Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All the wrong things people are saying these days in Singapore.

It's rather unfortunate these days...to see an insurmountable rage against foreign residents in Singapore these days. Of course, having loud mouth twats with the likes of Anton Casey of British origin doesn't help the situation.

The first response I received when I repost this on my FB was from my American friend.

"Thank God this pinhead isn't an American. I was worried for a moment that an "Ugly American" was going to taint the rest of us. Sounds like a he is a Brit, but one that has enjoyed the benefits of living in Singapore for too long and has forgotten reality."

My response to him was that in general, the Americans residing in Sg that I am acquainted with are relatively a PC lot. They may be loud-volume (even when sober) but they dont generally pass such irresponsible statements. Sure, there are one or two condescending pricks here and there but that's at a personal level and most people left it as that.

This Mr Anton Casey's (itchy fingers) comments took a life of its own (via many other papers as well such as Guardian)because it was so callous and uncalled for, and at a time where the fury against (excessive) foreigners is at its height. To start off, no one was targeting at his nor his family. This chap just woke up one day, took issue with the fact that his fancy car "Mr Porsche" had to go to the workshop and decided to post his disdain and  fairly low opinion of the commuters in a public media.


These are exactly the sort of twats that gives expat spouses of Singaporean a bad name. My man's first response when he read this was "What a prick. What's his problem?" (I guess my man and I belong to the Poor category since we had never owned a car in Sg). As to why people as such couldnt express their bigoted views behind closed doors instead of posting such irrelevant antagonistic posts publicly is beyond basic comprehension. I say behind close doors because from experience, these people dont form such nasty character over night. They are already rotten. He was either born or bred into a prick, and so nothing will change that. He probably is someone who makes nasty comments all the time behind close doors or during private sessions but as to why he decided to post something as unfunny and followup with belligerent video is something I have yet to work out why. Then again, I must presume here that his olfactory receptors are probably so high up his arse that probably explains the "stench" he smells all the time around other people, thinking it was others when it was just him and his "potty" mouth..

Someone in his FB crowd must be really offended to leak his un-PC post to TRS since it wasnt a public post. I looked around some of my friends post who happened to work in HSBC and could only surmised that this chap appears to be strikingly repulsive  from Day 1. My friend who was his excolleague in HSBC indicated that Mr Anton Casey always had that "Colonial Master Syndrome" as well. That's all him period. As such his postings came as no surprise to people who are acquainted with this unfortunate being. (apparently even from his grammar school days back in UK).

As someone in UK commented, that's what you get when you go around poking a hornet's nest and ended up in hospital. Do you deserve it, depending, but did you have it coming. A definite YES. So dont blame us or the media for hanging you out to dry. You incurred the wrath of the people not because it was injustice done to you but it was solicited, indirectly.

What I do find unfortunate though, is his decision to drag his son into this whole mess that he dug for himself. Regardless if his son is an equally smug little being due to undesirable parental non-role model, he still shouldnt have subjected his kid into the public eye. I suppose he thought it would "funny" coming from the "mouth" of a kid than a full grown adult, hence lessening the barb sting of his unwarranted comments and followup taunt?

It's unfortunate that other expats who are happy to integrate with locals will be tarred with the same brush stroke by people who dont know them. It will be a stigma with the "selective thinking" group that ALL well off foreigners are arseholes. I already have expat friends who shared their bad experience of being thrown things, verbally abused at (by stupid young adults who probably have too much time on hand which is of their own doing) when they finished dinner at hawker centers.

When I was reading the comments about this chap, I was dismayed at some of the accusations throw up. Do people not "think" anymore when they type their comment?

Firstly. Those torrid swear words that were so hurtful to the eyes... 
Seriously people, can you express your anger in a less vulgar, hateful form? I get your anger. I'm pissed even when I'm not residing in Sg now. Yet, can we be more civilized with our "words". All the CB, KNN etc etc and indignant bashing of other "negative" comments based on their own unfortunate experience are really unwarranted (and these people have left for their greener pastures). When have we become so closed minded that we cannot seem to accept that there will always be other nationalities who had bad experience in Sg? Though I draw the line between personal lamenting and ranting, vs this unprovoked scanting insult of EVERY Singaporean incident.

