching in abit after his parents arrived. Perhaps he realised I really am
Not a superwoman no matter how efficient and organised I am. He's too used to me covering everything for him...sigh. Maybe he just feel mentally more supported with his folks around. I don't know. I just take watever I can get. 

Today he actually suggested about getting third party help like professional nanny so that I can rest. Did he chance upon my blog? Lol. I told him I will look into it. Just that am too overwhelm now to research. 

Today, hubby made me ginger honey tea for my itchy throat since I can't have lozenges. Sipping all the love...he's feeding baby his congee that I prep. Finally I can rest...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy boy

Before my blog turns to a vexing pathetic place, I thought will share a few light hearted moments. 

My son may not forgive me but damn his poo face is sooo cute (to me). He couldn't even swallow his Apple purée juice in time! lol

Had to cut his hair again. Thankfully he was relatively cooperative.

Just very lucky that he is generally a very happy boy since he was born. When I saw him smiling on day 4, I thought it was a fluke but turns out this boy likes to laugh and smile at every chance. 

20 days old
4 months

6 months

His smiley face really brightens the day! 
Everyday I thank my blessings for a good natured healthy happy little boy. 

25 oct: Weekend alone with bub.

Husband and in laws went on a trip to China for some major family reunion. So that effectively leaves me alone with bub for 1.5 day till daddy comes home. 

Initially on thurs, MIL and relatives book him on sun eve to come back which means he will be back like 8pm+. Only because they think he should join them for 2-3 hour lunch and see see look look.

Do I look like I superwoman?
Where am I suppose to find food for self if husband comes back so late on Sunday when maid on off? You folks (for once not my husband) Got spare a thought for me while u bunch so happily plan your trip? In the first place u guys are the ones who passed the flu virus to my boy, wanting to carry him even when u have dribbling nose. 

So when my mil told both us the tickets she bought, I was quietly annoyed , didn't show it but just said firmly "No sorry, I need him back early because someone has to get food for me. He can skip Sunday lunch." My mil went "oh.. We (the relatives) thought would be nice for him to join in lunch"

I told her "well he would have met them all on sat and sun morn. He can afford to skip lunch and come back help me"

My husband agreed n said ok. I didn't stick around to see eat my mil has to say. She's prob ok but it amazes me how thoughtless they can be. 

So come Friday despite being busy, I took my mil to hospital for some doc checkup due to some post op concerns. That took 4 hours out of my day but at least it gave her peace of mind.

I dunno why everyone always depends on me to get things done. Even simple things like getting cab from HK isl to Kowloon, I m expected to handle that. Of course despite my careful planning to get them there early to change ticket, something has to screw up. My mil misplaced he tickets!

She was like still taking her own sweet time looking and I had to leave baby crying in cot to help her locate. Those tickets ain't cheap since she so deign to buy the first class instead of economy. 

After 10mins, that's it. I tell my husband to go buy new ones or they will ALL miss the ferry. Looks like it's their family thing to always be so ill prepared for trips. Not to mention as I was checking their bags, tons of tissue paper and plastic bags all over. Ghees! Now I know where my husband gets this nasty crap habit. I never understood why his luggage bags are always so messy with small tubes of things, scraps of paper, tissue packs half used, stray unused tissues. It grates my nerves to see that mess. Ok I'm OCD. I like to compartmentise my contents. That means every thing is packed in smaller bags by categories. I will never ever have funny stray paper of tissue in my bags. Ok I digress. 

So come sat, I did pretty well. Even had time to sit down watch Misdion impossible movie n eat a bowl of ice cream. It was quite relaxing. 

Sunday was ok but abit tougher n baby was a tat off schedule. We both overslept by an hour. Still we survived till daddy came home at 3pm

Boy was quite funny actually. 

He seems to know daddy was going away. Was in unhappy mode

Then he calm down when he realise I'm
Still here with him.

And then sun morn cry again when there's no daddy. 

And then very happy when reunited with daddy

Most of my gfs were "horrified" at the prospect of caring for their baby on their own. 

They freak out at the notion their maid is on leave. I guess when u are used to someone helping u all the time, it can be quite daunting but hey, our parents never had maid (though they had families to help i m sure) those mothers in Australia n states without maids cope on their own too. 

So it's doable just a matter of mindset. I refuse to subject myself to mercy of anyone such that I can't do without them. So should one day my maid is gone, I can still jolly well survive n cope as it is without freaking out. I think soon it will be easier once we upgrade him to solid food for 3 meals. I just have to endure!!! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21 oct: sick baby

Since last Friday, my boy caught a cold from his grandpa. That means nitemare for me after managing to keep him away from virus for so long. Sigh. 

I had 3 consecutive sleepless nights because I would finish milk pumping and food prep by 2.30am. Get to bed by 3am and baby will cry with blocked nose. For one night I literally had to sit up and carry him chest to chest to help him Sleep. He gets bits and pieces of sleep every 45 mins or so but I couldn't coz I didn't want to drop him. Yet the next day my routine starts all over again. No one cut me much slack though my mil did help to carry n watch him while I get ready his food etc. 

By 3rd day on Sunday I was exhausted. My husband drag us out on sat for my mil birthday lunch and boy was fussing abit but still in good spirits. But he was tired n so I suffered for it at night when he didn't sleep well. Sunday, my in laws and husband went to attend relative birthday lunch, that leaves me alone with sick baby at home. I didn't even get to eat anything until they came back late afternoon. So imagine how tired n hungry I was on Sunday. I close my eyes for a bit but couldn't stay awake n fell asleep at 4pm. I woke up with a start at 6.30pm coz I missed his solid feeding at 6pm. I dashed out n saw my husband watching TV with my mil and I asked where's baby? My husband said asleep. My m said she had helped fed him (coz she saw the congee I prep on table in the heat thermos). She told me to go back sleep but was too close to dinner time so I went to bathe instead. My mil laughed about my panicked face. Well I did panicked there for a while thinking my son went hungry while I dozed off.

