Friday, November 19, 2010

What is wrong with this scenerio? Where it has become a norm that Singapore man doesnt even expecct their Singaporean wife to know how to cook anymore. It's not about whether she is busy with work and too tired to cook but rather, most of them just shun the kitchen as if its beneath them to be caught dead in a kitchen. However, they expect their helper to know how to cook?

In HK, over half of the Hong Kong spouses know how to cook. Some who are married off to "better" half and can afford maids probably does not cook everyday but they KNOW how to cook, they just prefer to supervise the helper to cook most days. My Taiwanese friends, most of the girls can cook too but maybe they just dont do it everyday. As for my western friends, they ALL cook. Havent known one who doesnt yet. So seriously, is there something amiss with the growing trend of this "I hate cooking, I dont cook" sentimnent? Of course its a personal thing, and frankly quite none of my business I concede. However, this in some way says alot about the changes of mindset and that in some ways, are we bringing up the next generation to want everything but not work for anything?

I had lunch with some Singaporean friends and their families. They had 3 children of age 8,6,3. There is something annoying about some Singaporean kids, that is they are so pampered by their parents that they become overly picky with their food. What they choose not to eat is again frankly not my problem, but it kinda annoy me when they make those sickening "Eee eee" sound that is to signify what other people are eating are gross. To me, that borders on lack of table manner. If you dont eat, just be quiet. When asked why they dont eat it, they said the colour looks awful. The mum chiped in declaring "My children only eat western food, they dont eat any chinese food."

And how is that supposed to b something to be proud of? A CHINESE kid trying to pass off as a Westerner and discarding their own culture as if its such a shame to be associated with chinese food. WTF? If it wasnt that it was a good fren's family, I prob wont hold my tongue. But as the boy went going "Eeee eeee" I couldnt but help ask him what was his problem. He said eating black stuff will turn a person black, and eating carrots will turn a person orange.

8 years old or not, when you say something so stupid, it was an open invitation for me. So I counter asked him has he EVER seen anyone turning black or orange himself? He should either show me one or name me one. He squirm in one corner and just insisted it was true. I told him that if he couldnt hold his claim, he is telling a fib. He finally went quiet with his Eeeee eeeing and nonsensical comments. I have never done all these things when I was young.  It's alright to ask questions and having preference in food, but honestly, openly being disgusted with food that others are eating is not good etiquette.

Parents should really stop indulging their kids with everything they want. There is a fine line between loving them, offering them good things in life and spoiling them. And when they behave badly, parents should nip it at the bud and seriously, spare the rod and spoil the child. I dont mean literally having to bash the kid up but I think most (Singaporean) parents these days have been too lax with their parenting that their becomes obnoxious in comparison to other kids.


Anonymous said...

Actually men should cook for their wives because many of them have learned a bit during NS.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, men should stay at home and shake-legs, becos their wives are highly educated and have good jobs. No? ;)

Nomad said...

Firstly i disgaree with this term "shake leg". There is NO SUCH thing as shake leg just because the better half is not working.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with man staying home to care for running the household if its a mutual decision between the couple. If the woman can earn more, what is wrong with the men staying at home? Not shaking leg but to manage every other aspect of the house. It is not a written law that ONLY man has to work. Its only a matter of ego as to whether that will infring the man's ego and pride.

I have a couple of frens where the husband stay home to care for the kids since the wives earn more. The important thing is that the wives doesnt use it as something to belittle the husband.

I dont think its a matter of "SHOULD" or shouldnt. I think its a matter of trying to. If going by your logic, most girls should cook since they learned cooking in Home econs, but they still dont :)

Anonymous said...

Just passing through..

Well done you for telling off the 8 year old and I agree about the overpampering. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing an 8 year old shout to her maid for a spoon instead of walking the 1 minute to the kitchen.