Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Multi-use" of mascara

While taking water and waiting for the water to be heated up, we chatted abit on Dyeing hair and Josephine was saying that her brother in law uses coarse salt and wet it into paste and massage into his hair. Afterwhich, he didnt have white hair anymore. Then Alice shared in her previous job in Clarins, there was a day when her colleague walked into the conference room and came out looking different. So it happens (absolutely no idea why), that he had decided to use the waterproof black mascara to "dye" the sides of his side burn from white to black!!! It was so funny! But what was really funny was that the guy even forgot that he did the mascara thing and he woke up with 2 black patch on his pillow and his face! It was hilarious!!!!!!! Can u imagine the sight?!!!!

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