Saturday, July 2, 2011

Malaysia Airlines defends 'no baby' policy

Hahaha..I have been Dreaming and questioning about why flights cannot have a a section cornered off for travellers that does not have to share a cabin space with crying infants...looks like someone out there has heard some rich and powerful people who share the same notion. Malaysia airlines apparently has started a first class route that banned babies in its First class cabin.

This only proves that I am not the only one who has suffered too much from crying babies/toddlers on the overnight long haul flights.

Short hauls are actually fine, so are day flights where I can just stick my ear phones in. Its those red eye flights that you really need to pray and pray and pray No babies are on board! Some babies are good, but some babies/toddlers that just wont stop brawling... my god, you should hear all the cussing around me from other grown adults. Most times, we can still cut babies some slack since u cannot reason with a baby but some fking parents just do not know how to shut their spoilt throwing tantrum 2-4year olds up.

Of course first class seats are way out of my budget but it brings hope that they may one day create a 2 tier business cabin seats that has one that allow babies and the other that doesnt. If I pray hard enough, will we all be heard and see our heartfelt wishes come true?

Malaysia Airline CEO sum it well and sum it all. It has been a one way street for so many decades now. About time for change to come I will say!

"As I said earlier, it is a tough call. There will be unhappy (passengers) either way," Azmil tweeted.

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