Sunday, October 8, 2006

Back from Rome!

After a nice long week of holiday, am finally back from Rome :)
it's amazing how you lose track of time when having fun, not to mention how much laundry I have chalked up! Hoo hoo hoo. have done 2 loads and last one to go.

Reached HK airport about 5.50am this morning and thankfully the weather temperature is just as pleasant! Of coz being so early in the morning, the cab driver tried to stiff me by going via a longer route. Luckily I wasnt tired and spotted it almost immediately.

Amazing how alert I am after 10hr straight of movie watching on the plane! Then again, I couldnt have slept coz this really HUGE american guy decide to swop seat with my nice neighbor and took his seat as he needed power point for his bloody laptop to watch some stupid crappy personal movie, and his nice BIG BRIGHT screen was staring in my face the whole time. Not to mention his total disregard to personal space and keep shoving all his stuff into my side and almost tripping my glass drinks. At one point, he even adjusted my chair reclining position when i was trying to sleep. So other than that and putting up with his constant tossing in his seat, the way back was fine. At least no one farted! :) And now, that's very very important on a tiny airplane. :)

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