Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meeting with the past

My 1000th post on 1st Nov.

Caught up with Al today for a quick bite before his afternoon plane back to the states. It's been like what, 11years since we last met in person.

Maybe we have been out of touch for sooo long since we broke up which explains the lack of awkwardness. Too much water under the bridge. Well he was late for the appointment to begin with coming in from Macau this morning. Something about late driver and having missing 2 ferries. Good thing I checked my iphone before leaving the home. And I thought I was gonna be the one to be late!

Nothing much as changed really, except he has grown fatter. Lol! He did warn me about the kilos he had put on but it wasnt as bad as he had described. He had his hair cut really short now so gone is the nice floppy hair he used to have. Other than that, nothing much has change. Still as hyper and chatty as before.

Was a quick hour bite and talked about his China biz. Apparently he owns 2 companies now apart from the one in states. Apart from being involved in the Apple packaging, he's also currently the current major supplier of floor furnishings (eg: chairs) for most of the casino.

Between jokes and work, we didnt talk about anything too private. I dont think we reached that level of comfort yet considering how much had passed between us in the past. Even when I offered him my hot roll, he was like "Are u sure u are ok for me to just bite into it?"

That question kind of threw me off guard. Did he think I was gonna treat him like a stranger? I mean even friends share food right without drawing too much lines. So the first thing that came shooting out of my mouth was"What? Do you have some sort of transferrable diseases through food sharing?" He started laughing and gave my roll a good bite.

It was good to see him in such good spirits and happy with his life. Guess I dont fall for under-achievers.

It was pretty funny towards the end as I walked him towards the airport express escalator. I didnt expect it but just as I was saying "Okie this is it then." He turned around and exclaimed "Hey walk me to the train gates lah!" He was thinking if he wanted to catch the departing train or wait for the next one, I hurried him into it since he will be really late if he waited. Dont want to be responsible for his missing the flight.

As we hug and said goodbyes, he promised it wont be another 10years before we catch up.
I laughed and said we shall see.

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