Sunday night my husband went to sleep at 1am but I'm still struggling to stay awake at 2.30am to make baby food and helping my in law and husband fill up China visa application form for their trip next weekend. I don't know why my husband thinks I'm Superwoman sometimes. By the time I slept was 3.30am n I woke at 5am by baby. Had to try to get him to Sleep till 7am before I feed him. 

By 9.30am we all have to rush out because I had to take my in laws n husband to China visa place. The whole thing dragged out till 11am. Then I dashed off to take baby to see doctor about his fever n running nose. Reached home at 1pm n missed his feeding at 12pm.

Monday night due to meds I got some sleep. Baby woke at 5am. 4 hours felt good. My first 4 hours since months n months ago.

Tuesday onwards I still get awaken by boy with his stuff nose coz his father thinks boy was recovering n don't need meds. Who takes the brunt of his decision? Me. 

Husband was happily asleep on his own in his own room while I have to carry baby to sleep again from 4.30-6.30am. 

Tuesday. Husband birthday. 
Had to take baby out again for birthday lunch. Another long tiring day. Tuesday night, I dunno why him n my mil couldn't convince my father in law to take cab to relative place. My FIL wanted save money to take bus but his legs ain't good. So again, the son left it to me to persuade my FIL. Wasn't too hard coz luckily my FIL really listens to me and usually will take my suggestions. Many times my FIL will discount wat my husband says n ask to defer to my opinions or for me to do things for him. There was once I rem my husband will say "I'm your son how can u don't believe me?" My FIL reply "coz I trust your wife" my husband felt abit miffed by that. I thought it was funny. It's strange sometimes. My FIL is like the good father I never had. 

Wednesday, I'm still doing EVERYTHING. My in laws went out to visit relatives and my husband hole up in His room to study while I was still slogging over our son from feeding to washing up. I barely had time to pump. 

I fell asleep in afternoon next to baby after tucking son to sleep. Therefore I overslept n was an hour late feeding him dinner. Then I had to bathe him and feed him solid. At this moment, I truly felt like single mother. 

Finally he realised I'm not saying a word tonight at dinner time. Then he offered to feed him the next milk session after I told him I have not pumped since 3pm and it's 9pm now. 

Yet even after I prep the breastmilk in fridge, he went to feed formula. When have I ever feed formula on this session? Formula had always been last meal midnight dream feed. I was pretty indignant and of course he raised his voice he dunno. 

Dunno dunno, every fuckinv thing also dunno. I told him to put baby clothes to wash coz his poo poo stain his clothes. His first response "I don't know how to use this washing machine" so I had to write down the mode, steps and instructions. 

Baby had stuff nose n after the last feed he left him and told me he wants to go jogging. So that means I can't nap. In my head one word, selfish. Then as I blog this my boy cried blue murder due to block nose. He of course can pretend he can't hear. I have to come get baby n calm him down. 

This weekend they will be off to china for 2 full days. So again I'm all alone. Inside im starting to feel emotionally unstable, mounting resentment. He hasn't realise it yet because rem, I'm not allowed to show it or he will pick a fight. 

Tomorrow, I still have to help his mum call for OBGyn to make appointment see doc, help arrange cut hair appointment. 

21 oct. I love my granny & Yeye

I just want to say. I love my granny 嬤嬤! She's really really nice and gentle with me, and she will chat with me whole day long too!! When I'm tired she will let me fall asleep in her arms while mummy is tired or busy. 嬤嬤don't go back!! I love to be your little koala! 

Unlike with my mum, my little one really like being with his paternal grandparents

He's ok with my mum but u can tell he's not a big fan of hers after a few weeks after her arrival. My boy will fuss or frown when she carried him and she will quickly hand him back to me claiming "he only wants his mother coz he recognise people now" hello mum, he was only 3months then. Recognise wat people? What stranger aversion u r talking about? U want to play your hp just say so. 

Now close to 7 months, he's sticking to his grand parents like bear to honey without a need for transition or getting accustomed. He adored them from day 1. Obviously my mum theory was flawed.

 Plus compared to my in laws who are so happy to watch him and carry him, my mum would be playing her phone and say "oh I don't want to get too close so much so he won't be too attached to me and cry when I leave" see the difference folks? About my mum weird mindset vs normal grandparents?

Plus my mum kept irritating me with her comments to my son like "oh u r so smart, u will be lawyer and ceo etc". I told my mum many times, no expectation there. So long he is happy, healthy and don't go astray is good enough for me. But my mum just loves to add her opinion about my boy being smart and earn lotsa money next time. It's super irritating. As if it isn't enough she inflict her expectations on us, please don't place your own views on my child. Perhaps to u, money and intelligence means a lot and the same thing but to me, character development takes precedence. Of course if he's smart it's a bonus. 

My mother in law on the other hand said this to my boy the other morn
" it's ok if u are not smart or top in school. Just stay good and don't stray. Must stay upright and good character". She didn't say it for my sake. We never talked about this but when I overheard her chatting with my boy, I was happy that someone shares the same view n outlook and yet that someone is not my
Mother but my mother in law. People always raise their eye brow in disbelief when I say I am more in sync with my in laws than my own parents. 

As well, the maid gets along perfectly well with my in laws. What does that say about my mum who went around bitching about my maid? While my mum thinks my maid cooking is horrible, my in law said its not bad. It goes to say a lot...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20 Oct: months on and my mum's damages is still affecting me

Morn 7am rant. 

Pissed off. Every other day I will discover something to piss me off. My biggest regret is agreeing to my mum's request to come stay when I was busy with baby and her getting involved in my new maid and now I'm slowly having to undo every single rubbish she taught her. 

