Friday, March 25, 2011

Local Sg News: A ridiculous call to "warn off" heartlanders to Holland Village.

OMG! OMG! Did you by any chance get to listen to this Samantha airhead going on air, blasting fellow Singapore heartlanders for being too uncultured to go to Holland Village?!!!! Unbelieveable!

To begin with, her English sounds terrible, not the worst Singlish but nonetheless smack of local accent. Should other people mock her "fake" wannabe accent while she had her short airtime to blast other people's dressing, which she in turn associate with "Low Class" and "Not Cultured"? Why does she have such a superficial mentality?

To begin with, talking loudly is more of bad manners than culture. Talking loudly may be a culture in China, but if u want to critic such behavior in Singapore, its simply refered to as inconsiderate bad manners. Dressing down is also not associated with "Low Class". Have u seen how some celebs been dressing in states? Even worse than some locals I have seen. If Lady Gaga with her outlandish outfit happened to be in HV, will Samantha dearest please go up to her and ask her to leave immediately since her dressing are too provacatively low-class and trashy.

So what exactly are the "crimes" of the locals hanging out at HV by your illogical standard? A bad hairdo? T-shirts and flip-flops? Incidentally, someone ought to correct you. "Slippers" are by definition generally meant for indoor footwear, while we know you meant to say flip flops/ sandals/ thongs. So can I mock you as "lowly educated" as such by your own yardstick of measurement?

Advocating wearing appropriate clothings to appropriate functions is fine but not in the unconstructive, unsubstantiated way Samantha had presented her points please. Seriously, do u expect someone to dress up with makeup and all just to stroll to HV Cold Storage or dine at the over-priced- bad service causal fare Horfun place? Give me a break. Where is the reasoning? There is no context at all. Did someone forget to mention to her that Holland Village is a public place free for all, and the location isnt a restaurant or indoor venue where dress code and approperiate "rules" must be observed?

Samantha must have assumed the higher proportion of expats hanging out @ HV to equate to her natural "Ah-tas" assumption of the area being more posh and cultured? To begin with, how on earth would she know the so-called "better dressers" are definitely Holland villagers? Do they wear a tag or a sign over their neck declaring where they live? For all she know, the better-dressers might actually be someone living further away and the more causal dressed are the "accused" low-class people. Samantha only hanging out in the pubs surrounded by pretentious people with the same idea as she? How sad...

While I do concede that on most days, the general people who throng the cafes and shops @HV are generally friendlier than some other heartland malls (with lesser maninlanders to be talking loudly into my ears to start off), yet people here do not dress anymore differently than say Siglap or Tampines Mall or AMK, or as she claimed "high class". She sounded stupid from the first 10 secs she opened her mouth. My friend commented that she is one of those youths just shooting off her mouth and there is a growing sentiment that more youths are becoming like that... I dont know if its true. I can only say I hope not. 

I love one comment left on the website for her.
"A drop of Yakult has more culture than her."

That's a true blue insult, with much appreciated cultured wit and humor.

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WhiteDuskRed said...

I have a primary school classmate who is organizing a big gathering at Holland Village this weekend.

Dresscode: Slippers, shorts/berms + T-shirts