Friday, November 7, 2008

Updating your Overseas Address

For those fellow Singaporeans currently living overseas, did you know that you should register your new contact with ICA, as well as

Quote:" If u havent done so, you are strongly encouraged to do so." Unquote

Well if you did know, good for u because I didnt. I mean come one, how widely circulated is this? I had only updated IRAS all along since that was the only one that actually mattered. So the information above was relatively new to me, though I did figure before I had to tell some govt body otherwise if there is some natural disaster, how on earth will anyone look for me under their contact/ statistics right? Yeah well, guess it just didnt cross my mind which ministry it was. Well, at least it means NOT all the govt systems are linked. I am more aware of the fact that Active Servicemen have to inform Mindef (or get into trouble..) before they depart the country more than this.... funny....

Anycase, this tidbit only came about when I was asked to re-register myself onto the electoral roll, (and not when I collect my renewed passport at the HK consular). The guy was pretty efficient and nice about the whole thing, giving me more information that I expected. Either he is a newbie full of zest, or its some hidden improvement works to our public service. :P

So there, thought I'll put it here in case anyone else has anyuse for the link above.

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dreams come true said...

What's gonna happen if I don't register with ICA? Also, do I really have to register myself regarding the overseas voting? I got an email about it too. I've never voted & honestly speaking, I don't really care. It's not like what they have in the US anyway...

"me-no-mad" said...

Well I guess nothing will happen if you do not update your address with ICA because the electoral mail will still be sent to your local sg address. What happens is that the voting board will retrieve address from that in ICA record.

As for registering with MFA, i believe that is of different purpose. That is more like in event of social war, natural disaster like earthquake or freak collapse or attack like 9/11, then at least MFA knows how many singaporeans are in the vicinity and they will try to locate you to ensure you are accounted for and not dead ( in case all communications lines are dead/ busy and our family members want an update) If no one knows you are there, I guess they wont know how many people they have to look for... well at leats that is my theory.

Then after u e-register which i did as it only take a min, they will ask you if u want to receive updates/news from singapore group (for sg people living overseas i think)

Well, I dun give much shit about voting either, not because of otherthing but more because we do not have a GOOD, Credible and opposition party of substance that I can actually feel like it s a TRUE ALTERNATIVE. I wont want to vote for opposition FOR THE SAKE of voting for the wrong people to do an impt job. Like the saying goes, between 2 evils, I rather choose the known one which I can deal with.

Anycase, I will try to register myself back with the voting thing because i still like to retain my option in case ONE day, there is someone else that is worthy of my vote. I think retaining the right of your own voice is impt regardless unless u have given up on ever returning home.

Anycase, registering with ICA or MFA will not restore your voting rights (if yours was also forfeited like mine because we were away from city).

Our names will only get reinstated only if we mail back the election form, or sign -scan and email back, fax to the election@gov email address. But i think there was no dateline or at least there wasnt a dateline as to when we must reply..or maybe there is but i dun give a shit abt the dateline since they didnt mail it to the correct address... haaa . plus i think they are more desperate to get voters than not.

As for whether if there is any known consequences if you choose to forfeit your voting rights, I honestly do not know. There are always "RUMOURS" about it like people will get blacklisted (in applying for govt jobs etc etc) ..heresay, never proven i think but still....

dreams come true said...

Wow, thanks for your two cents worth! I'm registered with the MFA, but as for ICA, that was the first I heard of it. Can't be bothered to send a snail mail.

About voting, maybe I'll register myself when I'm not feeling so lazy...

So, are we all set to meet on the 26th? Can u email me on Facebook or sth?

"me-no-mad" said...

yes! I am sooo looking fwd to the japan trip and catching up with u again after all these years!!! Wow! How many years have passed since we last met!!! Those japanese classes at Bunka seemed like some distant memory now... haa haaaa

And oh, i just read the facebook message, its ok... no worries about the onsen trip thingie... maybe its destined for me to head to katsu onsen my next trip!! Have a good time with ur mum and dad ya and counting down to seeing u soon!