If you have time, go read the Guardian page and the comments section (link above), LOTSA of Brtions disagreed with his actions and yet they were able to mock him succinctly and in a more humorous manner without getting too offensive. I learnt a new insult just from the page. Someone called him an "Odious Oik". Gotto Love it! Funny like hell but point made!

The message is clear though, many do not condone his actions. Isnt that the only message we are trying to get across to our foreign companions squeezing in our small island? What's up with the flood of horrid verbal abuse?

Secondly. All the "mockings" and ridicles about his son or his wife.
That gotto stop.

Stop giving him a chance to play victim here.

Adults, grow up. Take issue with his comments and make your case with sound arguments. All the ill comments about the kids doesnt say anything about the offender but rather it reflects alot about the sort of hotheaded person that you are, and you effectively nullify any thing u say to be worthless with such personal attacks. (Personal attack is defined as belittling others with name callings/ labelling / irrelevant swearings / making ungrounded baseless assumptions etc). Some people commented that because the twat drag his son into the foray so he was fair game. Really people? Really? You would stoop to the very level of the person u are condemning. In the first place, we already know this British imbecile's action is unwarranted, so rather than taking issue with what he said, you rather take issue with irrelevant fact that his son was in the picture or that his wife isnt interested in local men? It wasnt exactly that the offending words came out of the boy's or wife's mouth you know. The father "pretended" that it was his son who said that. So the arsehole is the dad, not the son. So why is it so hard to target your offence at the RIGHT person?

Thirdly, some people asked about "Why there is no vetting by the govt of such arrogant people?"
People, ANY COUNTRY when issuing work permits and PR, do not interview the chap to find out if he is an arsehole. What is relevant to the process is whether the candidate has relevant work expertise to bring over, and if his COMPANY vouch that he is an asset for the position, and the govt verifies that the applicant has no criminal records.

Being employees of any company, we know that every company has its fair share of arseholes that comes in all shape and sizes and gender and race, may it be local or foreign. Do companies NOT hire people because of rumor that the person is an arsehole? No. They hire people based on their qualifications and experience. Look at the "peanuts pay" guy with the golden tap with NKF, there are countries and companies who will still welcome such people. So will it be plausible that Singapore immigration be any different when they are in search of "talents"? Do company HR SACK arseholes just because of popularity votes of whether he is MR Nice? No. Dismissal often comes at the heel of illegal actions such as fraud, bribes or scandal that is detrimental to the company's public image, examples such as moments when their staff decide to threaten or endanger the poor renovation workers next door for too much noise, or when their fingers decide to grow a mind of their own and type horrible offending statements or confidential leaks.

Asking why the govt allow Mr Casey to work in Singapore is akin to asking Bernice Wong's parents as to why they agree to their daughter marrying a loud mouth bigot like Mr Casey. Irrelevant questions. Both the parents and the govt will tell you his wife vouch for him and he has done nothing to date to prove otherwise, maybe until now? What can the govt say if he ticks all the official boxes on the form? There is no character assessment in the process and there will never be one because its subjective. One cannot be sure it will never be a case of "I dont like your face". So we need quantifiable criterias to access potential PRs. It's the company that will do the character assessment with all those personalities tests and interview processes to weed out the undesirables that wont fit into the company culture. So if HSBC take him under their wing, what basis does the immigration has to to say no if the company is supposed to have done the necessary character reference and checks? So will people quit with the "Govt brings in such trash" broken speech. No, get your facts right. Dont just point your finger randomly if you want credibility in your statements. Be a voice of Reason, not Anger. The govt may have enabled the influx process but it's the COMPANIES that endorsed and brought them over, and no company will know how much an arsehole their staff is until they reveal themselves to be so. Plus I repeat, if they bring money to the firm, most HR dont care if they are twats in personal lives.

Anycase, I suppose this outrage and uproar stems from the fact that it is mouthed from a non Singaporean by birth. Would this play out differently if it was uttered by a Singaporean, say some K-pop contestant, Stephanie Koh with a lousy attitude and public persona?

Personally, I was more disgusted by Singaporeans like Ms Wee Shu Min ("Get out of my uncaring elite face") , or the TV portrayal of another 21yo belligerent Sg girl than this prick.

Anton Casey's a self loving fool and twat, I get it.
He doesnt like Sg but he just like the fact he can chase money here, I get it.
He's British and doesnt owe us allegiance, I get it.
He is what his society, his country and his parents made him to be, I get it.

