Sunday, December 24, 2006

FInally back from Lijiang

Finally am back from Lijiang in China. After all the lack of sleep in Lijiang, i was completely knocked out for whole of sunday. Tomorrow have to fly off to shanghai again for meeting.

Banyan tree is really awesome and fantastic there! Desmond the sales director at banyan tree, and from singapore, was fantastic and working with him on coordination had been a bliss. I love the singapore efficiency. The great news was that the event went smoothly and well! In fact, the greatest compliments came from this Taiwan colleague that she has never seen my big boss so relaxed and happy in all the 3 annual event she had attended, not to mention cracking jokes and talking to me. She said the previous 2 organisors had it really bad and he gave them the death look! So it was a huge relief and satisfaction that i pulled it off!!! My big boss had a appreciation session for me during lunch and they got me this scarf from banyan tree. I was honestly touched.

And my colleagues from HK had been wonderful! Seeing how hectic it was for me, they really tried to chip in and help me throughout the whole event whenever they can. Here's some pictures from Banyan Tree Lijiang and did i mention how great it was to soak in my villa's jacuzzi and watch the stars at night?

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