Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 2013: Hair updates @ Ar Salon (Causeway Bay)

It's gonna be Chinese New Year in couple of days and it's time to get my unruly hair snipped again, esp the dry ends. I havent done anything much to my hair except for trimming since I permed it in May 2012.

Today it's time to dye my hair again to cover those nasty white hair bits sticking up at the forefront. It's annoying coz they refuse to stay down and hide quietly amongst the rest!

Ito san recommended a slightly lighter brown than my usual dark brown. Fine by me:) He didnt go for the super light brown (the japanese style) because he knows I will freak out if it's too light, plus he knows I am very lazy to maintain so the dark roots will look pretty "distinctive" since I wont keep going back to dye my hair.  I only head to the salon like every 4 months or more. So Beedy did the coloring for me while Ito did the cut.

Initially I thought I should straighten or re-perm but Ito san said I didnt have to do anything since my curls are still in place. So he will just layer my "bushy" mop to thin down the volume at the back & do treatment. Sounds like a plan. He suggested for me to keep my fringe long so I didnt have short bangs this time.

So here's the photo updates for today!

(Dated: 5th Feb 2013. Last permed: 9th May 2012)

(Dated: 5th Feb 2013. Half Clipped hair version after dinner)


Anonymous said...

Hi ! I luv your haircut!
i used to go to hairdo but now its like getting more and more expensive...
so how much is it for cut and dye for long hair at AR Salon ?


Nomad said...


Sorry for my late reply...and Thanks for the compliment!! Yes I noticed the price has gone up slightly ( like everything else in HK) but I didn't think it was much more ex? For trim and dye my length, if I rem correctly it is abt 1500? Sorry I can rem exact now. :( I wi try to rem to indicate the price my next cut:)