Friday, April 15, 2011

Cringing at Tin Pei Ling's Video

Anyone else saw this video below by PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling?

I was curious about all the backlash on her and so I finally took the time to watch the short introduction clip without any pre-conceived notion or judgement. I even thought maybe the public may have been too critical of her age...I mean...PAP wont have taken such a leap of faith to nominate someone non credible right....?

Well... WRONG! Truly, she bombed big time. The video sounded utterly scripted and cliche that it gives me goosebumps. It has the signature of an amateur written all over it. The whole clip sounded like a student writing 1000word unpolished essay on self introduction, or was running for college student council. And worse, she said "Give me a chance to grow and learn" WHY should I be paying you $12K to grow and learn? Why dont you complete learning and growing BEFORE you join politics?

And also, the biggest problem is also from your opening speech, TPL grew up ALL her life in Singapore.Precisely you have never lived/ experience another country to explore and undergo the merits and failing of another country to benefit Singapore. You will be looking at everything from a tinted glasses, like a frog from a shallow well thinking the well is the world. Your horizons and exposure are limited, and narrowed into a one track mind, bearing the risk of believing whatever your mentors tell you to be the gospel truth without the resources, or ability to counter propose something else. Simply because you are not worldly enough in this competitive global world we live in today. You are brought up in a nanny state, expecting your nanny to still hold your hands as you prance around in your little white frock, thinking naively that the people will see you instrumental in helping shape the nation. Even I with more years than you, more exposure than you would not say Ïf you work hard, you will do well." Life is not a bed of roses missy. You can slog all your life and will not do well. Tell the granny pushing the cart collecting paper cardboard. She came as a worker, slog her whole life and still slogging, is she LIVING WELL? You ignorant, presumptuous girl. THIS is precisely why no one believe you. Not because of your Kate Space, but you have said NOTHING to convince us that you know what is in store, apart from LAP OF LUXURY.

I can say this because I was brought up in the Era, where I sincerely believed once that Singapore was the best, and that I shared the same ideals as she did. Singapore is still good but not good enough. We can be better. I did my humbling share of social volunteer work too, and once too thought that the sun shines out of Singapore arse if I can put it this way. I had once felt that our govt did everything for the people in the best way it can. Then, I grab a chance and left Sg reluctantly then in my late twenties to work and lived abroad and my perspective changed. No, I do not think other country are running their country better. I certainly do not care for some other countries who run policies in fear of their rating and popularity votes when hard choices should be made. And yet No, I DEFINITELY do not think that we are that great either because I have seen and experienced better and worse things than my country had to offer. I started to think why we couldnt do something as good as this in sg, and if we do, will it work given the different culture and mindset of our nation, and the non existence of natural resources etc. So in terms of perspective, I grew up.

Living overseas does not make me better, it made me more involved in questioning the way things can be done or is being done in Singapore now. There are things I will defend my govt in choices they made but there are also some I strongly disagreed with. So in short, that means TPL need that too, not necessarily a stint abroad though that will be good, but rather she need more years to grow and form her own thinking, and question why people has so much disgruntles and grievances, to go in depth into our socio-economic issues. I mean come on, even MM Lee was able to help form this nation from almost nothing because he himself had the beneficial exposure then from another country and felt that was a good thing to bring into Singapore. He was able to learn and pick up merits of another place to impart into Singapore.

TPL isnt stupid and being 27yr, I will not discredit her for her passion and zest and dreams everyone at that youthful age has. I am not saying she is NOT a good candidate., I am saying she is NOT ready to be a running candidate because she lacks the composure and ability to react appropriately.

So that is why I say "Oh bugger off!" I believe she is sincere, a studious worker ant who follow orders in a highly hierarchical order, but she is clearly not a leader material,lacking the charisma, and experience sorely needed to be entrusted with our nation. Seeing you stomp your feet in the 2nd video totally discredit you from commanding any respect from me. Try imagine Hilary clinton getting away with that in her congress session....that will be like a breath of fresh air. Or try imagining the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher doing that too! Lol!

I look in a candidate whom I believe can stand on his or her own 2 feet in time of crises, where judicious judgement are required. Tin Pei Ling looked like some political personnel wannabe - whom I seriously doubt who can be trusted to rise to the occasion when the day calls for it. She comes across as someone who will be LOOKING TO SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP HER instead.

Her whole persona is summed up by just 2 adjectives- IMMATURE & INEXPERIENCED who garners ABSOLUTELY NO confidence from at least 90% of the population excluding your family and friends. Young age does not equate to Immaturity and vice versa. I have met very intelligent, witty, charismatic and mature lady who drew people to her at a tender age of 18yr, who TALK MORE sense than TPL. What we need now is fielding candidates that will be perceived, or rather grow into a strong dependable Banyan Tree, and what we do not need is Ms Potential Lalang.

This is the kind of material that our government is moulding for the hold the helm of Singapore in 10years? If so, I may see the day I will be forced to pack my bag and say goodbye because the govt is FORCING me to accept someone I think who is TOO ill qualified to enter full-on into politics. Is our politics OVERLY stable such than a wet behind the ears pup can think to take on the world? "

In western countries, anyone worth their salt will gracefully pull out of the running in the midst of all the controversy and overwhelmingly ONE-SIDED DISLIKE for the candidate. It is only common sense. If TPL does withdraw and run again next round after gaining more life experiences, I actually would think she would earn more respect for her maturity than she does now. Backing down now does not mean she is admitting the floating accusations, or that the party is wrong. It merely indicates that she is WILLING to listen to the nation, and truly mean her words about serving people (in many other ways). Forcing her way on only serves to further discredit her.

Any party that strongly pushes for an unloved candidate into being MP regardless of the loud protests from its citizens; only smack of pure arrogance, disregard for public concerns and opinions, and
is this party truly listening to the voices of people? PAP, Are you trying to tell me that this 27 year is AS GOOD as the 45 yr old female candidate (from Std chart bank) you roll out? YOU ARE SO KIDDING ME AND SLAPPING YOUR OWN FACE. It's like comparing chalk and cheese and forcing me to acknowledge both are one of the same thing.

While the people may have entrusted the current party to guide this country, but why is the same party we voted in depriving the same people who had put them there of our choice NOT to have some young inexperienced gal into the ruling party? I thought the whole point of election was to HEAR THE PEOPLE VOICES, and SERVE US THE PEOPLE?!!! Why does it seem as if now the party is RULING OVER US? Yeah sure we are a controlled Democratic society where we have a right to vote, but where are OUR RIGHTS to VOTE HER OUT? Fielding her with someone senior may be a sure win strategy but that only further proves that you didnt have the confidence in her to win in some other areas. If you didnt trust her to stand her ground, then dont field her in the first place. She may be a potential to be a good MP in the FUTURE, but she needs more years in the training. Are we all that desperate that the govt cannot even scout another better qualified candidates? Has everyone that is good and suitable fled Singapore, or are the good ones no longer malleable to be bend and shape to suit what is the collective mindset in place? 


Stan said...

Hi, good writeup, its featured on SingaporeDaily. Anyway, please relink the Tin Pei Ling video to this one as the one you posted does not allow comments on YouTube.

PAP disabled the comments... So this one is exactly the same but allow comments.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kaffein said...

Fantastic piece of thought-provoking article. I agree with you, was peeved TPL was what PAP can offer after rounds of tea sessions. Pathetic