Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prawn Noodle in HK!

so much about not finding my prawn noodles in HK (as well as i cannot find packet of bandong- Rose syrup water with milk), My colleagues took me to one in Sheung Wan called "Prawn Noodle Shop". (Address: 181, Queens road central, shop 201, Grand Millennium Plaza. Open from 11.30am to 7.30pm except sun.)

Its bloody expensive for one. Cost a whopping HK$35 (~sg$7). And i didnt particularly fancy it though it is decent tasting.

For starters, its not authentic soup -kinda suppose to be spicy yet not (since Hkongers cannot handle spice), Two: not pure prawn ingredients - for that price you would expect King prawn but all i got were shrimps. Back in Old Airport road Hawker, a huge prawn noodle will the most cost me $5 and a wholesome prawn soup!! Three: i can only choose from vermecilli or hor fan, none of the laksa noodles i like.

Still, for a somewhat close to home taste, one cannot be choosy. Even if I couldnt finish the noodle soup (evidently from the pix), but i sat there for a while enjoying the busy crowd below me...

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