Tuesday, January 16, 2007


How do u tell one is a Singaporean in HK, apart from singlish and our uniquely peppered speech flavoured with awesome string of words from different dialect+ language. Simple > Our love for Abbreviation.

I just realise, absolutely realise that no one except singaporeans have a clue as to what D&D means. If u are a singaporean and u just went "Huh?", You ought to be shot!So happens we had a gals night out last friday at Soho@ Sole Mio (Italian) and we were discussing about D&D. And when i said D&D, everyone on the table gave me a blank face. One was a philippino who worked in singapore before, one is a HK born and worked in New York for 15 years, one is Taiwanese who migrated to sea seattle, one is HK who grew up in melbourne, and one is just native Hk gal. So imagine. None of the 5 gals has a clue what D&D means, until i said "ANNUAL DINNER & DANCE!" They went "OoOoooooooHHHHHHH!!!"

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