However, what I dont get is a born and bred Singaporean slagging off her own countrymen on public media with a non apologetic attitude, with all the reasons that I dont concur.

(See her self righteous justifying video here)

No country is perfect, and no govt has the right bag of tricks to every situation.
No country has all the right purrrfect mix of citizens either. We all come with our set of nice and baddies.

Let's break down her "reasons" for slagging Singaporeans, which is even more offending than her "I'm not proud to be Singaporean" comment.

"Everybody" vs "Majority"
Firstly, she needs to go back to school and learn what "EVERBODY" means. You do not get to redefine "Everybody" as "Majority". Majority isnt even TRUE to begin with!

“Singaporeans are not nice people.” 
I rolled my eyes when she made comparisons between Australia and Singapore, about greetings and asking if she is alright. Japan being the most courteous country in service, dont have its citizens greeting everyone esp strangers on the street either. Everyone loves going to Japan. Yet staying there is a different story. You dont have to love a country to be there either. So is Singapore. That's the difference between Asian and Western culture. Our societies have evolved differently and to use that social cultural difference to diss your own countryman as not nice is relatively shallow on her part. While living there, yeah sure they made small talks at counters, trust me, it isnt always sincere and its just to make their job less boring. If you asked me, I prefer the fast and furious efficiency check out in HK than in Sydney. The last time I was cursing under my breath when the cashier decided to chat on for good 5 mins when it should have been over in 30 secs and the rest of the lanes were closed being late night.

Singaporeans are not nice? At least its still relatively safe in comparison to Sydney on the streets. When I walk past clarke Quay, I dont have to worry about being accosted by drunks but in Sydney, I will NEVER walk along down Oxford street on a late sat nite given the same situation.

I had lived in Australia and I dont particularly like living there (which explains why I left instead of making comments about a place i dont fancy living in by choice), and neither do some of my fellow friends who have all moved back to Singapore one after and other after the work stint ( Finance, Medical, etc) , for various reasons of their own. Yeah sure, Australia is great in some ways but I definitely do not concur that service is better. I assume she has never been left waiting on the line for over an hour (with NO ONE ANSWERING) while calling Telstra customer hotline when the expensive internet network failed for no reason several times a month, despite paying the most expensive plan. Neither has she I supposed, bought all her own white goods and have delivery men dumping them at your doorsteps and expect you to someone carry the heavy washer etc to the laundry room yourself because as quoted "THAT"S not my job. My job is to deliver and thats your doorstep". I suppose she rented apartments or had the luxury of her parents setting up the place for her, hence never having to deal with much reality.  And I suppose she is young and hot, so she enjoys her work at a bar. Good for her. Try working in a white collar job and you will see a different side of trying to meet your dateline from Asia and your Ozzie counterpart doesnt GIVE A SHIT because it's 4.30pm over their time and its almost time for happy hour down the bar at Oxford street or Darling harbour whatever. 3 hours ahead due to daylight savings difference? Oh sorry, NOT their problem. Urgent? Email me and I will get to it (maybe next day). Oh whatever, the sky isnt gonna fall. So young gal, dont talk as if you KNOW everything. Australia is great but it isnt perfect and has its own share of problems.

“Singaporeans are narrow minded.” where she brought up comparison of minmal wage in Oz and Sg.
As for minimal wage system, the verdict is not out yet if its the best course of measure in Singapore at the moment because of high inflation etc. It will be built into the system eventually I am sure but there is also a reason why it cannot be a shock therapy of change at one go. The minimal wage system works if all situation is status quo and ideal. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that we should do something about the wage gap and poverty in Singapore but what makes you little girl think so highly of your deduction when u are no economist? It's sooooooo easy to give a simplistic comparsion between wages of waitress in Oz and Sg isnt it. Any idiot can do that.

Let's give a picture that minimal wage is enforced. Do you seriously think that with padded increased in pay, then all problems are solved? No. With minimal wage increase across ALL industries in one go, ALL companies WILL increase price regardless esp those involved in labor intensive jobs, and with that comes price inflation overall. When prices increase, the rate of living again increases. When the cost of living increases again, the income gap vs disposable income possibly widens even more and no one can predict by how much.It could possibly be worse than current. So the very people we have set out to help will again be faced with the inevitable increased in cost and net or deficient in disposable income despite the pay increase. There is no magic forumla to calculate what is the "right amount" of increase in pay to make it work. However, with minimal wage increase in targeted sectors currently, I think the idea is sound but I'm not convinced by the execution. Seriously, $1000 basic pay is low. However, they need to start somewhere and to avoid a massive shakeout.