People esp those who access my FB thinks I'm so relax and easy time coz my
Mum is here to help. If only they know how much "help" indeed. They will say oh your mum raised you and help baby sit before. Yah right. Just because she is a mother doesn't mean she can do everything. Just like not every educated person can be an effective teacher. Not every working person can be a good CEO. Plus when my mum was babysitting, half the time I was the one looking after the baby. I was 15yr old then n I still rem every single fucking changing towel nappy, wash bums, teething pains, fussing cried, shaking her to sleep in the swing thing etc. the only thing I didn't do back then was cooking and feeding baby. Otherwise the baby slept in my room, and I watched the baby after school, played with her, taught her ABCs, watched her crawl the first time, put up Xmas tree for her first time. Ahem. Why u think I put off kids so long. Coz I know how much fuckinv hard work is involved. Anycase I digress....

 I have only ask mum  to teach maid cooking but instead of doing that which she taught NOTHING. Maid asked her for recipe she tells maid "I have no recipe.i cook watever comes to my head. Maid ask how many teaspoon of sauce she will say don't know. Just estimate. How does that help????? Maid use spoon to stir sauce into meat, mum gets upset because she insists maid to use hand but we all say so unhygienic. Then mum gets upset with me saying I side maid. 

She told my maid to do things her stupid way and now I'm like reliving the slow nightmare of like living with my mum all over again. She had bitched about my new maid from day 1, complained to everyone who will listen to her.  I'm still getting feedback from cousins n relatives about mum bitching. 

When she was here, she complained the maid never wash the water container with filter. I told my mum specifically I do NOT want the maid to touch my filter coz baby will drink from there and I don't trust the maid's understanding of hygiene level yet but of coz will my mum listen? NO. Today I discover by chance my maid was washing the filter the wrong way my mum told her. I was pissed. Pissed because I told my mum not to tell maid to do things that I did not say but she ignored me, and pissed because I have told my maid to forget every fucking thing my mum taught her but she still forgotten wat I told her.

My maid got upset with me that I'm told her off sternly this morn. She went to her roo to sulk. After 15mins she was still sulking and I got fed up and went to her and told her to quit sulking and get to work. She stills want to argue that it was my mother who taught her and she's not at fault. I told her "u have no reason to be upset with me because we have told you repeatedly to FOrGET what my mum taught u but u choose to ignore what I tell you. So don't you dare throw tantrum at me". 

I went to attend to baby congee cooking and she storm up to the roof. I turn off the stove and went after her. I didn't hire you to fucking sulk n throw tantrum at me. 

She was talking on the phone and I
Ask her what is she doing. She mumble something and hung up. I asked her what's her problem and wat is she angry about? I reminded her did I not tell her I do not agree with my mum methods even when my mum was still here? Did I no tell her my mum ways were rubbish? Did I not tell her my mum was giving me stress and upsetting me everyday? Did I not tell her not to follow my mu way of storing food when she last check? Did I not side with her and argue with my mum when my mum scold her. I asked her I'm your employer, why would you rem things my mum
Told you but not something I remind you?i didn't shout at you or scold you previously because I know it was my mum BUT after she left, both me n my husband told u so many tea to forget what popo teach you but you did not listen. I list out every single incident where I had told her not to follow mum instructions n she finally calm down and agreed it was her own fault she forgotten to check with me about the water container. She was equally upset with herself when I told her, the reason is baby is affected, can you understand why I Am angry with you!? Baby is drinking that water too. She looked upset and says she knows why n she just didn't rem to check with me. So I told her ok after this, we will move on and just rem next time, check with me first. Anything that will involve baby eating drinking touching you will ASK me first if not sure. I ask her am I being fair? She said yes. I said ok. We will go back. 

Now I'm just thinking how many times she has contaminated my drinking jar with her fucking dirty washing gloves. My mum has left a trail of disaster with my maid even after months she has left n when one is sleep deprived, it really drives me nuts.

Monday, October 19, 2015

19 oct

Too tired to rem what I had wanted to blog yesterday or was it fri as in part 2. Dozed off straight after blog. 

Memory is shot when u are riding on sleep deprivation especially when there was ZERO sleep on sat nite to sun morn.
How i survived considering the little sleep I have constantly amazed me these days. 

Before I continued, wanted to say thanks for all the comments. Reading them but to exhausted to reply one by one... Despite this being my online rant which my husband is completely oblivious about, (he prob be pissed if he knows) , it's nice to know someone out there is empathising and My frustrations and runs of emotions are not like invisible and unwarranted.

Friday Nite
Any Case, husband tried to make peace. I told him i really needed to catch an hour nap from 11pm on Friday night. My head was hurting. I will need to feed baby again at Midnite. He said ok. Next thing I know he came to wake me and said he had fed baby n put him back to sleep but he kept waking. It was 1am sat morn he came but I was too tired to open my eyes n fell back asleep.. It was almost 2am when my Breasts hurt and I needed to pump n I woke. I finished at 3am n baby cried. It was a disturbed sleep night. Baby had flu. Kept waking. But coz I had that shuteye from 11-2am sleep, I felt better even if I had not much sleep again after.

on Sat lunch, went out with baby to celebrate my MIL bday. Even though Can't say I wanna stay home to sleep. I adore my MIL n so making the extra effort I thought was worth it. Baby was abit fussy but I think we all had a good time.

Little one caught a cold. Started with Running nose on fri night and went on to nasal congestion by sat night. Suspected caught from grandpa as he had running nose when he arrived. So baby was waking every 45 mins or so through the night and he can't sleep lying flat. That effectively means I had to carry him semi upright, chest to chest so he can rest his head near my shoulder n on chest. He could sleep better when I'm upright. 

