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Innocent Love: Episode 3 Summary

Yeah...Innocent Love Episode 3 is out and here's my summary! I finally found some time to watch it after finishing off my work at hand. Not bad episode though some parts was a little illogical.

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Episode 3 Summary

The story start off at Jun's house, with Kano accidentally knocking off the photo album while cleaning. She discovered the couple shots of Jun and his fiance, and realised that she was the sole reason that Jun was able to smile so radiantly despite having lost his immediate family.

As Jun had saw his fiance smiled the last time, he asked the doctor over for evaluation. The doctor informed Jun and his friend that there is no change in Kyo's condition and any facial expression change is common in comatose patient, but has no conscious attachment to it. Jun was disappointed...

During dinner with the priest and Mizuki -the "ugly girl", the priest tried to hint to Jun that he should move on with his life and stop shuttling between church activities and his home, neglecting his song creation work (not to waste his uni education made possible by the ugly girls father and the community). Jun diplomatically stopped the priest in his track about his offer to repair the church organ in another province. While walking home together with ugly girl, Jun confided in her about the doctors diagnosis and his different opinion, stating that it is not Kyo's character to just smile for nothing. The ugly girl stopped in her tracks and looked pissed at his words, showing an ugly face that wants to kill someone. Jun turned around and saw the ugly girl has disappeared.

Back at Jun's place, Kano heard a sound from the "forbidden" room and went to the door, reaching out for the handle. She rem Jun's specific instruction not to enter the room and hesitated and Jun called out to her from behind, not realising her intentions. She declined the overtime pay and guiltly ran off. Just as Jun walked off, he heard the "alarm" and rushed into teh room, only to discover the oxygen tube had been disconnected.

Jun discussed the incident to his best friend. His friend asked if Jun thought Kano had done it. Jun replied he didnt know, and is it a strange thought if he think that his fiance might have pulled it off herself, and that maybe she actually was aware of her surrounding unlike the doctor's diagnosis. Jun continuned to wonder why she would overdose on sleeping pills on their wedding day eve. His friend rejected Jun's theory, and showed him the unmoving sleeping fiance in the room via Jun's mobile remote cam

Kano worked hard to look for a technician job for his brother. She pleaded with the owner that her brother would not be released on parole if he doesnt have a job. The owner conceded and Kano happily wrote the good news to her brother. However, very soon, she received a call from the owner to reject her brother as his wife was uneasy about his criminal record. Down to no hope, she proposed to sell the land of her old burnt down home to subsidise for the brother living expenses as required by law during parole. She was horrified and sadden by all the abusive posters asking them to leave town at the burnt down site.

When Kano returned to Jun's place, Jun stop her from cleaning and passed her the envelope for her pay. Jun couldnt explain his reason, and Kano thought of all her prior job rejections due to his brother. Sadden, she rejected the pay and said she understood, ran out of the house sobbing. Jun feeling helpless asked his fiance if she had pulled off the tube herself or did Kano did it? Unknown to him, the fiance's hand twitched and showed movement.

That night, the reporter is back to ask Kano more details about her brother and family. Tried as she did, she couldnt rem details on that fateful night except lighting of candles. She started to get a headache and suddenly recalled someone went into her room into the middle of the night, and took off her quilt cover. Kano started hyperventilating and went into shock. She told the reporter she cannot rem and was too tired and he left, with more questions in his head.

Kano visited her brother to tell him the bad news of the job but he already knew from the jail officer. She shared with him that she couldnt rem details of the night and of her parents. The bro asked if the reporter has talked to her and asked her to ignore him as all reporters only write articles that are beneficial to themselves. He yelled at Kano that he doesnt care if the rest of the world finds him guilty, so long as Kano believes in his innocence. Seeing his sister in shock, he talked about Jun. She said she didnt stand a chance and her bro said its Jun's fault. Kano blanked out, before unconsciously but cruelly blurted out that actually, everything was her brother's fault: that she couldnt have a successful job or love life. Both of them were shocked at her outburst.

That night, Kano ended up outside Jun's place, with the thoughts of only wanting to see him from afar. Instead, she saw the doc leaving Jun's place and Jun's friend. Jun was setting off on a trip to repair the church organ with ugly girl. Ugly girl confess to Jun that she would go to hell as she harbour evil thoughts about wanting Jun's fiance to die, to stop holding him back, so that Jun can live his own life and be free. She scooted off to the bus to wait for him before he could answer. Jun dropped his mobile on his way to the coach and discovered the video connection to his fiance is dead. He panicked and told ugly girl in the coach that he needed to leave for home, leaving ugly girl in surprise.

Back home, Kano saw Jun's friend leaving his home. She went inside (i didnt expect her to still have the keys! Stalker!) and heard the alarm. She saw Kyo, knowing she is someone impt to Jun, she tried to connect back the tube but Jun's friend stopped her. They struggled and Jun came home in time to reactivate the tube. Seeing the accusation on Jun's face, Kano fled the house. Jun wanted to run after her but his friend confess the culprit was him, as he also wanted Jun to be free to live his own life and not be destroyed by Kyo.
Jun found Kano sobbing and before she could run away, he apologised profusely for ever doubting her. He explained Kyo identity and that despite medical negative diagonsis, he still hold out hope that Kyo will awake one day and cannot shake off that thought and so he talks to Kyo everyday and pray for her recovery. Even though he may also think he is an idiot at times, but yet, he cannot imagine his life without her, for he would no longer have any happiness if she dies. Seeing his tears, Kano held his hand and said "If it is so, I would also pray for you, because I want you to be happy and be blissed, and so I will also pray for her to awake one day."

Hearing such comforting words from Kano which vastly differed from others around him, Jun finally teared a sigh of relief from Kano's understanding. Kano looked at him compassionately (or lovingly).

The next day, Kano went to Jun's place as per normal and surprised to see Jun unlocked the door to the forbidden room. When Kano saw the genuine smile on his face as he happily chat to Kyo while holding her fav flower, Kano also smiled. Later Jun offered to recommend a restuarant cleaning job to Kano and she was happily overwhelmed

Meanwhile, Kano's bro is released from jail. While waiting at the train station, her bro excused himself to toilet but actually went to make a public call, threatening the reporter to stay away from Kano or he will kill him.

At home, her brother saw the couple shot of Jun and Kano. He chanced upon the church address and on pretext for going for a stroll, hewent to "stalk" Jun at the church instead. (What a silbing pair of stalkers!!!). Meanwhile, his sister was praying to god not to take away her little happiness she has now

Episode Review
I thought it was strange Jun would doubt Kano for the "incident" since she has no keys to the room, and even more, if Kano was cleaning the house that whole day, how can the friend manage to sneak into the locked room to unplug the tube the first time, since the alarm will sound very quickly upon disconnection. I thought that scene was a little unaccounted for.

Now I am wondering if Kano's brother has some silbing crush and in love with Kano? He is suppose to have weak body when he was young, hence spending alot of time with kano. But he sure look strong and mean and violent streak in him man. Any bets if he was really the one who killed the parents? Hmmm...

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