In HK, the minimal wage is enforced, and talking to HK SME owners, they found it a bane rather than boon. The pool of money that they used to reward and motivate the staff to work hard (to weed out lazy workers and reward the hardworking ones) is now part of the mandatory income. Rem, we are talking about SME here and not MNCs with a vault of cash behind them. There is disgruntle, and now change in morale because there is no incentive to work hard anymore because even lazy people has the same pay. You ask, "why not continue to reward the hardworking people" The question is, if you as owners want your price to stay competitive, raising the price too much to cover the difference will drive customers away and how will that generate more income to reward staff? It's a chicken and egg question.

As for those who complain about foreign staff in Singapore as waitress and cashier, again you have no idea how many waitress, cashier or kitchen job in Sydney has gone to foreigners from Europe and Filipinos as well. Don't believe me, go to Harries' Farm, or Wollies or Target. All the checkout and inventory staff are Filippino. Go to Darling Harbor or Oxford street,  the restaurants are filled with foreign staff from Europe. Australia is going cheap, squeezing margins and cutting corners in many aspect BECAUSE of high labor cost. Even the well loved "Father of Australian cusine" Bilson restaurant had to fold because of cited "increased cost" as part of the reason. Australia has her set of pros and cons so little girl, stop making comparisons that you and I dont always have the full picture on. We are basing it on our own experiences but that is narrow view of you isnt it? The precise angst you have for your own fellowman is a depiction of the very trait you proclaim to despise.

“Singapreans are submissive.”
As for education, it's really what you made out of it. If your teacher tells you not to do something, ask why not. Did you? No? You just accepted it begrudgingly and held it against the WHOLE educational system because of your ONE single experience because you too, were too cowardly to speak out to question your teacher. So are you not also "part of the mould".

In my almost 2 decades of local education, I had many teachers who told me I shouldnt do certain things. When I was in primary school, I was chosen to be in the school choir but I had wanted to join brownies. I was literally BLOCKED by teacher's politics to ban me from brownies (and I was primary 5) because both activities were held on sat clashed and the teacher did not want to set a precedent of someone dropping out of competition winning choir. I didnt accept it and neither did I go crying to my parents. I merely engaged the teachers and made my views known till the music teacher backed down. She gave me a choice in the end. She explained to me the reasons, the pros and cons and left me to make my decision.

When I was in Secondary school, my AEP Brit art tutor saw my friends helping me glue the icecream sticks together and "warned" me that I was not allowed to gain any "external" help or I will be marked down. Again, I questioned his "warning" openly, asking him if he should marked down my classmate claywork since he had his hands all over the pottery he helped to shape and design. Why is his help acceptable when he actually "shaped" the pottery saving it from collapse, while my friends were merely doing the mundane work of gluing things I told them to do when the ideas, art directions, and gluing everything together was all mine? Again, I earned my apology from him for that (after 2 weeks of cold war) and it was never spoken of again. As for her point on "creative Tawainese Art teacher in International school" that her sister went to, I had experience with Taiwanese teacher in Singapore. This Taiwanese art teacher told me purple was a "bad color" for a isotonic drink-can design and again, I call her out on it. She was furious that I refused to change my purple silver colour choice for her "pastel" colour. Is that creative? Afterwhich, she forced us to participate in Sat calligraphy classes which was non essential and I objected. She claimed calligraphy will help in our "creativity" but I told her sorry, I beg to differ.  Even after she complained to my class home tutor, my Irish born home tutor couldnt bring me to task because it was supposed to be voluntary basis with no grades involved. Plus, she too agreed that the argument that its "creative" is subjective. In the end, the Taiwanese art teacher left our school because she couldnt fit into the "liberal school system" and I graduated with distinction with my Art subject in O levels. Point is, just because its not Singaporean doesnt mean they are better and I didnt allow anyone to back me into a corner with no valid reasons that could appeal to me. In college, the new council tutor in charge banned "outdoor" orientation for freshies when it had been an 8 year tradition. Again, I objected and well "bickered/ reasoned" with him for a week. Finally he relented after we reached a compromise on safety issues etc. We had a good talk and in the end, while he still wasnt my fav tutor because he was "army" trained, yet we respected each other's view on things, without ever having to come to blows or display of bad attitude like saying stupid things "I'm not proud to be Singaporean".

