Friday, July 4, 2014

3 July Beauty: Sofina Primevista Multibase Cover

My old stuff are finally out and so I'm off to try something I had been eyeing on the last past year. Sofina makeup stuff. 

Hailing from Japan under Kao, it's currently only available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong retails outside Japan. 

What interests me isn't the colour series but the cover that will minimise the pores for combination/ oily skin. Have heard so much about it but I had been stalling since I don't want to clutter my bathroom with half used products.

In the end, I purchased the Primevista multi base cover and the face cake powder. 

The multi base comes only in 1 shade. Their principle award winning item is The long wear UV base targeted at 10hr long wearing makeup with SPF. It is clear and don't conceal pores. Since I don't wear make up much and my sole need is to cover pores, I tried the multi base cover instead. 

As indicated on the packaging, the small 25g tube (at about Hk300) aims to conceal pores, dullness, blemishes & helps to apply the foundation stay better. Not scented and has (mild) hydration purpose, which I take it more as non drying and translates to non caking:) 

I was recommended to take shade 5 for the face (foundation) powder for neural shade. 

I gave it a test run today. 

The multicover base glides on easily and dries quickly without stickiness. Applied to only T zone area and spread out sparingly to cheekbone to cover pores.  

Pores definitely look minimised but don't expect it to work like concealer on its own for freckles. Thought I would top up with the powder to try out the duo power. All it take is a very light pat n the powder coats n adhere to the base easily. The point to note is NOT to layer too much powder or it will cake n look patchy. 

The face feels matt. I thought it look a little light when matt but once I step into the HK sun n humidity takes over, the color melts n blends perfectly to my shade. Best thing is that the pores def look "invisible". 

I sweat a lot today and did workouts n the face thing did not run or go patchy. Stayed on as promised. went to shower n rinse my face n the holding power remains after I pat my face dry. 

All said n tested, I love this new product for lazy person like me who do not like layers of stuff on my face. 

That said, with such great delivery on staying power, that means u really got to clean ur face thoroughly to rid them when the day ends!

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