Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Local SG News: Chinese national "not terribly frightened" after cabby’s death

SINGAPORE: A Chinese national on trial for the murder of a taxi driver, told the High Court on Wednesday he was "not terribly frightened" when he tried to remove evidence after allegedly killing the man.

Wang Wenfeng, 32, had originally claimed that he was very frightened after the alleged murder of taxi driver Yuen Swee Hong, 58, in April 2009 following a botched robbery attempt.

Wang then allegedly dumped the body on a hill.

When questioning Wang, Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee noted that Wang, despite being frightened, was still able to wipe off blood from the taxi and even snipped off wires from a card reader to avoid being detected.

Wang said he was "not terribly frightened".

He had wanted to look for the taxi’s Global Positioning System (GPS) machine but mistook the card reader for it.

He later demanded S$150,000 from Mr Yuen’s wife as ransom.

DPP Lee asked Wang about his intention for bringing a knife out that day.

In response, Wang said: "To commit robbery, you have to bring a knife don’t tell me you want me to bring a banana?"


When I read the end of the article of the Chinese National murdering a local Sg cab driver, my reaction  was "Unremorseful Arrogant China Prick!!" Dont waste taxpayer money on jailtime and free repatriation flight home. Just hang this unremorseful bastard!

Ok, I'm just feeling mean today.

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