When I almost fell asleep each time n started to slide down, he will wake n cry and so had to readjust my position. My head n my eyes are like splitting from
Fatigue. In the middle of night at 4am, his nose sounded really bad with the snorting sound so I had to carry him n dig for the saline drop and God he cried blue murder as he hates the drops but it gave him respite n he slept abit longer this time.

I on the other hand was wary that I don't drop him like I almost did the last time. There was this morn I was waiting for his expressed milk to warm up and I almost dropped him when carrying him coz I fell asleep while waiting n seated on the toilet seat. Lesson learnt, leave baby in cot even if he is wailing for attention. 

Anycase, he was whimpering at 7am. I didn't know from hunger or his nose so I went to get his milk anyway. Zombified. 
He fed well thankfully. Left him in cot while I dashed off to make his morning congee and pump. Everyone else is still asleep. How nice.... 

Sun morn
It was another round of madness. Going through motions on auto mode. Today I will be alone. Everyone else is heading out to relative birthday lunch. 

Husband had to take parents to TST as they don't know the way n honestly the old folks not as alert as before n my FIL legs ain't that good anymore. Need help. 
He said he will try to rush back. I said ok though I don't see how quick. They left at  12pm as lunch starts at 1pm. Husband left them at 2pm and rushed to buy grocery for me to cook baby food and syringe for the baby fever med. he reached home about 4pm. 

So that means I had not slept since that 11pm- 2am shut eye on fri. Amazing I'm still functioning after more than 48hrs.  Must be all those years of mid Nite oil burning training while mugging for exams and working thru the nights while I was still working. Yet, this is more physically exhausting than work..  Not to mention I burnt my hands again with the pots while steaming baby food. I know now why people really shouldn't drive when tired. Your brain really don't focus and u don't know it when your hand slips n reaction time is slow. Really slow. U see yourself doing something stupid but your body reacts too slowly till the pain registers. 

Anycase, I'm thankful my boy behaved beautifully while we were on our own the whole half day. I left the bathing to his dad since my hands still have sms blisters from the burns. Plus I need to prep his food for dinner and fruits purée for mon morn. 

I didn't get to rest at all even when they are back till 630pm I went to bathe while my mil cooked. Just when I wanted to sit and eat at 7pm, baby woke and in my head I went "FUCK." Will I get to rest at all? I haven't eaten anything except a slice of bread at 9am. I'm starving.

My man volunteered to carry him so I can eat. My mil ate even faster so that she can watch him. She said she was full from lunch. It was 730pm n I had to ask for help for the first time. I asked my mil if she could feed baby his dinner which I had just finished cooking before shower. She was more than happy too and I just ate next to them so that I can guide her to baby nottie ways:) it was a relief that I could catch a break. 

I fell asleep with morn at 11pm. He's sleeping later n later no idea why. 

Woke at 1am with a start to feed him. His mouth was itching for food. My husband said he was going to sleep at 1.30am after I finish the feed n change baby diaper.. However I still have to pump and fill up the stack of paper work for their china visa trip. 

4am time to sleep but baby is stirring. Great. 
Wish Me luck.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

17 oct: still awake.

Yep. Time check. 3.40am. Still awake and busy. Waiting for purée to cool down before fridging it.

I really like this combi strainer food prep set. It allows me to make the purée quickly n quietly and in small portions. I know I can use food processor but I prefer to make small fresh batches of food than a motherload n freeze. I'm anal I know. I just have certain ideas about this motherhood thing. 

I want to prep fresh food as much as possible. I'm adding more work to myself I know, Apart from my conviction that no maid should come near my child or be involved in any part of child care ( I'm peculiar. I believe if i m stay home mum and can't raise my child primarily myself then don't have one. This belief has no bearings on any working mum who works just as hard I'm sure) 

Still have a small load to wash up. Yes. This is my very small pile of washing. Usually, think double this amount. 

Time rewind.

Baby woke at 6.30am but I gave him the pacifier to stall while I try to sleep for 30mins more. He was cooperative and finally dragged myself off bed and changed his nappy. Hoping to feed him before he get cranky so that he can fall back asleep n let me work on his food and pump milk till 9am. Then I can feed him his solid at 9.30am. THAT was the plan.

After changing his morn nappy n warming his milk, his granny was already waiting excitedly by his door, wondering if he is awake. So I told granny he's awake n she can go in. I stayed around just in case he cries since I can't tell how he copes with new faces before food. A hungry baby is an fussy baby. 

Thankfully my chirpy boy was an absolute gem and took to his granny like fish to water or bear to honey. Lol. Granny was delighted with his megawatts smiles n chuckles. 

Relieved I went to get the milk n well, out goes the plan since he's sooo fully awake now after playing with granny. I'm ok really. I rather he spend time with family who loves him n his granny did fly 10+ hours to come visit him despite just finishing an op to fix her bladder control problem, which still isn't fixed but worsen. Bloody new castle doctor went on holidays m she won't be able to find out ways wrong coz doc is the only specialist in town. 

Anycase, little one was good with granny n so I still get to pump milk but that means he wasn't feeding well as his sleep was disrupted. He feed better in morn half awake than fully awake somehow. He didn't want his morn oatmeal with squash either so again throw. Another waste of time. I forgot to start his congee in morn so had to rush to start his congee cooking at 10am after quick pump to get it ready for lunch. 

His dad came back at 2.30pm and took his folks out to settle some china visa application for their upcoming trip to China. So home alone with baby. 

Fed and bathe him. I finally tried to
Shampoo his hair like adults do now instead of just washing with soap water. I got to lather his head full of hair with shampoo, suds foam n all. It was fun. He didn't seem to mind it much though he didn't like bending backwards for me to rinse his head. 

Just when we finished, everyone is back!
Baby dad actually proactively washed the bottles n stuff without me opening my mouth for a change. 

