Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer has officially arrived. It's only July so it's still hasnt reached the scorching heat yet esp with all the rain this week. Thankfully, have  also got my stupid living room aircon fixed before it gets really hot, not to mention I have to shut ALL my windows tight these days because my neighbor's renovation is not only super noisy, but also irritatingly dusty. Everytime the breeze starts, the layer of cement like dust will cover my whole house like as if a tornado of flour storm swept through the unit. It's just annoying to have to constantly wipe the tabletop and floor. All I have to do now, is sitting in the living room patiently for my painter to come fix up the paintwork after patching the big gaping hole. It's hard to imagine how freaking huge the old aircon is until the new Daikin is installed.

Meanwhile back to my neighbor renovation. I have no idea honestly why their stupid renovation has to take 4 months. My freaking goodness. The drilling starts 9.15am without fail and on -off EVERY fucking day and its driving me insane. Its like 2 floors away but it sounds like its just inside my house. Not only is the renovator incompetent and disorganise in not able to plane well, they even drill through their own water flush pipe and resulted in emergency water suspension. Fucking idiotic boss with equally nitwit workers. There have been so many renovation and this is by far the worst, messy and longest ever. Even the management office think their standard is not ideal...wonder why my neighbor is picked such lousy contractors. Sigh....hopefully there wont be any more renovation after this until is done...almost had it with all the constant renovation around me.

Went to Times Square to pick up my stuff. My HK friends were surprised that I went to the information counter to buy postage stamp and they even post it for me. Both of them were incredulous that such a service even existed, combined with umbrella loan on rainy days with deposit. It was my turn to look amazed and teased them "Are you sure both of you are Hong Kongers?" Heee heee...

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