Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Risk of Posion..again

Everyday when i watch the news on HK TV, depressingly i wonder when i will be poisoned to death by those heartless unscruptulous business man in China who supplies live stock to HK.

3 more common fishes have been identified to be filled with Malachite Green - Bream, Torbot and Gouropa. And the eggs from China also are filled with Sudan Red Dye that is cancerous causing. Fking lack of ethics business men. So deprived are they in communist days that now at every chance of making a quick buck, even registered fisheries are sending poison fishes across with no remorse. And more and more are jumping the wagon. What the hell is wrong with these people?? 丧心病狂.

Hong Kong News Articles

New 1 - Nov 27 ( click to redirect to original link)

Mainland freshwater fish imports suspended
Mainland freshwater fish exporters will stop supplying Hong Kong from November 28, Deputy Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food Cheuk Wing-hing says, adding that it is a commercial decision.

Speaking to the media tonight, Mr Cheuk said Mainland authorities were not involved in the decision.

Food Safety Centre Consultant Dr Ho Yuk-yin said the latest test result on fish showed a trace amount of malachite green in two freshwater grouper samples. Tests on four duck eggs found no Sudan dye.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food Carrie Yau has left for Beijing to discuss food-safety issues. She said Mainland authorities have attached great importance to recent food safety incidents.

Although Hong Kong's freshwater fish tracking system has been improving, it is important to ensure sources do not use prohibited chemicals in food products, she added.

She will ask her Mainland counterparts to conduct follow-up action to prevent food suppliers using harmful chemicals in their products.

New 2 - Nov 26 ( click to redirect to original link)

Another fish sample tainted

The latest test result on freshwater fish samples showed a trace amount of malachite green in one of 18 samples taken, Food Safety Centre Consultant Dr Ho Yuk-yin says.

The sample tested positive for malachite green was taken from a mud carp at the Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Food Market, he said.

The fish in question was believed to be imported from a registered fish farm in Foshan, Guangdong. The centre has contacted the Mainland for follow-up actions and the concerned fish farm has stopped supplying fish to Hong Kong.

Turning to results for tests on other drug residues, Dr Ho said four freshwater grouper samples and another freshwater fish sample which have been recently tested positive for malachite green contain a trace amount of Nitrofuran. He urged the trade not to use prohibited chemical to raise fish.

Dr Ho said among the results for 22 egg samples available today, none were found to contain Sudan dyes.

He reminded egg traders to be cautious about the origin of their products and to stop selling 'red-yolk eggs'.

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