Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20th Jan 2015: Off for my long overdue haircut with Ito San (AR salon)

After 7 months...I finally have to force my lazy arse off my bed and booked Ito san for my haircut.

Not sure if there are others like me who can be so lazy. I guess now that I have moved out of causeway bay, and with all the 2 months long protest roadblocks earlier resulting in nitemarish travelling (a nitemare in terms of excessive hours), there was little motivation for me to take the bus-train down until I seriously am finding my hair to be in a straw like state.

It's dry but thankfully no split ends which is why I have been putting it off, but messy entangled hair is definitely a source of minor irritation. Since my mum is in town and I know she's been itching to get Ito san to cut & perm her hair for her, I figured I now have a reason apart from self vanity to get my hair tidied.

So off we went, two ladies on a mission.

Before we did our hair, took mum out to Chung Cusine for our morning Dim Sum. That's the pre-haircut photo..the messy hair ladies. See that heavy unkept clustering mop on my head?

Work in progress...
I only opted to cut my hair without perm nor colour. I think my previous hair colour is still holding up nicely despite the last root touch up a long time ago. So I will prob colour and perm it next round.

Mum wanted a perm and cut. So I hung around waiting for her to finish.

Ito san checking mum's perm and to trim it down

After wash and hair blown dry by Mandy

Tadah! After 2 hours of waiting for mum, 2 satisfied women went home feeling all light headed and happy & pretty of course:)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

8th Jan 2015: Another one of those "I dunno it wasn't me" episode.

My mum for some reason really like to "deny" any "responsibility" at first instant. 

Was sleeping and heard a loud sound, like something dropped. Thinking it might be my wall clock, I came out to inspect to the sound origin. 

I saw my mum squatting by my bookshelf, didn't say a word. I merely ask her "wat happened? Did something drop?" 

Her first reaction was "I dunno wat happen. Your alarm clock dropped to the floor. I DIDNT touch it. I didn't go near it"

Firstly, I wasn't even accusing her of anything and secondly, it's impossible for my clock to "just drop" from the shelf without any human interventation. I saw her holding to a recipe and I figured she was either taking or putting the cook book next to the alarm clock. I just said "never mind" & went back to my room but I couldn't get back to sleep anymore.

Half hour later in the kitchen, my mum volunteered information on her own accord. "Your things like to bully me" I was like huh??? Wat on earth are u talking about? U burnt my scan pan pot, almost burnt my wmf pot, u burnt my plastic vege tray, wreaked my metal plate ( because u went to put the plate above the flame directly coz u too lazy to use a pot) and now u say my things "bully" you?!!!

I didn't reply her just smile n continue to sort my laundry for washing. Something I REFUSE to let her do because my mum is renowned for wreaking clothes since I was young and that's why I refuse to let her wash any of my clothes since I was 12yrs old. (She had no concept of doing laundry, no idea of washing whites separately from blacks & coloured, and she don't really know how to hang dry stuff because she FOLD towels into 3 layers and clip together expecting them to dry properly?!!! How to?!! It was stink coz it's not air dried properly!!) 

Anycase back to her confession. She narrated "your clock suddenly dropped. I only want to take the book but the clock fell on it's own. I wasn't even near it"

In my head, I don't understand why she wants to deny and spin a story instead of just saying "sorry I was taking the book n drop your clock by accident"

I just don't get why she couldn't come clean when no one will blame her?? I
Mean accidents happen n who cares but to pretend it wasn't her ( when it was obviously)  is just something I don't get.. 

My man commented to me the other nite, that it's very hard to imagine I'm my mum's daughter because we are so completely different in the way we think and do things. Strange. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mum is like a big kid at times

Apart from those occasional exasperating moments, my mum can be quite funny and like a kid sometimes.

As there are no TV program for her to watch here, I got her to Farm Heroes Saga to pass time. What started out as a game to pass time became a major addiction for her!! She can play till she forgot the time and even burnt my pot once coz she forgotten she had the flame on.

