Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Singapore Fuckwit moment 1

On a happier note.
Went to the new Singapore Marine Life S.E.A aquarium @ Sentosa. Touted the biggest aquarium in the world. might covered the largest ground area but I dont think it is the largest aquarium in my memory. In Japan Osaka, there was a whale shark in the tank, and in Vancouver they have the Beluga whale. How is it possible we have the largest? You mean we have the most combination of fish variety or that we showcase the most species from various continents? Perhaps. However "LARGEST" by definition here is lost on me because it doesnt feel large. In fact, I thought the tank in itself feels small than some others I have seen.

On a not so cheery note is that in this trip back, I discovered a lot of fuckwit singaporeans at work.
Take for example the Aquarium staff

My friends and I book the ticket at vivo city not being told that we have to change the ticket reaching the aquarium entrance. We were told to head to the customer service booth. There was a travel agent before us and there was some dispute between her and the staff, where the agent loudly claimed that there were missing tickets of over 40tickets out of the 200 plus.

She was counting sooooo slowly that the cows would have come home and head out to the farm again the next day. So i politely asked the Indian staff if she could just kindly exchange our voucher for tickets and let us go on since she was DOING NOTHING and just standing there, GLARING at the agent lady. The staff snapped at us and said to wait because the computer before her is in use. Fine. We waited though I dont get what has exchanging vouchers for tickets got to do with data entry on computer. I wasnt buying a ticket.

We waited and the agent was still counting at number 20+ and there were stacks in front of her. I wished I bought the tickets at the ticket booth next to us instead because that was way FASTER. Another chinese staff popped over to see what the Indian staff was busy with. My friend knocked on the window panel and asked the chinese staff if she could just helped us, and the building Q behind us. This would never happen in HK. NEVER. Period.

Again the chinese staff said the computer was in use. I asked her "There's TWO computers here. Can't you use the other one?" She replied the computer is not in operation (whatever that means with that sentence that is wrong at all counts) I asked her "Isnt that INEFFICIENT?" Guess her reply. "YAH." She replied yah!! @!!!!!!! @$#$%$^%  WTF?

Another 5 mins went passed and steam was rising out of my head. The chinese staff then knocked on the window panel and told us to give her our voucher tickets. I watched her take our tickets, walk over to the ticket sales side, grab 2 new tickets and gave it to us.

First you told us to wait because you needed the computer, and then now voila! You simply exchange the tickets without having to do anything via the computer. SO what the hell was I waiting in the first place again????

To me, this was seriously a SG FUCKWIT moment...

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