Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another hopeless Xmas horror stories to mark end of 2013.

Every Xmas, my man's sisters and their spouses never cease to amaze me with their stupidity and selfishness.

Just when I thought each time it cannot get worse, they never fail to astoundingly come up with something mindbogglingly that defy normal human being behaviors.

My man decided to spend the first day in Sydney upon landing rather than head straight back to Newcastle so that he could spend a day with his brother's daughter. So that means Mum and Dad didnt have to drive down to Sydney and my man can take his brother's car and drive up instead.

Imagine my surprise when I learnt that his sister and 2 small kids and tons of princesses toys and unncessary things are being stowed into the small car. Apparently, the family of 3 are gonna be hitching a car ride back to Newcastle together.

Wait a min.
The sister has their own car and where the fuck is that fucking fat useless leeching husband?

Apparently, the fucking dick of a husband of hers has already headed on to Newcastle, BY HIMSELF. The reason for him dumping his wife and kids to us is because the twat with "bad back during chores time" decided that he wanted to cycle throughout Xmas holidays and so he decided to use the car to FERRY HIS FUCKING CYCLING BIKES back to Newcastle instead. of his family. He didnt give a shit how his wife and kids are gonna make it, It's always ALL ABOUT THE FAT TWAT himself.

I was gobsmacked by such a level of insensitivity and disregard by such a selfish dickhead scum. As if it wasnt enough that he leaches on his in laws every festive holidays for month, ONLY appear during mealtime, and never lift a finger to help clean the dishes or set the table. He would complain of backache when its after dinner, and then he would go out all day to swim at the sea, jog, laze around and now cycle. He is never in pain doing things HE LIKES OR FOR HIMSELF. If this isnt a human leech, I dont know what other thing to call this fucker. Why his wife, my man's sister put up with this shit is beyond my human comprehension. She indulges him with his selfish needs without a word of reprimand this decade long. It's amazing she is sooo blind and so happy to let her whole family and parents get exploited and used and taken advantage of with no words of advice for her man.

As for the OTHER sister, the one with head in the clouds, is also another living joke.

Being a housewife for a decade, and after the new govt has cut off the leeching of some "work benefits" which her husband has been exploiting for last 7 years, they are now in a tight squeeze since he isnt earning much and SHE IS A COMPLUSIVE shopper.

The cow naively complains to anyone who would hear her that "COMPANIES HR ARE SOOOO BAD because they DID NOT BOTHER TO CALL OR WRITE BACK that she was not selected for job interview." She laments that companies should call people up and tell them NICELY that they were not selected. WTF? Which universe does she live in? Every company that I know of in any country do not call up failed candidates, only the sucessful ones. Where the hell did she get the idea that she should get special treatment? This is truly what I call OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY idiot.

As if that wasnt something to scoff at, the fact that her family finances are not looking rosy should be a warning sign for a good competent housewife to tighten the belt and wake up her ideas. INSTEAD, the stupid COW decided that her best therapy is to go do more shopping instead!!!

She would appear and brag about her new dress and say its only Au$15. Hello idiot, you didnt need that dress. You could have SAVED that Au$15. Even my man was shaking his head and told her that. She protested and claim "I can always return this and get my money back" She forgets about the time wasted, money wasted on petrol and effort to do this buy and return this is pointless and meaningless.

If you think the stupid cow stopped there, no. While she complained about tight on money, guess what did she buy for her 2 kids under 10 years? 2 FUCKING IPODS. So that the 2 can PLAY GAMES. She was beaming as if she was soooo BRILLANT. What a fucking moron!!! Who buys Apple Ipod, an uncessary device for kids when you dont even have enough money to see them though college???

As if it wasnt enough, she said she was thinking of buying an Apple Ipad!!!! HELLO?!!!!!
Is your brain made of straws????? Has she not heard of the saying "A penny saved is a penny earned?"
I simply cannot believe this woman....and its torturous to even be near stupid imbecile like her.

Anycase, since she isnt my siblings, I'm not gonna care so long she doesnt expect us to LEND her money. THAT i told my husband. Now unless she is thrown out on the streets then I might think about it. She can grovel and beg for that day since I dont make it a habit to lend unwise people with head buried in the sand money and so unwise about finance management..

When my man told her off that she didnt need an Ipad and its the last thing she should think about buying, she screamed in frustration and ran out of the house (crying). What a LOSER.

My man thought that he had better not say anything in future but I told him, its PRECISELY that NO ONE HAS EVER told her off that she finds it hard to swallow and face reality. Her man already grumbles openly that she keep buying useless toys for her kids so there's already tension with her stupidity. My mother in law, much that she is a nice lady, have utter no sense in parenting not give good advice to kids to tell them they are wrong. She is the typical traditional "long suffering" type who believes this is my lot in life type. The other sister has her own problems with her leech husband, the brother doesnt care to get involve with anyone else in the family. So who else is there to talk sense to this fat cow?

I knew of her compulsive shopping bad habit from day 1 a decade back and I have hightlighted to my man. It's getting progressively worse and now that her man isnt bringing in stable dole (thanks to govt cut), she is using retail therapy more. What a nutjob.

I have no idea why the sons are so wise about money and living within means, care for their parents and yet the 2 gals are totally useless. Spineless, weakwill, ill disciplined.  Is it nature or nurture I wonder.

Off to good note.
My very doting father in law, knew how much I love mangoes, went out to buy a whole carton of mangoes and cherries and lychees for us to bring back to HK. I love Dad. He's the best. Not sure how I'm gonna finish 14 mangoes, half kg of cherries, half kg of lychees in a week though!!! Lol!!


Veron said...

Funny ranting...Hee

Its amazing how some people can behave as if the world owns them something.

Common sense is what they are lacking too.

Nomad said...


Yeah....cow sense is what they's terrible isnt it. My gfs had a good laugh when I told them the story, and you should see how far their jaws dropped as well. Their reaction was priceless:)