Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shopping & Eating & Drinking @Taipei City

we met Jo at Mitshiko mall so that we can attend the roadshow for spring collection today. Kate was so nice (not to mention rich) and she bought the whole brush collection, eye shades, the brushes stand and whole shades of mascara today! In today, it cost her NT26,000 (S$1,300) just for the makeup at retail price. The BA was so shocked that she said she has never had anyone bought so much in one go.

Then we went to have beancurd downstairs in foodcourt@Eslite bookstore and it was OMG. I LOVE IT and i missed good beancurd so much!!! The syrup is not just cane sugar, there's something different about it with brown sugar and its not sickly sweet. Plus Muah chee was soooo goooooooooood! Comfort fooooood!

Then josephine was telling us she bought these necklace at the "hawkers" stall outside the MRT station and it only cost her NT$100 (S$5). My jaws drop!!!! its sooo cheap and nice!!! So we went to the store and i grab 3 necklace and feeling so happy! In between picking, there was police raid and the guy just packup and went off. So we were staying there with necklace in our hands wondering what happened. Shirley told us"cops" and we went oh! The best was everyone just stood around waiting for the guy to come back and collect the money. No one walk away with the necklace! How great is that for honesty!!!

We got hungry and headed to 川巴子( Again, it was OMG!!!!!!The soup base was sooo good! we had the double pot of fish stock and the spicy stock. The fish is sooooo soft and tender! AMAZING!

After dinner, we craved for icecream and headed to Haggen Daaz. So we sat there and swopping stories. God i was dying from laughing the whole night!

Then we moved on to Organo (886-227840555) @An ho road. The fries are fanastic!!!! We had another 2 friends of shirley and Jo to join us and again we swopped ghost tales of this famouse hotel chain in Taipei and stories from different companies. It was funny! Joseph used to be from a known brand chips and he was sharing how they invited chef from Japan to make a dish and how they convert that taste to chips etc. It was amazing to know stories from behind the scene! Not to mention him gaining 6kg from eating all teh chips and drinking softdrink due to food testing!

By 1.30am, we called it a night but it has been such a great night. I went crazy and bought lotsa mandarin cds. and tomorrow, we are heading to U-Lai for hotspring and massage! Meanwhile, i feel my tummy skin being stretched so much from all the food and drinks that i think my waist is so going to sag by morning..!!


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