To be continued... Too sleepy now. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

16 oct: make peace?

Finally he decided to make peace after a series of exchange on watsapp. This time round in gonna keep it n so the next time he so decide to shout at me again I'm gonna remind him with this. 

I'm assuming he's making peace coz his folks are here. Watever. 

He kept asking "so we are good?"
I just replied "yah" with not much enthusiasm. 

Not sure if he was trying to convince me or him and he repeated his question in a light banter mode. "So we are good right?" So I replied yes again. 

That seemed to cheer him right up. 
That's see how long this lasts. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

All the incompetent people

The lite one was nitemarish today. Don't want his breakfast, cry and cry and refuse his eve milk. I got really fed up n left him to his cot to cry n plug my ear phone while I wash the bottles. His father can either pick him up or let him cry. 

Either the father is hard at hearing which I doubt, or he just couldn't be bothered enuff till a full blown 10mins passed before he came to check. By that time I have finish washing the bottles. 

Anycase, he gone off to fetch his folks. I was having difficulty trying to feed the baby and he has to poo. Great. That means he isn't gonna finish his milk after 100ml. 

While I was so busy the home phone rang. I couldn't be bothered. The maid answered and came to the room, saying someone on the phone. 

Look Miss stupid, can't u see the baby is fussing and my hands are full? What do u want me to do? So I told her curtly "well find out who it is n TALK to the person. Can't u see I'm busy?

She went off n 1 min later say "it's sir's mum. They are at airport." And I told her "so? What do u want me to do? I'm not going to airport. They want to find him they should call him. "

I'm sick n tired of everyone looking for me. I'm not PA to anyone. He's your son go look for him yourself. He wants to dilly dally procrastinate to leave him it's your problem not mine. I wash my hands off. 

Meanwhile bloody landlord contractor fuck up again. I had to chase him for the faulty aircon remote after a month. The landlord pa call me back to say the fucker told my landlord nothing wrong with remote. I was shit pissed. The fucker again delayed his delivery of maid stairs replacement . From 10 days wait after 1.5 month I'm still waiting n chasing. Fucker. 

I'm surrounded by arseholes. Incompetent arseholes.

15 Oct: Tired

So yesterday came and went. Mr was in good mood coz he didn't have to look after baby. 

While I was feeding baby lunch, he came to is and said "Daddy got himself a present. Guess what?" I have absolutely zero interest and honestly I just want to feed my son and then Rush to pump milk while baby good mood last. Seeing no reaction from me, he whip out the apple box and happily declared his new Apple iPhone. Wow jolly good for u. I'm glad at least one of us is happy and get to go shopping. Anycase the phone isn't for me why should I be happy. 

I merely asked politely so wat colour he has gotten. Silver he said. Ok I
Said. It was like an after thought that he asked me "oh u don't want yours yet right?" Yah I replied. My phone still working. 

So off I went to wash bottles n busy with baby and he hid himself in the study to install his brand new phone. Horray for u. 

He saw me getting the stuff to bathe baby at 5pm and he just came in to say hello n disappeared. Again, doesn't bother me since my son is pretty well behaved n contented with just me. We play with his toys in water and I carried him and let him have a "fake" swim in water after his bath. He likes his frog kicks this little one. 

After bath baby started to get cranky n it was sleep time. While I
Was putting baby to sleep, I heard his father took the bottles to wash. I decided I will stop saying thanks. I just carry on to prep baby next meal. Why bother to say thanks when it's not appreciated and I still get shouted at whenever u feel like it.  Plus I NEVER asked u to wash it. I could have wash the bottles myself after baby sleep. 

Apart from baby, now that his folks are coming, I, not him, have the job of getting the room ready, including changing the curtains to the proper blackout ones. Thats me hooking the curtains n hanging the fucking heavy thing. That's me clearing the cabinet to make space. That's me asking maid to change bedsheets and me washing all the sheets  n covers because my maid can't cope and she's very bad at multitasking. 

Night time came. It's me having to read n correct maid's meal list for next few days. It's me paying bills online. It's me reminding him to take baby car seat n pram out of car to make space for luggage. It's me putting baby to sleep and prep maid on wat to buy for grocery while he decides to go jogging. He asked me "oh wat day is our relatives arranging to take mum and dad out for lunch?" I replied "can't rem" if I had told u before n u can't rem, why is it still my job to remind u if I couldn't care less? I could check my phone since his relatives text me but I don't want to make that extra effort anymore. I don't see why I have to be your PA anymore since u gave me so much shit since we had the baby. In total I must have cried like at least 6 times over the last 6 months. U have shouted and made me cried in front of my maid on her first day at work, and basically I don't even have a shred of face value left. Why should I care about your face anymore? Ur relatives, u handle them even though I like them n they have been very nice to me.  

Anycase, I knew it will be a long night when the lite one refuse his dream feed at midnight. His last feed was 8.30pm and I knew he will wake in middle of the night from hunger. So I forgo my usual midnight pumping n went to bed at 1.30am after I put watever I wanted to cook in pots for tmw.

At 3.30am baby woke n so I crawled out of my half of my single bed n went to make milk. After I fed him and put him to
His cot, I went out to pump milk at 4am.i crawled back to sleep at 4.30am n baby kept me awake with his whimpering at 5.30am and while he fell back asleep at 6.30am, I got up at 7.30am to pump till 8am and started cooking baby breakfast.
I was hungry but no chance of eating if I need to clear my list. I dunno why the maid will hassle me instead of my husband for marketing money. Why she won't open her fuckinv mouth last night I don't know. So I had to waste time look for money for her.

At 8.30am, had to wake baby to feed him milk. He went back to sleep till 9.30am while I washed the bottles n prep extra pork broth for next few days to store in freezer.

