Friday, November 11, 2011

Design Snippets around Tokyo

Undeniably, Japan people are really creative. Singaporeans keep bitching about our education system stifling our creativity...but isnt Japanese students facing the same stress in a more oppressing society than ours? Yet, their country constantly produces innovative and beautiful products for us all round the world.

At times I education really the culprit here, or the bigger issue lies with parents combined with the lack of "conducive" design environment within the country, and culture to support it are the real reasons for the lack of aesthetic designers back in our small island?? I have yet to see Singaporeans design anything artistic and functional for lifestyle products...Whatever Lasalle students we are producing...I havent heard of anyone famous internationally. What kind of designers are we actually producing? Those that conform to the society or those that transform the society? I am afraid Singaporean designers seem to be still stuck at its infancy stages that rather choose to conform than transform. Will there be a day where we will be on the world's platform like Scandinavia, Japan or London-Paris?

As I made my way around Japan, I saw alot of cute, sleek, unusual, stylish designs all over the city. Here's some favorites to share.

A 5hour candle bulb (Energy saving theme)

It took me a bit of reading before realising that "Gomen" as in sorry is also interpreted as 5 sides as what this  packaging is about

A hand-like looking fork

A functional yet unique LED light bulb
plant holders

One of the art exhibit on display@Tokyo Midtown

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