Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another one of those conversations :)

Part I
Me: ... mine isnt a pixie face rite?
My man: Yes, U have a pigsy face. (Laughing away...)
Me: You bitch. (Laughing away)
My Man: Pigsy Face.
Me: Shut up Princess.

Such delightful pre-dinner banter as always... :)

Part II
*Heading down the escalator*
My Man: Pigsy Face
Me: (Took a big bite on his shoulder)
My Man: (screamed) Ta MA DE! (a new chinese phrase I taught him this morn)
Me: Yes! That's the way to say it! (HoHoHo...laughing away..)
My Man: You bitch! (laughing in pain)
Me: Stop complaining Wussy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A home cook dinner...from my guest

So freaking excited my brother and his gf came over to stay with me for a short holiday over the last weekend. After eating out for several days, his gf proposed to cook us dinner on Friday since we had got nothing planned after a fulfilling dim sum lunch at China Club.

While I am into Asian food, my bro's gf is completely into western dishes. So she decided to make us pan fried foie gras with quince paste, & duck confit with mandarin fruit, as well as parma ham and melon.

I was definitely happy to be sous chef for a change. Good thing my kitchen is well stocked up:) It was definitely fun having 2 people cooking than just me alone...I just the chit chatting and exploring & experimenting was the best part

While making the foie gras, it was a good thing I had quince cube that I brought back from Portugal. Went really well together!

The duck confit was with baked potato was pretty decent but I think she overcooked the breast. However, considering it was all pulled together last minute, I think its effort well deserved of praise! At least she tries to cook for starters....

halfway through the meal, I suddenly rem the beetroot relish and took them out. It definitely went brillantly with the duck confit!

For dessert, we couldnt do without my fav New York cheese cake from my fav store!

(The new location has been moved to Hysan Mall - 6th floor)

Beauty: Holika Holika cosmetic purchase

I went abit crazy today at the new Mall Hysan Place. Pop over to see what was interesting and ended up home with a stash of makeup stuff.

To be fair, I havent bought any makeup stuff since I quit and that's like about 5 years now. I had been surviving on my cosmetic stash left over from work days.
Holika Holika has finally started their first branch here in Hk at Hysan Place. It's a Korean cosmetic brand. I walked in with intention to replenish my mascara and ended up with more than I expected.

1. Aura Luminous Highlighter.
Okie, I confess, I was suckered in primarily for the brush in case first:) However, the highlighter really worked, or at least it worked way better than Shu Umera's version. This has staying power and def created the definition when applied at the nose bridge and under eyes.

Verdict Update 2013: This is very good! Highly recommended!

2. Hello Holika multi-colour blusher.
The cat got me. Okie, the colour swayed me too. It definitely has that natural blush look after application and it saved me having to mixed a few blush colours. The powder has a shimmery effect and i guess that helpes to brighten the face. I really like this blusher!

Verdict Update 2013: I love the natural look. Highly recommended!

3. Pure Mellow- Skin Tuning Kit 
Initially I was gonna get the jelly starter kit which has a really nice powdery texture.
However the sales gal told me this is way better, esp it has that colour correction effect, with the 4 different colours mashed together in one squirt pump. I have just tried it one and after one hour in non aircon far so good.

Verdict Update 2013: Not sure if its my oily skin but this didnt quite do it for me. I will Pass.

4. Magic Pole Mascara.
Okie...I was hesitating about this. I bought it because of the ball end applicator for easy application at the tip and end of the lashes. However I am so used to my quick dry Anna Sui mascara that this got me alittle surprised that it didnt dry on my lashes immediately. So when I blinked, some of the black ink smudged my eye lid but, because it wasnt quick dry, I could also wipe it off rapidly without feeling a black spot. So after one eye, I quickly used tissue paper to wipe off the excess from the lashes itself immediately after application to avoid colouring my lids when I blink. Otherwise so far so good. It is supposed to be relatively rain proof..we shall see when my lid area starts to secrete more oil after half day..

Verdict Update: I didnt like their mascara. It smudges and its quite annoying to apply onto the lids...I really hate this. I will revert back to Anna Sui mascara. Dont buy this.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 ex-maids fined for "moonlighting", I just think it is pure over meddling...

This is when I think its "over-meddling".

3 ex-maids fined for "moonlighting"

True, general workers shouldnt be moonlighting in other firms or forced to work in multiple locations  IF the person involved is reluctant (since forced or directed by employer means no additional income for the helper)....

HOWEVER if I am an domestic helper employer and IF it is what my helper desires to do on her off day, I RATHER have my domestic helper earning her keep on her off day at someone's household than be loitering on the streets. In many counts, I would thought it is more beneficial for my helper to have additional source of income from her skills, less headache and fear for me that the helper will be accquainted with undesirable influences out there or being "forced" to fritter away their time in the mall etc. Of course if the helper so choose not to work, it's her right as well.

