Thursday, November 23, 2006

Holy Cow! COW!

The last thing i expected to see in HK was a cow on the middle of the road. Yup, u heard me right. And of course it isnt in the middle of central or causeway bay.

We went to Sai Kung for walks in the mountain area or high hills whatever you call it. The weather is cooling down here but not really cool yet. So have been spending time in aberdeen and saikung exploring the hiking trails.

So as we were driving to the destination, i thought i caught a glimpse of a picture sign of a cow - impling beware cows ahead. I thought I must have misinterpreted the sign or it was an old sign. Next thing i knew round the bend, a HUGE brown cow was lesiurely crossing the road to graze on the leaves along the road. I laughed so hard. I mean seriously, who on earth is gonna believe me when i say "hey i saw a cow wandering on the roads in the modern streets of HK?"!

Anycase, much later as we were walking back to the car from end of the hike, i saw a HERD of cows on way back. Some black, some brown. The black ones looks vicious with horns on them. I guess i better stay clear by a mile before it decides to charge at me! Just kidding.

I dun know the purpose of thw cows really. For meat? For milk? They sure dun look like those milking cows grazing in the freen in europe or australia that's for sure.! I just wish i had my camera there and then. Drats.

Along Saikong water front, i saw tons of small boats parked near the pier and people on the waterfront overlooking down at the boats. I took a peek and whoa! It was water market of fresh seafood. U have got cuttlefish, clams, fishes etc. So cool! Never imagine I would see that in a City!! Only imagine that in Thailand. Goes to show how much i havent seen in HK!

All in all a great day! Should really get around more to have a wider perception of HK than just central, TST, Mongkok and causeway bay.

PS: I think Saikung reminds me of JB somehow. Think of JB with low rise houses and odd shops here and there. U get the picture

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