Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designed for Humans?! If not Humans, then for whom?!!

Only just noticed Samsung Galaxy Mobile Tagline "Designed for Humans". Was mobile ever meant for animals otherwise...?

Of course I get what they are trying to say...that its interface is designed for efficiency and supreme convenience yada-yada, but do they even know that the slogan is just plain wrong reading it from an English speaker perspective?  Didnt Samsung team in the states have some say in the slogan?! I mean if you read the Mandarin slogan it definitely does NOT say the same thing as the English slogan.

I wonder what the slogan says in Korean? I wonder if it is a case of lost in Translation...

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WhiteDusk said...

Hi! Been a long time since I posted any comments~ Hope you are doing fine!

BTW they are probably trying to say their competitors' phones are not~ but cheapening your competitor is not what a slogan should do lah~