Some of these helpers have a huge financial committment and some would prefer to do anything to reduce that debt in the shortest possible time. So in this sudden unnecessary interest by the authorities & meddling, i find it a lose-lose situation.

Plus, isnt Singapore crowded enough on weekends? How many more people u want out there on the streets? Additionally, how many more foreign workers the country want to let in as domestic helper, like for every household? Not everyone needs or wants a helper 24/7 or wants to be liable for someone else apart from the hours that she is working for them. Plus our local business supply of part time help is overpriced and low in supply... Not that I believe it is the case but for the sake of throwing it out there, is this some ploy to help NTUC promote their home helpers?

Before the govt tries to clam down on illegal moonlighting, then please, try to provide free or discounted training for local citizens to perform domestic chores as part of their income, or support local SME to provide affordable services to replace the gap left by foreign helpers working beyond their employers.

This is what I hate about Singapore "by the book process" sometimes, always try to close the loophole without providing a viable alternative channel first. The problem isthat these foreign workers cannot come work in Singapore as hourly rate part time helpers without a sponsor in the first place, so they couldnt be working as legal full time "hourly rate" workers in the first place. So care to tell me then what are the alternatives? Many including myself had tried the local help and frankly, they are just not as good, detailed and attentive as some of these part time domestic helpers, not to mention ALL the freaking restrictions like I only get to choose either certain hours package, with some even trying to CHARGE for EACH item ironed. So smarty pants, any solutions?

Okie...just ranting away as usual...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hysan Place: Looking forward to the grand opening of new mall

One of the perks about living in CWB is that shops are constantly changing and I am so near all the great malls and shops, though I do hate the high rental squeezing my fav cheap shops out of business..
Still, I am now anticipating the biggest latest happening a stone's throw away from home.

Apart from A&F opening in Central Peddler Building on 11Aug, I am rather more excited about the opening of the new mall- Hysan Place  near my place this coming Friday, 10th Aug. From then till 25th Aug, it will be opened till 12 midnite!  (The place was jammed pack even at to midnite as evident from the photo!!!)

Apart from Taiwan's Eslite bookstore launching flagship here (supposedly biggest in HK) taking up 3 floors, happy that DFS is also having a new branch here for their cosmetics brands. Great! Save me trip to TST DFS from now on!

Apart from some common brands, other retail stores are brands (eg: Double Standard) that supposedly isnt available in other malls and making a splash in HK for the first time. Good thing is that there isnt gonna be another mall stacked full of pricey high end luxury fashion but the stores seemed to target more on youngster with purchasing power. 

More info:

遍佈日本全國的DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING,將以成熟又富女人味的姿態首度駕臨香

"Street Formal", 「街頭風」x 「正式感」的結合表現了「成熟女性的俏皮心態」,為日本時裝界帶來新的刺激。堅持理念與美學的態度、與撩動女人心的甜美款式,snidel創造出始終引領新時代的街頭時尚。

SHEL'TTER TOKYO 今年4月正式於表參道開設全球首間旗艦店,半年未滿即殺
入銅鑼灣,透過旗下一眾品牌,如moussy、SLY、Rodeo Crowns、 rienda、 SHEL'TTER 以及配飾品牌suerrow,將東京的時裝與生活元素帶來香港。以後大家揭日本雜誌時,不但睇得到,更買得到!


The entire 6th floor, known as "Garden of Eden" will be devoted to women with offerings from skincare, accessories, pedi, lingerie etc.
香港的女孩子有福了!Hysan Place在6樓特意打造了專為女士而設的樓層,名為「
Garden of Eden」。由本地著名室內設計師Alex Choi精心設計,以伊甸園為主題建構出只屬於女士的秘密花園,從護膚、修甲、內衣、小配飾等撼動女人心。


There is also gonna be Jasons Food & Living ( at Hysan place. I certainly hope it will be an even better supermart place (if it is a supermart place) than citysuper... the pictures looks really promising ... Just occured to me that HK supermarket in general have better ambience and decor, plus variety than those in Singapore such as NTUC, Shop & save or even Cold Storage...Perhaps its something the chains in Singapore should look into oneday:)

*All pictures & brand info are from Hysan Place FB page.

Catching up over dinner and something new to learn...

Havent met my ex-colleagues for quite some time now, with a few since I left the company. So it was a pleasant surprise and with anticipation to join them for dinner upon invite from my replacement. 

Headed to Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant now relocated to Lee Theatre and dinner was surprisingly pretty decent actually. We had the 6 pax set dinner and it came out to about HK275 each. My fav was actually their crispy skin chicken. The cabbage soup was good, but the pan fried meat bun wasnt as good as Xiao Nan Guo Shanghainese place.

Lots of laughs over dinner. Lotsa catchup. Guess over the 5 years, alot had happened. Ex-colleagues who had been reposted overseas such as Singapore, or had new jobs elsewhere had all apparently all headed back to Hong Kong. I guess I really should stop being so lazy and try to catch up with more people!