So my point is, we all have our moments in school. It isnt the system that is at fault making who you are. You ARE who you make yourself to be. There will always be followers in schools who are happy to abide by the rules, there will be troublemakers for wrong reasons, and there will be people who dont back down in the face of wrong "directions" from authorities. I dont go around tarring or blaming every teacher to be boring, narrow minded, not think out of the box or the educational system based on my few experiences. I dont conform for the sake of conforming but neither do I carry an attitude that the rest are "losers" just because I dont agree with the majority. There will never be a one size fit all system, deal with it and that's when parents and peers come into the picture.

“Singaporeans are not creative.” 
This is a bug bear for me. Why does she even need to go to "K-Pop" competition which she claimed to be conned into to reveal her "creativity" and talent? If she has true talent, look at the tons of You tube stars who actually ARE creative (definitely more creative than her boring videos) who actually made artistic music videos, sang with beautiful voice, team up with other local you tube talents, produced their own mini sell out concerts and produced their own CDs. All without having to join American idol or X factor etc and they are a sensational hit in You tube. THAT"S WHAT I CALL CREATIVE and TALENT> not people as the likes of you who claim to be talented and artistic but have produced nothing worthy to date. You bring to shame to all my musician friends who actually perform gigs in Sg and invited overseas. I'm sure you heard of GSE (the great spy experiement), a local band that brought their music to as far as New York, Perth Cannes etc. These are not creative talented Singaporeans???????

How about Chinese Music Arena such as lyricists or composers such as "Liang Wenfu" (Wiki) and Li SiSong, SiWei (think Stephanie Sun), where these people have produced HITS for famous singers such as Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau etc. These people didnt need "COMPETITIONS" experience to make their talent known and THEY HAVE MADE SINGAPORE PROUD without a chip on their shoulder, nor being a media trash like you little girl.

My personal view.
The fact that she can talk so openly about her freedom of choice is simply, her family background allows her to be so. If her parents were poor, and she had no exposure to Australia school or system, will she still be so unapologetic? No. I can flat out tell you she will be leading a completely different life. I dont give a shit if she likes Singapore or wants to stay in Singapore, but I dont care for her attitude.In Sg we often say "rich so what? big fuck?" So I will say to her "21 and earning your own keep so what, big fuck?" No, it doesnt really bother me but what bothers me is the number of non thinking adults who seem to lap up everything she spews on that unworldly small minded video of hers.

Anycase, I stumbled across another funnier blog in response to this silly gal. Read if you have time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Counting down to move!

It isn't long now. Counting down to my next big move. Ok. My 5th move in Hong Kong except it's gonna be easier being a local move and not international. 

My man n I had a bout of itchy butt syndrome and so we decided to rent another apartment after spending a few weekends looking around. We kinda felt crammed in with our own place. My security guards were shocked and expressed dismay that we are leaving. Ok, at least someone is sad to see us go:) 

interestingly, our ABC neighbors who moved in exactly the same time as us, are also moving out the same time as us after 3 years here! I spotted the KC DAT boxes outside their unit and went off to finger some info from the lobby security. Gossip has it that they bought another place and moving. No word yet as to if they are selling or renting out their unit. 

During rental Search, What we did discover is that there has been a huge exodus of expats, esp those with huge expat package. That leaves a lot, and I mean ALOT of empty units up for rental. Those previously unattainable units at The Peak, are now suddenly within reach. Of course I don't mean a sudden price fall but what used to easily command over HK$100K+ units are now asking for Hk80 and possibly negotiable downwards. 

My agent reckons these expats are icing away from HK to Singapore, especially those with kids. Primarily, education or getting their kids to school is a BITCH here. If u think long Qs or balloting is bad in SIngapore. Welcome to the Cut throat impossibility in HK. U gotto know people, belong to some network or club or buy your way in. Local schools? U better make sure ur kid speaks Cantonese or he or she might not even be considered. Depending on where u live and the school u are hankering after, u will be lucky if the waiting list isn't longer than the number if neighbors u have in your sprawling condo complex. In contrast, Singapore govt is ramming it's effort in building MORE intentional schools. It's not rocket science why, and while it helps not to deprive local kids a spot in school, it doesn't help in integration efforts either. But that is a topic for another day. 

