Monday, November 25, 2013

BFF's in town!

All my posts are gonna be back dated since I have been such a slacker, only updating my Fb, which of course is not made public as this is.

My BFF flew in specially to keep me company during early Nov and I had such a ball with her. Caught up with another of our college mate who is also currently working in HK and well, it was girls' nite out. Had dinner. Had drinks, and plenty of chit chat.

For dinner, we headed to Maxim Palace in Central since my BFF loves roast duck and goose. We couldnt finish all the dishes because we ladies are such small eaters..haa haaa. The desserts werent great here but the beef and duck were rather good. The best thing is that the dishes are supposedly without MSG.

Hong Kong is just so pretty at nite. Decided to take a quick shot of Cheung Kong building while waiting for my gfs.

After dinner, we were up for more chatting and so off to Conrad lounge we went since both my other fren and I liked it there though she is a regular and I aint. Haha.

Both of us crashed the minute we reached home. It had been a long day but we havent had such fun for a long while. While the two of us snoozed away happily, we are fairly certain our other poor gf prob headed back to work on her legal cases. It's a tough life, being a lawyer. Glad I didnt make that my profession!

The next day, we headed for our pedi and mani, and afterwhich, a nice cheesecake at my fav haunt. It was just pure bliss, just hanging and doing what girlies do best, being company for each other. That includes, doing the masky thingie. Lol

After this, spontaneously we headed off for a quick drink (again) at our new fav alfresco dining spot in CWB. It was really nice, just sitting out in the open and enjoying the nice autumn breeze overlooking the harbor.

I am thankful for many things, and having my BFF is nothing short of a blessing. It's an irony sometimes, that I found it easier to turn to friends than family when things blow up in my face or going thru a rough patch. 

U would think friends are likely to use and betray you but in my experience, my good friends have never done that but family members did when it suited their goal and their convenience. This was a precious lesson learnt in 2013 which still send a chill down my heart. For that, I'm ever more grateful by the nice frens I am surrounded for which I will treasure alot.

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