I woke the lite one up but the shithead refuse to eat his solids today. I guess he is used to 2 hours interval. So I had to throw everything away and wash up. His father decided to wake earlier to say hi to baby n then went back his room to
Do watever he does. 

He came out at 10.30am n asked "do u need me to cook you breakfast?" Do I look stupid? If I say yes, then u will use it against me later. So I said No. I will cook mine later myself. He didn't insist m went to cook his own breakfast while I went to keep the folded clothes and wash baby laundry n wash the cooking pots since the maid never wash the pots properly n stains normally stay there so I rather scrub it clean myself. 

Baby was a fuss pot today n won't sit quietly so I had to strap him up in sling bag n carry him today while cooking. Not ideal but no choice. 

I was chatting with baby, put him in his high chair while eating. He happy watched me eat. I told him no going out today coz mummy busy. His father overheard and said "oh I can take him out later to starbucks or something" I just kept quiet. In my head I was thinking how to? Later lunch and milk is bath time. Where got time to take him out? Not like u r bathing him. I dunno why he decided to carry his son but I didn't say anything. I guess no work involved since I have already calm the baby down after carrying him while cooking. Now I'm eating n baby happily sitting in his chair, u decide u want to come carry him. How convenient. 

I went to get his milk n while the milk was warming, I went to put away bottles etc after sterilisation n continued to do laundry. He could just wait till I get back n not start feeding him even though he saw milk was ready. I just took baby from him n he went off. All these 2-3hours in the morn, he didn't even noticed I didn't say a word to him. 

My maid I don't even know why the stupid one always ask me wat time is my lunch when she knows she cannot have it ready by 12.30pm. She always takes 3 hours to come back so why fucking waste my breath!?! 

Baby fell asleep on his own at 12.30pm n so here I am sleep deprived n pumping though my eyes are screaming to shut them. But if I don't get this out in writing, I might seriously get sick from bottling everything in. This is my outlet. My sanity sanctuary. 

My husband decided to play mr nice again, and came to room to offer me a peeled prawn from lunch. Offered to take food to room for me. I said no to everything. I don't need u to show affection when u feel like it. I can take care of myself. I honestly don't need u. 
I just need sleep. Not food. But of course I will not say that because even if it's just a passing remark in conversation that I woke at 3am, u will use it against me like last time, saying that by telling u that forces u to feel guilty that u r obliged to help with baby. So to me, I'm not even allowed to have conversation and state something that happened and risk u seeing it as guilt trap. No, I will shut my mouth, blog n u just leave me and my son alone. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

14 oct: Day after

After the big rant and dissing me about why I need other people to help with caring of the baby, I absolutely refuse to let him do anything or carry the baby. No thank you, I don't need to be shouted at since I don't know if you are going to categorise that as "helping" me or u r just playing but I rather err on side of caution and just take baby away since I don't want to be accuse "useless" indirectly. 

So my day still starts at 6.30am. I was mincing the pork at 8.30am n he come to
Kitchen to hush me to keep the chopping volume down coz it interrupts his sleep. Can I say it? I will say it. In my head I was thinking "fucker"

Anycase I made baby lunch n dinner congee, fed the baby milk, I pump milk, wake the baby to feed solid, wash bottles, take baby out buy grocery, come back feed milk, put baby to sleep, wash bottles, eat lunch, and the "I m the father" decides he wants to play with baby on the bed where I can watch him while I was washing bottle. After I was done, he carried baby to living room to play ball. I went to him and asked "are u playing with him or u are watching him?" 
He said "both"

Straightaway I took the baby off the ground and carried him n told his father "no thanks, I can watch him myself" and I brought him back to his bedroom to play and pump milk at the same time. Don't try to pretend everything is ok after u lash out on me. U want to be those good time daddy and nothing else then don't come near my son and say that u are helping me. I don't need your help n even if I die trying, I rather die than open my mouth to ask u to help wat him anymore. It's easy for me. I don't have to get angry at being malign anymore and i just don't allow grey area anymore to exist. From now on, I will always clarify if he is just wanting to play. I don't ever want to hear the words "I'm helping you" ever again since it seems as if it's more MY son than OURS since he is using the word "helping YOU". 

He tried to be "nice" and offered to wash the bottles saying he had time. I took the pail of bottles away from him and tell him don't need. I can do it myself. I will not give u the satisfaction of playing Mr nice guy as and when it suits u. Of course he is more than happy to go back to his room to do his watever stuff I don't care anymore. I don't fucking care wat time he goes to sleep anymore since he's not helping me lookout for baby waking while I pump. Last night I just sit in the dark in baby room to pump. At least even when he cries I can just take out my pump n carry him. 

There's a chinese saying 
靠人不如靠自己 and 死也不会求你

So at least I can proudly say "I raise my son", not "We raise our son"

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

13 oct: being shouted at again

I thought about whether to publish or not and decided why not? At least this will keep a record of how many times I have been unfairly been berated at. 

I was being shouted at again today. 

For no good reason he just yelled fuck while I Was feeding baby. I ran out with baby asking what happened and within a min, he lashed out at me, claiming that i deprived him of any time to do anything for himself. I didn't even know where that outburst came from.

The day had started out good for me. I dashed out of the house in the morn to go bank to take money for my maid for her salary. She wanted to go off today to remit money to her family and to buy her own food. She was supposed or had offered to cook me my lunch last night but today she suddenly told me she can't. 

I was rushing to meet Kelly n running late at 10.30am instead of 10am so I just let my maid go. 

When I got home at 11.30am, I was surprised to see him at home and asked how come. His chinese lesson was cancelled last min. I told him to carry the baby for 10mins while I defrost his breastmilk n prepping to feed him. Meanwhile in that 10mins, I was clearing the mountain load of bottles, plates n bowls for baby when I fed him this morn. I was also chatting to him happily with no sign of displeasure from him. 