We found a unit which for a change, didn't have views nor situated conveniently near the malls, eateries nor shops. I can't just pop down to causeway bay n grab a meal in 5 mins anymore. I will miss that. I will miss my unit, which was renovated to the way we like to live, not to mention storage... Plenty of storage space. I will miss it but I welcome the change. 

Unlike my previous experience with a shitty HK landlord who are total cheapskates despite being a lawyer, this time round, our landlord, a 34yo Harvard graduate is absolutely by HK standards, divine. He had his staff to accommodate to our request to provide a separate washer n dryer of over 8kg. Perfect. I explain my need for complete darkness in the bedroom and he agreed to providing the blackout curtains. I'm telling u, it's rare. 

My man has been rather excited. He's looking at shelves etc but I'm stuck between getting something not too shabby but not too ex, whereas he really want to splurge. I reckon it's a rental place and not knowing how long we will stay, I opt to wait n see before spending but my man is ra ra to go. He wants to get something nice ( not cheap) right away. Sigh. I find it hard to b spendthrift. Seriously. Getting me to open my wallet for anything beyond hk$2000 takes a lot of consideration but my man doesn't blink. I'm not a cheapskate, I just like to know where my money goes is worth it! 

Meanwhile, been asking for moving quotes and the prices are like heaven n earth. Ranges from Hk$10K+ to HK$30K. It's crazy. 

We got quotes from Tradewind, Santa Fe, Yamato, Classic Removal. Yamato is the Most expensive!!  I nearly choke on the quote! Santa Fe was surprisingly cheaper than Tradewind but in the end I decided to go with classic removal which was recommended by my man Taiwanese teacher, whose husband has been using this removalist for years for the whole family. Fingers crossed all will be well.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Retail therapy is exhausting.

Spent the day at Horizon Plaza looking at furniture. My man and I are absolutely useless. We are exhausted after 3 hours covering only 2 floors out of the 28 levels. How do some people shop for hours in a day?!!!  

Well at least we got one piece of furniture which so happens to have the same collection name as me. Haaa haaa! "My namesake" furniture ain't cheap. A 3 seater set us back by HK$18k after discount. My man is useless at getting discount, in fact he never asked for one. Silly man thinks retail price is nett price at these shops. Lol. 

Meanwhile he is car hunting and very excited about it since I forbid him to buy a car since we left Sydney for HK in 2008. He has been itching after one for ages. I finally relented and first thing he did on Sunday before I woke was to
Head out to the cars showroom. 

He told me about the baby Mercs and I raised an eyebrow at him. So he quickly went on to other brands which is less ostentatious. I think he get the idea now that even if I let him buy a car, I'm not gonna let him go silly and over splurge. He gave a mild sigh and mumbled..."my wife is so sensible". Hiahz. 

In response to his comment, I merely pat him on his head fondly like how u would comfort a child who didn't get the biggest toy in the mall. Lol! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another hopeless Xmas horror stories to mark end of 2013.

Every Xmas, my man's sisters and their spouses never cease to amaze me with their stupidity and selfishness.

Just when I thought each time it cannot get worse, they never fail to astoundingly come up with something mindbogglingly that defy normal human being behaviors.

My man decided to spend the first day in Sydney upon landing rather than head straight back to Newcastle so that he could spend a day with his brother's daughter. So that means Mum and Dad didnt have to drive down to Sydney and my man can take his brother's car and drive up instead.

Imagine my surprise when I learnt that his sister and 2 small kids and tons of princesses toys and unncessary things are being stowed into the small car. Apparently, the family of 3 are gonna be hitching a car ride back to Newcastle together.

Wait a min.
The sister has their own car and where the fuck is that fucking fat useless leeching husband?

Apparently, the fucking dick of a husband of hers has already headed on to Newcastle, BY HIMSELF. The reason for him dumping his wife and kids to us is because the twat with "bad back during chores time" decided that he wanted to cycle throughout Xmas holidays and so he decided to use the car to FERRY HIS FUCKING CYCLING BIKES back to Newcastle instead. of his family. He didnt give a shit how his wife and kids are gonna make it, It's always ALL ABOUT THE FAT TWAT himself.

