Monday, August 19, 2013

How FB changed my views of some people.

I havent cut my hair since May and its growing faster than weed...however, still short enough to be bearable. Lol

Anycase, I didnt want to blog about my hair today. I just wanted to let off steam accumulated from Facebook.

The beauty or ugliness (depending on how u see it) of Facebook is that you get to read (stupid) comments from friends and strangers that you may not normally have a chance to hear in real life, or maybe you do hear them but because you dont meet up with them everyday (not like in Facebook), you dont realise the full extent of the shit that comes out of their mouth (brain) until much later, prob years to come.

In the past before social media days, there will always be some people (friends, acquaintances etc) that you will probably ditch in 5 years down the road because you would have come to realize you share different views and whatsoever in life, either from what they do or what they say each time you meet them. However, because the dosage is small and spread out, your tolerance level prob is rather high till a day comes where the friendship comes a natural death or you just split up.

However, Facebook speed that up nicely.
It prob shorten those 5 years to 5 months.
Of course, Facebook is a mirror of real life.
If you dont get along in the virtual world, you are not gonna like what u get in real life.

Now look at Facebook, because you get to read what they post and what they comments almost EVERY day for avid FB fans (i consider myself semi fan), you have a more updated and frequent insight to the person you "thought" you knew. Seriously, the SHIT that I sometimes get to read send my eyeball rolling backwards faster than a hamster on the high running on a wheel, while muttering "Oh give me a break".

Look. I'm not perfect here, and I know somethings I spill some shit too. However, mainly those are crap borne out of boredom or maybe for fun to share post. Yet some of the people I know, they are like fucking crusaders on a mission with their post with personal agendas or ego on the stake. So insistent, so "paranoid", so negative, so "oh I KNOW what is best or right", SO flipping ANNOYING.

Just to give an example of some recent observations.

I have a "friend". Let's call her S.

She is in the F&B biz and so presumably, she believes she has the right to go on a "Eat right" crusade. Yeah sure. I dont mind a few good pointers steering me to the right way of eating right and healthily though I do believe that I am doing a fine job to date. Nonetheless, always good to hear from a "professional"

Initially, she was like actively posting things like what food are bad for us etc. Things that I already know mostly really but oh well, Facebook is like "Give Face" culture where u still like a post for things u already know. It's like giving an applause after someone gives a speech right?

Then one day couple of months, or maybe close to a year ago, I cant really rem, she posted something about some food info and I kind of took a different stand from her for a change. It wasnt like I disagree with her persay, but rather, what I rem telling her was that it really boils down to the individual self determination to eat right, and find out for themselves what food suit them and what doesnt. There is a world of information out there in google and they need to read and form their own decision as to what works for them. For example, Gluten free and organic, if you ask me, its a load of crap for most people. Gluten free is not necessary for people who doesnt suffer from the actual illness and allergy that requires them to be selective. As for organic, NOT ALL organic are good for you.

Anycase, I said my peace and Ms S shot back, refuting my argument that I am WRONG and there are too many wrong info out there and in short, I didnt know better. So she posted some other post and tagged me specifically adding "Case in point" that my view was wrong (and I wonder WHERE she gets her info from to form her views if not from she access from some unknown Bible of food from Hogwart?")

I let it slide. Honestly, what's there to argue about? Different people have different dietary beliefs and I didnt want to add on the insult that I am slimmer than she is, though I candidly admit I am not a better cook than she is. However, apparently my lack of prostration to her "Oh I am so right" FB argument must have somehow or another bruise her ego or offend her. She didnt openly declare war of course but she snubbed me in FB. You know you are being snubbed. She basically stop responding to some comments I have for her, even the non food ones.

I wasnt offended really. I couldnt care less though it did amaze me what kind of person u get to see online through social media. So I stop liking her post in return, in acknowledgement that "I get the hint" but I still read her posts time to time, which is hard not to since she can post like 6-8 posts a day.

What I found amusing and slightly disconcerting is this. While she is on this mission to so call educate us in eating right blah blah blah, and show pictures of food she cook everyday, and more recently, about her Vegan diet etc, yet I find that she is sooooo FULL OF SHIT. Dont get me wrong, I'm not critising her because she snubbed me, but let me share why.

She is on this mission where she believes in Paleo Diet (Go google it if you dont know. In short its about caveman diet and about eating the way our caveman ancestors eat). She raves and rants about how Animal Fat is NOT bad for you etc. Then suddenly, she changed gear and suddenly goes on a life mission to tell us about her sudden vega diet and that she crapped 4 times a day in the loo because her diet is sooooo good now. To throw in some dazzle, then she went on full attack on anything gluten and dairy, as well as sugar. (I have nothing against the attack on sugar since I am on minimal refined sugar diet as well). Then she went on with her ANTI- rice campaign about how we are killing ourselves and that our body are not meant to eat rice because caveman fathers didnt have rice in their diet.

What takes the cake was that while she is raving and ranting all these, she took a short vacation to Thailand with her friends and posted what they ate. THE SHITTIEST, the most unhealthy stuff u can imagine from the desserts, to the deep fried fatty stuff, to alot of crap basically. So for a week, she happily went on saying how delicious they are etc etc, and then on the other hand openly reminding that she is diverging from her vegan diet.

Excuse me, isnt that bordering on a little hypocrisy here? Not practicing what you preach?
This is when my eye balls started its rolling at F1 speed.

When I say I am trying to cut sugar out of my diet, I meant it and for the past year, I kept to it. That includes cutting out cakes, chocolates and alot of icecream. However, I never said I am FULL ANTI sugar, so that means, while I stopped adding sugar to my food, I do indulge in a spoonful of icecream here and there. Unlike Ms S who can flip flop faster than I can blink.

The thing is, it wont be so annoying if she wasnt so high and mighty about it. So now, she is baking gluten free chocolate cake and she was raving about how heavenly and moist it is. Yes, it's gluten free but its LOAD of SUGAR inside the cake. HOW IS THAT GOOD FOR ANYONE Missy? U are telling me that that Refined Sugar is ok now? *Smack head* Today, she went on a spree with her spread with FULL Clotted Cream on her fruits, drizzled with syrup. Yeah...the concept of eating fruits with something dreadful like clotted cream "really" lives up to your eating healthily without the junk...

So obviously I decided to actively STOP reading her post and stay my distance for a peace of sanity. Of course that also means that the next time I head back to Singapore, I wont be eager to look her up either. What I didnt dare to tell her, in case I break her ego was that, while she blamed her F&B biz to go under due to sudden increase in rent and cost of manpower (which I do agree), yet, I dont have the heart to tell her that her food wasnt very favorablely received by alot of my friends whom I brought there...of course I never did tell her the negative reviews, which judging from her FB behavior, she prob wont take it lying down.

There are other cases of stupid people with stupid FB posts but I'm not gonna talk about them all today. Dealing with stupidity, self centered ego is actually a rather tiring thing to even talk about.

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