I had woke up at 6.45am. In fact I fell off the bed coz I was so tired n lost my balance. I had went to bed at 3.30am last night again getting ready the raw ingredients for baby breakfast. I pump at 7-7.30am. I fed baby at 7.40am. I put him back to sleep and started to steam baby squash n carrot and cook his congee at 8am. 

I went back to try to finish my milk pump At 8-8.30am. I went to kitchen to grind baby food and finish cooking the congee. It was 9.15am. I woke baby n he finall woke at 9.30am while I finish storing the purée. At 9.30am I started feeding him squash oat cereal till 9.45am. 

I changed him and wipe down and was out of house by 10.05am. I met Kelly in landmark at 10.30am grab my Stuff and rushed back home to feed baby. I reached home about 11.30am and that was my only time in asking him to
Hold baby 10mins while I Got his milk.

I told him maid decided she can't cook my lunch. I ask him if he is having lunch home he said no. I said ok n will tell maid I'm using the salmon for lunch. I only asked if he had time to cook my lunch but I said if he was busy it's ok. 

I started feeding baby at 11.50am. I saw my husband getting the rice. I didn't think much of it. 

Baby pooed half way feeding and all I did was to ask him to get a plastic bag when he asked if I needed help. That was all. 

After I cleaned him up, I continued feeding and that was when he shouted a very loud fuck n table slamming. I rushed out with baby thinking he hurt himsf and that's when he started shouting at me saying he can't go gym etc. he can't go to fucking gym n he yell at me. 

I said to him calmly to just go gym n I will do my own lunch. He said no mood now.  He just went on berating me, saying I take up so much of his time. He went on to sarcastically said that I accuse him of not handling stress n he was offended. He said he's doing so much thing. Search for job, look after baby etc. he say he don't understand why he had to spend so much time with baby. 

I have no idea where that outburst came from. In fact after the first time he yelled at me, I had never asked him to care for baby n I did almost everything myself. It was only last 2 days when I was sleep deprived coz baby had nitemares n I didn't hear him cry when he woke in the 4pm cycle n he had to look after him. I was asleep I admit for that 2 hours n I woke up with a start to feed baby but he said he had bathe n fed up. That moment I was very grateful n had said thanks to him n I really appreciate his help. He had said no problem as he knew I was tired. He had did that himself n yet today he BLAME me for wasting his time. I don't get it. On one hand u appear to want to help but deep down u are resentful u need to help. It wasn't like I was shopping or idling and yet he still wanted to shout at me for taking up
His time. His previous 4 hours max in a whole day and that was TOO much for him. How about me? Minus 3hours sleep, and that ocassion 3-4hrs help from him to watch baby while I pump
Milk or prep his meal, wat about those 16hrs i slave without a word? 

I Told him I had apologised way too many times for the one thing I had said like many many months back. That I said he lashing out at me coz he was under stress. He held that against me. Even after I apologised for that during our first fight, However everytime he feel like lashing out he will repeat the same thing like I have never apologised. I said what does he expect from me? Grovel? Kneel down? I said I have already apologised for that one slip n after that I had been very conscious of wat I said ever since. In fact so much so that I don't even say anything back anymore coz it's pointless and he seem to take it as I concede he was right. So wat he wants from me? 

He said I never apologised n I said I did with clear conscience. I said he even apologised back at me once for shouting at me again over the same thing coz he was stressed. He was the one who repeatedly said he was under stressed and I never once said or make reference to it. Yet he turned it around to accuse me of saying things I had never once said. He accused me of saying he was useless n I said I have never ever said that to him. He changed his stance n said I implied. I said I never did and it was him who thought that way. Yet he insisted everything is my help because he see me so busy n feel obliged to help. He said I CANT cope with stress (oh really?) but yet he was the one who always shout at me n I have never started a fight with him. 

I told him then don't help me if u are going to help me. Don't help and then snap at me. I said from now on I will Exoecf him to do anything for baby. Not like he was doing a lot anyway. At most I just have to give up breastfeeding. . He said that's not right either. I said then when am I Suppose to know it's ok to ask him for help and when not to? He never answered me. 

To me, I see him watch movies online, videos or FB etc instead of studying n he tell Me to shut up when I ask Him to study instead don't waste time. He claimed he need to unwind. He said he is tired from only studying from 10pm onwards to 2am. But you expect to do absolutely nothing for baby when u come home at 2 or 3pm? Usually I only see if u have time to watch him while I pump the 5pm session that's like 45mins. 

 And when I'm Too tired n fell asleep without hearing the baby, u choose to look after baby but then u yell at me now for the fact that u had to spend time to Do it. I told him don't help if u r going to be so upset. Don't. Because I will melt down next time when u shout at me again. I said I have tried my best. I know he was tired I even took baby out to buy lunch back for him on Sunday when I'm the one who only slept 3 hours n he had more than 6hrs. 

 I said I don't even ask him to Wash bottles coz I know he's busy. I said I dunno how else more I can do short of completely treating him as invisible. He has no answer for me. I said he hardly even thank me for good job or trying. All I
Hear is waves n waves of criticism and accusation. 

I said it's his long job search that's causing him stress n there's nothing I can help him with on that. How many wife will not even contest the sale of our apartment proceeds to go 100% to him with a million profit? Despite everything I spend effort in caring for the house I get not a penny n I didn't even say anything because I thought marriage was joint sharing n he needs the money more since he is jobless. Instead of seeing it as me being understanding he took it for granted that I shouldn't get a penny from the sale proceeds. 

I'm tired. Tired of him being unreasonable n lashing at me. 

His relative SMS me to ask me why isn't he helping me more and looks like I'm doing everything. I didn't know wat to say. Tell the truth? No. I just say he's busy with his chinese class. What else can I say? I'm even too tired to talk to anyone to let off steam. In fact I don't even have time. 

