Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One more nite in Taipei

Time flies when you are on business trip and before i knew it, half day passed!

Shirley brought us to eat pork rb noodle with tomato based soup near our office.. OOOOOo yummy! I missed such simple soup based noodle. Hard to find in HK. So i happily slurp off the soup and headed off for Bubble milk tea at "50Lan". Ooooo soooooo gooooood!

In a flash, i was late for dinner by an hour with Allen and the rest. Havent seen Allen since he quit his previous job. Absolute delight to catch up, and of discussing the "absurd" TV variety shows which i missed so much on crappy HK TV. I didnt realise how influenced SG TV is by Taiwan movie that it had become so integrated in my life!

After TGIF, we headed off to iCE Monster @ Da An Yong Kang Jie coz i was craving for local dessert. It was soooo nice! Too bad jumbo mango was off season..(damnit!), so Allen and I settled for Mango yorgurt while Tim and Rosie went for more local options of sweet potato, grass jelly and green beans.....Its quite nice to be eating cold dessert, sitting in the open cool weather. I think I will so hate to go back to the humid heat in singapore if ever!

By 1am, we decided to call it a night since everyone has to work tomorrow. I didnt realised how much i missed hanging out sessions with friends like this and just chatting after work. Plus there wasnt anyone else in the lounge and felt like we were at home lazing at the sofa. In HK, never got to do anything like this. Just didnt feel the same. With allen and gang, felt theraputic..like back home with my old friends....

Despite being Monday, the group headed off for a quick drink @Lounge (Xiao Ke Ting). The moment i entered the place, i thought the guy behind the bar counter looked super familiar. I think he kind of realise and he didnt really want to make eye contact initially. I kept telling the group that he looked familiar and i thought i saw him on TV Taiwan drama before. They all laughed and said if that was so, it must be some second grade show or they are from "singapore" to not recognise their local actor. Anycase, we started chatted about other things like why chewing gum was banned in sg and i was telling Allen to head to geylang for food. (Sooo embarrassing that i actually forgot the name of the Geylang street!! Oh god, i am away from home for toooo long!!!!!). Tim shared more "disgusting" past that boys he knew ate their nose shit when they were young!!! the girls went "EEEEEEEeeeewwwweeeee grosssssss!!!" Haaa haaa

As we were clearing the bill, i couldnt help but asked the owner if the guy i saw the whole night was ever on TV. The boss paused and said yes!!!!!!! And i asked if it was local idol drama and he said yes, that he was from the show "Prince turned frog series" ! I was like "I KNEW IT!!" and the rest of the group all laughed responding "OH! we are all from singapore!!!" It was hilarious! Imagine that i actually watched MORE Taiwan drama than the Taiwanese?!?@!! Haa haaa.
Anycase, a pity i didnt ask earlier or i could have a picture! I demanded Rosie to head back and take a picture of Antony tomorrow!!! I dun care!!! Arrrrrgggghhhh!!

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