Learnt 2 things over dinner today. That some Hk people believed that it is important to have "backing" behind your seat. So if you cannot have a wall behind you, what they did was to hang a yellow or brown jacket over their seat to symbolise "mountain" (related to earth). The jacket is never worn by the way. Apparently, sales people would also prefer not to have window seat with the sea view behind them as compared to mountain view.

Second thing learnt tonite.
There is this term called "飞机骨" in Cantonese.
It refers to those sexual massages in those indecent "chinese massage" parlor in China and Hong Kong...
If you book a private room by yourself, it is very likely you will be accosted by the masseuse. Some would ask, some would just massage those sensitive close to private areas and if there is no "objection", it is assumed that "extra services" is expected....

Every other day in HK, there is something new to learn:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Conversation over tea with a gf

A fren shared with us recently that she had thought about going under the knife. I was kinda stunned and asked her why on earth would she think of something like that when she is only 33yr and especially when there is absolutely nothing wrong with her face.

She claimed that she has sagging eyelids. None that was noticeable to me nor my man. In fact the only thing that had stopped her in her track was $. Accordingly, she was quoted over SG$8k to have her lids done. The amount to me was frankly staggering ridiculous, especially when she isnt earning alot, but most of all, there is NOTHING WRONG with her face. Ok I will admit upfront I am the sort who is anti-cosmetic surgery and anti-tattoo without a real purpose. Basically I cherish my own skin that my parents gave me, and while making statement is all jolly good, I prefer something that is reversible.

I shared with her candidly that I didnt think it was necessary. Personally, cosmetic surgery to me is best suited for people with actual needs like some birth defects, or accident recovery or for some people who really do need the makeover to instill some self confidence through boosting their looks. Otherwise, it's really pure vanity misplaced.

Obviously my fren kept on talking about her other girlfriend who had cosmetic surgery done to her lower jaw, and how she was so "brave" that she had the operation done via inside the jaw rather than out so that it wont leave any visible scar.

I told her, obviously her friend had not learnt painful lessons from Michael jackson. My friend's defense was that he was a freak case. True but I asked her if she realised that cosmetic surgery will never be a one time thing. It's like telling a lie, you need one to cover the other over time. For some, they will never be completely satisfied because as we aged, our features and elasticity change etc, and there will always be more work to be done or redone. Then my fren tried to explain that she wont get addicted as she only got one tattoo and not more even though people said tattoo was addictive. I didnt want to remind her that she was bitching about the pain and honestly, I didnt even know wat kind of stand or statement she was trying to make by having her hip inked.

At the end of the day, it's not my decision and she isnt related to me for me to actually want to sway her off the track.

I know her desire for botox and cosmetic surgery stems from the fact that at 33yr, she still didnt have a boyfriend. Her last relationship being 11 yrs ago. Doesnt help her case when she has some expectation of the guy she wants to date, and the type of guys she wants to date frankly will not date her. I hate to say it but i can sense her desperation because she really isnt ugly but the only thing that stands between her and men, her plus size.

She is a big gal. Factually stating and not being malicious, the size of her thighs is prob about 2.5 of my arm. So she has alot on her and alot to work on... She is nice, sweet and a pleasant face, but the world is cruel against people of plus size, esp for gals. Men are visual creatures. I remembered once we went somewhere together and she seemed interested in the guy. We ended up chatting together and exchanged numbers. She was hoping the guy would call, but he didnt. I had to stop her from being stupid to want to call the dude at 3am after a few glasses of wine. I didnt tell her till this day that the guy had actually called me instead and it was obvious that the guy wasnt interested in big size gal regardless how chirpy or sociable she is.

I had desperately wanted to grab her by her arms and shake some senses into her, that in fact, rather than spend $8k on cosmetic surgery on something she didnt need, I had wanted to tell her she is better off to use that money to pay for personal instructor to get the weight off. I bet if she take off 10kg, she will be instantly attractive and open up her pool of men choices. Unfortunately, many women  would rather take the easy way out than work on the problem...exercise.

She asked me how to get guys to like her, seemingly that I didnt have problems connecting with dudes. I could only tell her confidence in self and stop seeing every guy as a potential catch coz it scares guys off. Plus, the fact that she "wanted to be wanted" makes guys wary and cautious around her. Now that isnt something that will exactly help sparks fly is it? ...

Let's face it, guys are often wary about gals who are overly desperate. Men in general prefer the thrill of the chase, they dont want someone easy or waiting for them to scoop them up.

Sigh...I can only hope one day my fren will wisen up, and stop relying on quick fix, waste money on fortune tellers, and just be brave enough to take a good hard look at the real problem. God gives me strength to have the courage to tell her in her face that her obesity is one major obstacle for her. All good and well to celebrate being true to yourself, but another to be a complete sloth and expect someone else to accept that.