Monday, January 13, 2014

Retail therapy is exhausting.

Spent the day at Horizon Plaza looking at furniture. My man and I are absolutely useless. We are exhausted after 3 hours covering only 2 floors out of the 28 levels. How do some people shop for hours in a day?!!!  

Well at least we got one piece of furniture which so happens to have the same collection name as me. Haaa haaa! "My namesake" furniture ain't cheap. A 3 seater set us back by HK$18k after discount. My man is useless at getting discount, in fact he never asked for one. Silly man thinks retail price is nett price at these shops. Lol. 

Meanwhile he is car hunting and very excited about it since I forbid him to buy a car since we left Sydney for HK in 2008. He has been itching after one for ages. I finally relented and first thing he did on Sunday before I woke was to
Head out to the cars showroom. 

He told me about the baby Mercs and I raised an eyebrow at him. So he quickly went on to other brands which is less ostentatious. I think he get the idea now that even if I let him buy a car, I'm not gonna let him go silly and over splurge. He gave a mild sigh and mumbled..."my wife is so sensible". Hiahz. 

In response to his comment, I merely pat him on his head fondly like how u would comfort a child who didn't get the biggest toy in the mall. Lol! 

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