Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Irritating maid again

Everyday with my maid is frustrating. 

I told her to set up bank account with HSBC so that I can pay her salary. She waited two weeks but her ATM card didn't come. So she asked to go bank again. 

I told her to go on Tuesday morn first thing they open 9am n to buy some fruits n pack back food, don't have to rush back to cook. 

She came back 12.30am. And go about doing her stuff. I asked her, where's the mango since I didn't see it on the living room fruit plate. She gave me her fucking stupid blur look again. She ramage through the fridge and went "oh I forgot to take"


I couldn't even understand why she could be so shit useless. Cannot rem things all the time. She gave me that stupid moron then how face. I had to tell her "then go back n get it" so she wasted another 2 hours. Useless. 

She came back and I asked her how can she have forgotten? She said she's rushing a lot to do. I asked her but u are not even cooking lunch. Wats the rush? Now u forgot n waste another 2 hours. Is that better? She kept quiet. 

Everyday I must micro manage her. She won't give u details n she really borders on stupid. When we were changing machine and water was on the floor, the guy asked which cloth to use n she just say that that. I asked her which one, she just say that. I got irritated n have to ask her"can u just describe which one? We don't know wat is that? The red the White or the blue? " she still mumble heaven knows wat I just got so fed up that I grab tissue box instead. So stupid cannot even describe colours. 

Her brain honestly is shitter than a baby. She's a work horse. She just work without thinking but super disorganised n inefficient. 

I cannot endure stupid people n I really cannot stand her. Everyday she just annoys me with something. Today she annoys me again but I'm too tired to write more.

My mum thinks she's cunning n liar. No she is just plain stupid n forgetful and cannot accept people critiising her. 

I give her few more months. I really think of she pissed me off again I will just terminate her. Her cooking is mediocre and she refuses to follow cook book instruction n do her own thing whichever is quick n easy.


Anonymous said...

Life's too short to put up with this. Moreover with an infant on your hands, your hands are already more than full. You should change maid at the first opportunity.

Anonymous said...
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