Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beauty Talk: Muji Verbena Body Soap Review

I have been looking for a body shower gel that isnt too drying on my skin for some time now. Have tried many different organic "natural" based product but hasnt been completely satisfied.

However, by chance, I think I may finally have found the one I like though I;m not sure if I am speaking too soon since it has only been 2 weeks into use.

I have discovered belatedly, Muji Shower and Hair care Series.
Starting with the shower gel. There is only one option in HK Muji which is the Verbena Body Soap. Made from Okinawa grown Verbena, the product claimed to be made with natural products, and with a hint of Freesia scent. On the back, short of translating word for word, it is SLS free, colouring free, as well free of industrial mineral oil traces.

During use, the first thing you notice is that without SLS, the product is clean but without the harsh foaming action that dries your skin. The scent is very light and pleasant that doesnt send you head into a spin or become sickly. In fact, I like the fact that the scent doesnt linger on my skin except its only there when you are soaping.

After wash, your skin is as what the back claimed, feels fresh and clean. My body doesnt feel tight like a wrapped bun in desperate need of a body lotion.

Personally, I like this and I think it should be a great hit amongst ladies.
I would def recommend this product.

Beauty Talk: The gentlemen Tonics Shampoo and Aftershave Product Review

I came upon this brand "Gentlemen's Tonic" (web link) while roaming Central Landmark during last Xmas shopping for gifts. I thought the shower gel smell lovely for a guy without being overpoweringly musky.

My guy fren loved the shower gel so I thought I would try out the shampoo and aftershave moisture for my man. I would have bought the traditional shaving whip cream (based on an internet review that it was very good) instead except they had ran out of stock. So I thought what the hell, since I'm already here, might as well give the other range a go.

It's very hard to get a product review from my man. He only has "I like it" or "I dont like it" feedback.

For shampoo, he would normally give a bit more info like "it doesnt lather (well)", "It isnt squeaky clean" when he "stole" some of mine when his ran out.

This time round, his verdict was "It's clean. It smells pleasant. It lathers well enough."
I guess that's all you are gonna yank out of a man who isnt "all expressive and descriptive" about the products he use.

So I thought, what the hell, I'm gonna use it.

While it prob works nicely on a man's short hair, it was a bit of a no good for woman.
It really tangle up my hair and frankly, drying. Which I take it for my man to mean squeaky clean. It does smell nice and not overly powering.

For the Aftershave Cream, it's ok. Nothing to crow about. In fact, my man prefers the Molton Brown product which he found to be lighter and absorb better into his skin. The aftermath is also a much smoother skin surface without the irritation. Personally, I too prefer the fragrance of the Molton Brown After shave hydration emulsion. HOWEVER, the downside of the Molton Brown product is also its packaging, being that its in a GLASS bottle that makes it travel unfriendly. The first bottle my man had only lasted a week because he accidentally dropped it and well, needless to say, my floor got a face load of expensive moisturising that day...So the molton brown gal was also needless to say happy to see me back so soon then.

Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator 

Going back to Gentlemen's Tonic products, there is ONE MAJOR FLAW. It's the design of the bottle. The square and hard bottle makes it extremely hard to pour or squeeze anything out. So it gets abit frustrating. Hence, my man hates to use the aftershave in the morning since as he said "Dont have whole day to muck around with the stupid bottle" So you get the drift.

The verdict, I prob wont buy it again unless they improve the product design. For shampoo I could still transfer to another empty bottle but for face creams, its tough.

Prob last resort gift for your man or guy frens as a gift, but for shampoo, def not something u should think of using, not even for emergency unless u really dont mind a mop of dry straw looking head.

Moulds? Citro Shield Disinfectant recommended!

I dont know how it happened but after living here for almost 3 years in my place, I experienced the first attack of mega Mould attacks on my wall, no thanks to the horrid dampness and terrible humidity in HK.

It didnt happened while I was at home, since there was adequate ventilation I supposed. Those bastards attacked while I was away for a week attending some sorry-arse-waste-of-time "look at me I am so skinny and beautiful Queen Bitch" wedding in SG few weeks back.

As if the expensive trip back wasnt bad and the wedding wasnt nauseating enough, I have to return home to discover the invasion of the fungi....making themselves at home all over the study and guest bedroom walls. Fuck. Though i must be thankful they had only attacked the walls and left my leather goods and clothes alone. Amen.

The worst was areas behind the door and behind the bookshelves...these offenders are dark black and almost furry bastards.

My man was off on his business trip and so it was all left to me to wipe those bastards off the wall.

This is when this product comes highly recommended. I had used this in my master room months back and the wall remained clear of mould in this recent invasion. So I supposed it worked well even though I havent dehumify my master room ever since the wipe down.

I only had to resort to diluted bleach in study when I finished the bottle for just one room.
I could have used vinegar and soda mix, but firstly I was low in vinegar and secondly, these moulds frankly looked too nasty and if I am gonna waste so much time cleaning it, I rather get them right the first time and not leave it to chance for a possible second wipe down if not done right.

So far, I can only find this product in 360 supermart.
I use to get them at Central 360 but they closed and only left at Elements Mall.

It's a pain to get to Elements but I guess I dont have a choice now that I am out.
Maybe I should write to City super and get them to consider stocking this over some other crap they have on shelves.