Wat was really funny was on New year eve nite. She said she was going to bed early at 11pm+. As it was close to Midnite, I Thot I might try my luck to see if my mum wants to see the fireworks. I quietly opened her bedroom door and to my surprise, my mum was squatting by the bed, in the door and staring at her phone charging away.

I asked my mum "Hey mum! I thought u were sleeping!! Wat are u doing?!!"

My mum grinned like a kid and replied "Oh I couldn't sleep coz I cannot clear the level...so I Thot I try my luck again but my phone has no more power."

I was sooo tickled!

My mum, she really is like a child. The way she gets so excited when she cleared a level
Or reached the 3 stars target!!

4th Jan 2015: Mum & her irrational belief in fortune books

Never understood my mum and her superstitious nature, in the sense that she is so blindly obsessed n caught up with all those fortune telling B.S. Her blind faith and complete utter stupid belief totally rubs me off the wrong way since I was young. It's not that I want to discredit the whole profession but I just don't believe anyone should totally believe those fortune generic books like bloody gospel n treat it like the holy doctrine that your life will end up like that for sure. When I was growing up, our place are full of rubbish fortune books from every animal horoscope to a few "HK masters". When I calculated the money she spent on those books, it can amount to at least $60++. Even at primary school, I can safely bet that's a lot of money to waste. I didn't get why my mum would say no money but waste money on rubbish like these.

I do believe that there may be some elements of truth BUT unless it's a personal consultation that actually tailor the reading based on your palm, birth hour & life, I cannot believe those stupid generic books that wants you to believe all "cows or monkeys etc" will face this & that for the year.

I can't remember wat we were talking about and my mum started to say "how accurate this fortune book is" everytime she says something ludicrous like that, I have to stop her coz I can't stand hearing stupidity. I retorted "if they are so good, why the fuck they still reading fortune instead of preventing tragedies and shit n save lives from airline disasters"

My mum said "no the book very accurate because it says this and that about you n your husband for the new year"

That irritated me more with such fucking unsubstantiated claims. So I retorted, "oh yeah? Then your supremely accurate book also say all those born in rabbit year will not pop babies in year of horse, u want me to show you how many of my rabbit gf's pop babies this year? 6 that I know of.  So what has your book got to say? So don't give me those crap theories and you should not believe blindly everything you read. Those books are a bloody waste of money. Just live your life as it is and happily lah, read those things for wat? If it's your destiny, u won't be able to change it no matter how many times u read the fortune book. "

Without any good comeback, my mum just grumbled "aiya u don't get it"

Indeed I don't get it. I don't get why u can be so gullible to waste money on books like these and treat them like gods words and so excitedly proclaim how good n accurate these books are. Did these books stop to help u? No. Did these books somehow stop your son marital woes? No. Did these books help u like your daughter in law? No. Did it improve your social or financial life? No. Did these books help improve your health? No. So wat the FUCK are these books good for???

As if this topic isn't enuff to make my blood boil, she went on to say something else (can't rem exact words), then I retorted "who say u never nag about kids? U always hint here hint there"

Then my mum exclaim and insisted "I'm very liberal n open! I never once give any of my kids any pressure!! (Yah rite. B.S)  I never once pushed u to have kids. "

The problem with me is I cannot let someone lie in my face. So I corrected my mum "u must be suffering memory loss. When I got married, u ready say aiya shod have baby, baby so cute blah blah blah"  it was to the point that it was so annoying that I have to snap back at you to leave me alone  n I'm not interested (since I can't tell u to shut the Fk up n mind your own biz. - that's wat I'm thinking in my head)

My mum insisted she has never said all that. Whatever. Old people always suffer from memory loss and selective memory retention.

I have no idea why my mum n I are like chalk n cheese. The way we see life is so different and I'm not even schooled overseas or anything. I just can't understand her irrational thots n arguments . I think she is holed up in her own world too long?