I was gobsmacked by such a level of insensitivity and disregard by such a selfish dickhead scum. As if it wasnt enough that he leaches on his in laws every festive holidays for month, ONLY appear during mealtime, and never lift a finger to help clean the dishes or set the table. He would complain of backache when its after dinner, and then he would go out all day to swim at the sea, jog, laze around and now cycle. He is never in pain doing things HE LIKES OR FOR HIMSELF. If this isnt a human leech, I dont know what other thing to call this fucker. Why his wife, my man's sister put up with this shit is beyond my human comprehension. She indulges him with his selfish needs without a word of reprimand this decade long. It's amazing she is sooo blind and so happy to let her whole family and parents get exploited and used and taken advantage of with no words of advice for her man.

As for the OTHER sister, the one with head in the clouds, is also another living joke.

Being a housewife for a decade, and after the new govt has cut off the leeching of some "work benefits" which her husband has been exploiting for last 7 years, they are now in a tight squeeze since he isnt earning much and SHE IS A COMPLUSIVE shopper.

The cow naively complains to anyone who would hear her that "COMPANIES HR ARE SOOOO BAD because they DID NOT BOTHER TO CALL OR WRITE BACK that she was not selected for job interview." She laments that companies should call people up and tell them NICELY that they were not selected. WTF? Which universe does she live in? Every company that I know of in any country do not call up failed candidates, only the sucessful ones. Where the hell did she get the idea that she should get special treatment? This is truly what I call OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY idiot.

As if that wasnt something to scoff at, the fact that her family finances are not looking rosy should be a warning sign for a good competent housewife to tighten the belt and wake up her ideas. INSTEAD, the stupid COW decided that her best therapy is to go do more shopping instead!!!

She would appear and brag about her new dress and say its only Au$15. Hello idiot, you didnt need that dress. You could have SAVED that Au$15. Even my man was shaking his head and told her that. She protested and claim "I can always return this and get my money back" She forgets about the time wasted, money wasted on petrol and effort to do this buy and return this is pointless and meaningless.

If you think the stupid cow stopped there, no. While she complained about tight on money, guess what did she buy for her 2 kids under 10 years? 2 FUCKING IPODS. So that the 2 can PLAY GAMES. She was beaming as if she was soooo BRILLANT. What a fucking moron!!! Who buys Apple Ipod, an uncessary device for kids when you dont even have enough money to see them though college???

As if it wasnt enough, she said she was thinking of buying an Apple Ipad!!!! HELLO?!!!!!
Is your brain made of straws????? Has she not heard of the saying "A penny saved is a penny earned?"
I simply cannot believe this woman....and its torturous to even be near stupid imbecile like her.

Anycase, since she isnt my siblings, I'm not gonna care so long she doesnt expect us to LEND her money. THAT i told my husband. Now unless she is thrown out on the streets then I might think about it. She can grovel and beg for that day since I dont make it a habit to lend unwise people with head buried in the sand money and so unwise about finance management..

When my man told her off that she didnt need an Ipad and its the last thing she should think about buying, she screamed in frustration and ran out of the house (crying). What a LOSER.

My man thought that he had better not say anything in future but I told him, its PRECISELY that NO ONE HAS EVER told her off that she finds it hard to swallow and face reality. Her man already grumbles openly that she keep buying useless toys for her kids so there's already tension with her stupidity. My mother in law, much that she is a nice lady, have utter no sense in parenting not give good advice to kids to tell them they are wrong. She is the typical traditional "long suffering" type who believes this is my lot in life type. The other sister has her own problems with her leech husband, the brother doesnt care to get involve with anyone else in the family. So who else is there to talk sense to this fat cow?

I knew of her compulsive shopping bad habit from day 1 a decade back and I have hightlighted to my man. It's getting progressively worse and now that her man isnt bringing in stable dole (thanks to govt cut), she is using retail therapy more. What a nutjob.

I have no idea why the sons are so wise about money and living within means, care for their parents and yet the 2 gals are totally useless. Spineless, weakwill, ill disciplined.  Is it nature or nurture I wonder.

Off to good note.
My very doting father in law, knew how much I love mangoes, went out to buy a whole carton of mangoes and cherries and lychees for us to bring back to HK. I love Dad. He's the best. Not sure how I'm gonna finish 14 mangoes, half kg of cherries, half kg of lychees in a week though!!! Lol!!