He implied I'm useless. He said he don't understand why I need so Much help from other people. I don't know wat he meant by that. The maid does housework n cooking. I did everything else. Who is the many help he referring to? When did I ask anyone else? Even his sisters have his mum to run to. Who can I run to for moments I need to sleep? No one. If he don't want to offer his time let me have abit of sleep time, then I don't get any but he is all so wrap up about himself that he has never put himself in my shoes. 

He even expect me to plan something for his birthday. He seem displeased that I have no energy left to hunt for restaurant that will accommodate him his folks n baby. He still wanted to dine out for dinner but I had to say no. Lunch at best with baby. Does he understand his lifestyle had to change? No. Very clearly no. He just want a son to play with and that's it. I knew I should never agree to a child though I have no regrets with my boy. I'm sorry u had to see mum n dad argue n mum cry. He turned all quiet n stare at me when I cried. Looking at that expression I had to force myself to stop n smile at him n pretend I'm fine. My husband of course don't give a shit. 

Why wouldn't u bring your key?!!!

There's a building power shutdown for 2 hours at home yesterday, so mummy took (spontaneous) refuge at her fav Starbucks since baby woke up from lack of fan:) thank goodness for free wifi here:) life is good. 

That is until the idiotic helper called to ask why didn't I tell her I'm heading out coz she didn't bring her keys when she went marketing and now she's stuck outside. 

My first reaction to her was "Why do I HAVE to tell you I'm going out?" It's like hello u ain't my mother and I don't even tell my mum where I'm going since I hit uni. Are u kidding me? Plus I gave you home key to use, that means u r expected to take it with u when u go out!!

In this case I was still 15min cab ride from home so I can cut short n go home. However what if I had decided to venture further? 

She replied that she didn't think I will be out. I feel like telling her don't think. Everytime u assume, you really make  a mess.

I didn't get too mad at her n she knows she screwed up. Irritating

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5 oct: Start of making baby food

The honeymoon is over and at 6 months, the real journey begins..whe everyone told me to try few days each time for new food, my PD didn't seem too concern with the vege saying rarely babies get allergies with those in list. I prob shorten test to 2 days instead of 4days for veges else it will take me forever to get thru the list!

In addition to what my PD gave me on list of food for baby to eat, been getting good tips n advices from various gfs who has already completed the trials and tribulations of infanthood for their child. Advantages of being mother last! Lol!

So did what my fren told me, to debone Ikan, wash n fry dry n grind to power. 

Today decided to start on congee for the little one. Don't really need a slower cooker I find. Just have to let it simmer for 2 hours. Easy breezy. 

1. First, got daddy to buy lean meat yesterday. Froze it and slice it to desired size. Cut away any visible fats. Store excess meat. 

2. A palmful of rice with 4 small bowls of water. Throw in meat to add flavor

3. Let it cool and mash it further to make it more watery for first taste! It smell sooo nice!!! Fragrant!!

Baby loved it! More than apple purée for sure!! He lapped up more than a teaspoon! Mummy finished the red of course!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crazy cycle. 1-3hr sleep. How long more?

The sleep pattern changed again. From my good little boy who sleeps from 10pm to 7.30am, he suddenly decides to wake me up at 5am every single fking day for the past 2 weeks. 

But because I don't want to restart his night feeding at 5am, I had to let him wait it out till 6.30am or 7am depending. But I don't get any sleep while waiting. 

After feeding him, it's 45mins of pumping while entertaining the little monkey. Then had to put him to bed at 9am. 

9.15-9.30am dealing with maid n her marketing list since she is sooooo fucking useless that I cannot give her free rein or she will buy rubbish back. 

9.30-10am will be washing pumps n bottles
10am- 10.30an will be cooking breakfast n eating.
10.30-10.45am: do baby laundry
11am - 11.15am : baby wakes and change diaper n wipe down
11.15-11.45am: play with baby since he won't sit or play by himself
11.45- 12.10pm: prep milk for feeding
12.15-1pm: play with baby and eat lunch
1-1.45pm: change diaper, put baby to bed, pump milk
1.45pm-2pm: wash bottles n sterilise
2pm: prep baby food. Wait for baby wake
2.30pm: feed baby taster solid
2.30-3.30pm: entertain baby 
3.30-4pm: pass baby to dad. 
4pm: get milk ready
4-4.10pm: feed baby
4.10-4.45pm: play with baby
4.45-5.15pm: bath baby
5.15-5.30pm: give baby dinner
5.30-6pm: put baby to sleep. Pump milk. 
6-7pm: . Wake baby at 7pm
7-8pm: dinner. 
8pm: feed baby
8.15pm - 10pm: play with baby. Hubby help if free
10pm 10.30pm: put baby to sleep
10.30-11.30pm: pump milk
11.45pm: Dream feed baby. 
12.30am-1.30am: check email, pay household bills, buy groceries online, buy baby stuff etc.
2am: sleep (with baby). (Provide baby don't have nitemare n wake every hour) 
5am-5.30am: pump milk

The whole cycle begins. 

When I look at the time chart, I don't get why my hubby thinks he help me a lot and complain HE don't get to rest. Like as if I'm fuckinv shaking leg???

He def did help but I don't think it's 50-50 which he seems to think so. Everytime I pop into his study room he's fucking surfing Internet but keep telling me he's busy. When I raised the issue he's wasting time he claim he needs to unwind. Do I see ME unwinding??? U get to sleep in till 9-10am and u want to Bitch about being tired and tell me to leave u alone. 

Great. Thanks for such appreciation.
And stop telling me to quit Breast feeding because it inconvenience YOU and hide it behind the pretext I'm not getting enough rest. If u watch less tv, read less shit online n fb less, and Help me, then perhaps I can rest more