Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weight loss ramblings

For strange explainable reasons, I have been losing weight. I am not kidding.

It was amazing enough that I was down to 50kg constant for a month since my trip back from Seoul. These 2 weeks, I have gone back down to 49.5kg. A figure that hasnt appeared on my scales for the last 10years. To see my weight starts with 4 is an utter shocker, of course it felt good though disbelieving. So much so to the extent that I had to keep hassling my man to weigh himself to convince me that the weight machine is working just fine. Will I ever hit 49kg? Lol!!!

My man told me I did look thinner to him.
"I bet if you go back to Singapore, your friends will tell you that you lost weight."
I dont feel lighter and I am not skipping on meals either.
All I can say is, I felt marvelously great after my Jeju Seoul trip and been keeping up with this good mood and good breakfast diet. I basically swap bread toast for proper chinese rice breakfast instead.

Another change in my life. I basically want nothing to do with fake fairy.
Which was partially why I didnt want to go back to Singapore even when my man has his biz trip.
I didnt want to make any contact with home.
I didnt want to hear or be involved in any negative vibes from home.

I especially dont want to know what the materialistic toxic fake fairy does or say because she is toxic element in my life and I am determined to cut her out from ruining my very zen and happy mood right now. Ever since she appeared in my brother's life, she brought along toxic negative vibes which have been seeping into my body mainly through my mother's ongoing bitching. No wonder the past year has been such a dreadful time.

Ever since May their super lame and cheena wedding, I made it a point to cut her and my brother out of my life. She thought she was being soo "smart" through blocking me from her facebook with my brother's approval (which was disappointing he is so henpecked but not surprising), which is fine because I dont even read her post since before her wedding.

In the process, I too blocked my brother from my personal posts saved the public posts, because I have no intention of having my personal side leaking to fake fairy from my brother's account since I know he has no concept of privacy from women in his life. He only lies but not hide. More importantly, I didnt want him commenting my post because his FB avatar picture consists of the fake bitch which turns my tummy everytime I sees it and makes me gag. So I would rather cut both of them completely off, even if it means sacrificing my fav dog. Sorry Gabby. I love you but their toxic negativity is too much for me to shoulder and I need a break for my own good health.

I also dont want to hear my mum possibly complaining or praising her or trying to lecture me about anything, esp the grossed out term "sister in law". Pui...any social escort prob can also be my SIL at this market rate using her as yardstick.

I am on a high in my life right now and loving every moment of it. Busy with fixing up my HK place and school work but otherwise, life is good. So I didnt want to call her. She can think the worst of me. I dont care. One has to be selfish once in a while.

These 3 months have been the most peaceful period of my life.
My man continues to make me laugh every night.  He cracks me up so hard that he told me to watch that I dont pee myself. Hahahaha! I still dont get how it is possible after a decade but he just gets funnier and funnier.

My good friends and Hk relatives from my man's side asked me if I didnt miss home. I told them frankly, home is the LAST PLACE I want to be. Since my brother is so cool about his wife wanting to treat me as stranger, then, obviously I wont feel welcome in their home anymore either since we are now officially declared as "strangers" right?

Which also means at one later point in time, I'm gonna tell my mum I am not going back for CNY next year. I am not interested in seeing fake fairy and all the fuss that goes into CNY. Being their first CNy as a couple, i am sure my brother will be very "onzs" to show off his fake wife. So I dont want to be involved in all those fakeness.

Of course I will miss my other half of the family but seeing toxic fake fairy soooo sooooon  again is not my idea of "taking a year off to body cleanse" myself of any toxic element. Even my husband agrees that toxic fairy is not good for us. He can't stand her fakeness too. Not to mention that my man has to sacrifice his perfectly good holidays to go back SG every year for my sake.

After the last horrible CNY, I think both my man and I deserve to pamper ourselves and have our own getaway holiday, more for him since he is always complaining about being overworked and not enough holidays and Singapore sucks as a relaxing destination. Maybe Maldives will be a good option? Hmmm. I wonder when is the direct flight from HK to Maldives gonna start? I hate having to start SQ. I HATE SINGAPORE AIRLINES. Period. (sorry to all my SQ pilot friends. It's your company, not u;p)

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