Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hong Kong: Another new hairdo for 2013 by my Japanese hairstylist!

It has been 6 long months since I went back to my Japanese hairstylist Ito san to get my hair fixed.
It's also the first time I will be visiting his new salon since his relocation in Causeway bay!

Between being busy and laziness, my hair has been growing steadily. Hoo Hoo! Just realise I only had been to hair saloon twice in this year! haa much for getting ur hair trimmed every 4-6weeks rule)

I was getting quite used to my short straight hair by early July frankly.

By early Oct, I was bunning up my hair again!

Comes, November, I didnt know if I should cut it short again, long and straight as it is, but Ito san suggested a perm for my shoulder length hair. Ok, I have never had my hair permed at that length before and I havent seen many in reality with a nice outcome. Still, I thought what the heck, let's give it a try and if i hate it enough because it didnt suit me, I can always snipped it off.

SO after 3 hours...tadah! Here is my latest autumn hairstyle for the year.
I still havent quite decided if it suits me. Most of the reviews in my FB seemed to indicate positive reception (maybe my friends are just kind? Lol!), except for my cousin who thinks it made me looked more mature and my bro says it's very "Jappy"

This time round, I try to give it a more 360 degree view, back to front and from the sides. Sigh...some angles really are NOT my best angles. Oh well, just using my head to showcase the hairstyle afterall.

How? What do you ladies think?

To be honest, I'm still getting use to it. It's actually a little harder to manage than long hair permed because the curls are harder to twirl into rolls since they are still short. Ito san says I dont have to go back till 4 months later, just to let the hair grow more to make it more gentle wave I suppose. Let's hope my laziness doesnt destroy his good work!

Hairstyle 2013, May - Link


Anonymous said...

Hi There, may I ask whether Ito-San use to be located at Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay? I went there once before I moved back to Hong Kong permanently, but I couldn't find him again after coming back. Your help much appreciated! Thanks!

Nomad said...


I'm not sure if he had been at Yee Wo in CWB but he was from Hair do in causeway bay plaza before setting up his own hair salon. His first salon was at Jardine bazzar and now he has relocated to new location. You could give Ito san a try and hope u will like him as ur stylist as I do.