If you live in HK, you should keep this handy.
Not only is it effective on wall moulds, I used it in toilet once in a while for those sprouting moulds in the grots. Its effective but doesnt sting your skin, nor does it destroy your wall paint.

I had tried Mr Muscle Mould fighter (the orange bottle) for the toilet and while it works, it was horrid on my wall (not to mention my skin and lungs with the stench) . It was too strong and destroy my grot and it cracked. I wont buy Mr Muscle anymore by a long stretch.

Plus, handy in kitchen for wiping down countertop and supposedly child friendly. So with all the bitey habits of kids, you might want to spray over common areas your kid lay his or her palm over.

This Australian product is odourless, doesnt sting your eyes when the spray mist is in the air.
I would highly recommend this.

Beauty Talk: Aveda Damage Remedy

Before I had my hair sniped off, I thought I would give Aveda Dry Damage Remedy Hair shampoo and conditioner series a try. Just to give my hair some "variety" in treatment since they say product loses its effectiveness if used over prolong period.

Quite frankly, it didnt do squat for my hair. My hair remains dry and not significantly better. When my hair was dry, still plenty of flyaway. The conditioner did detangle during application but I wont say my hair is any softer or more manageable. The scent wasnt all that fantastic either. I had to go back to saloon grade hair mask to save my hair. (Something I bought from Hairdo a long time ago)

The shampoo itself also wasnt very good. Not sure why but it often ends up giving me mild dandruff after a week of use. This despite that I would use a dryer to blow dry my hair by 50% before allowing it to dry naturally for the rest.

For this price and the effect, I honestly wont be tempted to buy it again.

Hong Kong Supermart: Japanese Red Bean Milk Ice cream

I am a sucker for buying and trying things.

In the mood of ice cream, I picked this up from the Jason's supermarket.
Wanting a change from my usual picks, I decided to go for this Japanese icecream.
It's milk icecream with red bean.

It's pretty yummy really, except that the red bean center at the bottom can be a little sweet if you do not mix it with the milk icecream.

Silly me actually finished all the milk icecream before I realise there was a small pile of creamy red bean paste at the bottom....

I should have read the diagram depicting the red bean paste placement on the box cover BEFORE I started eating...but oh well...more reasons to buy more.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Scalp massage product

For those who had been to AR salon by Ito san, and wanted to know what is the hair product that us used to massage the scalp, I thought I will take a picture for your benefit since I remembered someone asking me about it before. It's by Milbon.

May 2013 Hair updates: I cut my hair!!!

After years and years and years of long hair, I decided to cut it off finally!!!

I brought my mum along as well since she too needed a trim. As she was there and I didnt want to keep her waiting for me to finish the perm, I have only completed "Part One" of the haircut, which is to cut. I will leave the Part Two- perming another time:)

It was quite uncanny that the minute I sat down, and Ito san asked me what I wanted for today, he started laughing when I said cut it short. He said when I entered the salon, the first thought that flashed across his head was also to suggest having me cut my hair!! So he was both happy and surprised when I suggested it. Talk about synchronised thoughts!!! In fact, he suggested just above shoulder length but I told him shorter.

While I was still talking in the middle of my sentence, Ito san took his scissors and chopped it off and showed me my "hair remains" in a bunch in his hand. My first reaction was "You are so fast!" The other staff laughed because he exclaimed "I havent even have the chance to put the towel and cover over you yet!" We all started laughing. It was quite funny thinking about it. Practically no chance to change my mind, not that I will since I wont suggest it otherwise.

So ....Sayonara my lovely long hair...

Though I didnt have time to perm, I still went ahead to have my hair coloured a lighter shade of brown than my previous. So Beedy and Mandy did my colouring as usual.

After the hair treatment, Beedy continued with the scalp massage and patiently taught me  how to blow dry my short hair so that it wont "hew hei" (in cantonese) - meaning curl outwards like omega sign. The trick is to blow it towards my chin.

 After the hair is blown dry, Ito san did another round of check and trimming

The final hair style in Part One stage. Will update again when I finish Part Two stage with the perm.
I am enjoying my short hair tremendously!! It's like weight lifted off my head!

The funniest joke was that I didnt tell anyone I cut my hair and when I attended my brother's wedding, my blur mum didnt even recognise me (I was wearing my shades). She was shocked but she actually liked it very much. My cousins and all complimented on it, saying it made me looked younger...floating. Ok...they are prob being polite...hahaha.

My man said "It feels like I have a new chick" Lol!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Huge praise to Hainanese Chicken Rice store At Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Wonderful experience today!! 

Took mum and dad to the Hainanese Chicken Rice for lunch at Far East Plaza today. There was a long line and at least 3-4 groups of people before us. I grabbed some spare chairs and had my in laws sat down & wait by the side while I Q. In under 5 mins, the chicken rice stall guy approached our parents, found out they were with me, and immediately sought the consent of the young people before us to serve us first because they didnt want old folks (our parents) to wait so long. This is TRUE service.

I was pleasantly surprised and thanked all the people before us for being nice enough to let us go ahead. Throughout the service, they happily spoke to us in Cantonese and constantly checked on our parents if they are ok. They werent pushy too and told us to order extra later only if the portions really wasnt enough. This is one place that hits the right spots all the way from food to service. 

Thank you!