4th Jan 2015: Mum Doing unnecessary work

Woke up this morn couple of mins after my man. While I stayed in the room to read my morn news, I Thot I heard him say something to my mum. I popped my head out and saw my mum was wrapping up cleaning the bathroom. Both of us didn't know why she was wasting time and effort esp on a Sunday when my part time help will be cleaning it.

I asked my mum "why are u cleaning the toilet for? Isn't my helper here??"

My mum replied in her complaining mode "the toilet is so smelly, smell like urine! How can don't clean???? Your maid not here"

I was instantly annoyed for couple of reasons.

1. The toilet was most certainly not dirty nor smelly. I check the toilet EVERYDAY and my nose works far better than hers
2. While I was testing the detergent spray bottle last nite, I actually clean the toilet lightly once.
3. NO ONE else uses the toilet except her most of the time, and especially no MALE uses that toilet seat. So there will be NO urine spill on the seat or floor to cause any so call horrible urine smell. So I dunno wat rubbish claim she is making in her imaginative world
4. My part time help was here an hour ago and she was ironing clothes and I dun understand why my mum will tell such an obvious fib that my helper isn't here until I pointed out to her. Then she backpedal n say she didn't see her.
5. Why she always want to do housework when my helper is here and waste water twice is a mystery to me. She must always get one up against the house help as if to prove a point. Wat fucking point?? That u want to compare your competence with a house help???? Even my husband whispered to me "why is your mother cleaning the toilet esp on Sunday when the helper is here???" I rolled my eyes n replied "now u know why I say my mum pisses me off sometimes with her weird thinking"

I am asking to come here to relax, because u keep bitching and complaint about how hard u are cleaning at brother's home, that their home is ALWAYS dirty and messy and smell like urine. That no one helps u n u are always like the maid. Yet when she comes to my place, SHE will want to clean even when my place is not really that dusty nor smelly. I don't know if she just wants to earn praise, claim credit or just bored because we don't let her cook on Sunday and we cook ourselves. It's annoying because even when u give her a chance to relax, she must "find" work to do as if to prove no one else can maintain a household like hers, which incidentally her own place is messier than mine by several times because she is a hogger. I would be annoyed if she ever go back and tell my brother one day she have to clean my house coz it's dirty.

I know my mum is trying to be helpful or trying to pass time, I can deal with that. If she said she's bored or just trying to help, I would be fine. But when she justified her act with "your toilet is very dirty n smelly, then it raises a lot of questions & irritation"

Yesterday she had already annoyed me once. I had told her specifically once, NOT to move the rooftop furniture or plants in the morn when we are still sleeping because the dragging noise comes thru the floor to our bedroom ceiling. The last time she did it was 9am+. I let her go on for at least half hour before going up to see wat she was doing. I told her then about the noise and she INSISTED it wasn't her and she blamed it on construction around us. I told her I can differentiate the sound from top and outside and yet she blatantly n vehemently swear it wasn't her n she didn't move anything. Yet she later few hours later proudly told me she had to change my seat covers because one was torn. In my head, I was thinking, already said u moved the chairs and still say don't have.

Yesterday, she did it again. She was dragging something and this time I got up immediately from my
Sleep and walked straight up. I caught her red handed moving/ dragging the bloody flower pots (over 70kg) and I told her "mum stop it, we can hear u from downstairs!! "

Even with me catching her in the act, she can still deny in my face she didn't move anything!!! OMG!! She insisted she was just cutting leaves. She was still babbling her excuses but I didn't want to hear so I just turned n walked off back to my room. She stopped of course. I don't have an issue with her moving stuff but not early morning when everyone is sleeping. The rest of the day when people are awake, she will hole up to play her games. I don't get why she cannot exchange her timing???? Arrrggghhh. When I recounted the story to my man, he chuckled n said "ur mum is like a kid with her mouth covered in chocolate & still denied eating chocolate".

Anycase, I told my mum not to do anything n just go walk ard or shop outside. Forget about housework n leave it to the helper. She's finally going to go out!