Friday, July 18, 2014

18 July: They have sprouted!!

The picture says it all:) 

My chilli plant has finally fruited!!! 
Hip hip horray! 

Finally after all the depressing flower drops, I found a shady but unblocked spot behind a bigger plant for this chilli fellow. I found a big tile and provide some minimal shade from direct rain pelting. 

These few days have been Typhoon 3. The wind strength was ghastly n so I made the decision to bring my plant down before it snap in two. My plant has grown up to my waist now and since it isn't bushy n heavy bottom (but heavy top), I didn't want to risk it. 

The other 4 are still up there looking abit sickly, deprived of much needed sun due to the shower curtain covering them from heavy rain pelting. I couldn't be bothered to move all of them (too much work). So only my basil was brought down as well. Not sure if the other will perish from too much water. We will find out soon enuff...

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