Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle - I Dreamed a Dream on Britains Got Talent

This is one woman who deserves a standing ovation!! Susan Boyle literally stunned the audience at Britain's Got Talent on April 11 when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream." She is one of those rare find where you jaws literally drop and her singing will blow u away, 47yrs old or not!

Check out her singing audition here.


BarryO said...

I don`t get it. The GF threw me off the computer last night watch this on u-tube (over and over)

As a scot it`s embarrassing, that could be my "mammy"

me.nomad said...

It's not embarrassing really?
I honestly didnt see it that way. Embarrasement is "Willam Hung" from A.Idol. - who sings as bad as one expect...

I had to agree with the female judge, the audience was ready to laugh at her and see susan fall flat on her face and the 47yr old lady proved her overwhelming critics wrong. She doesnt have the face but she sure has a powerful voice. Even if I dont think susan will get more than her 5 mins of fame, It's moments like this that reminds us to never judge a book by its cover:)

BarryO said...

Michelle McManus, another scot, is previous winner of those types of show. I get the feeling judges feel that ugly/fat/old/stupid/etc people shouldn`t really be able to sing. So when they do it`s seen as much more of an achievement.

You`ve made me have a look for some old favourites, think u-tubes` taken them down.

I avoid those shows as much as possible, wasn`t familiar with William. I am now - thanks for the torture.

me.nomad said...

Quote "I get the feeling judges feel that ugly/fat/old/stupid/etc people shouldn`t really be able to sing."

>> I think it goes for everyone present that night when i saw the reaction on the audiences... esp when susan was asked who she wants to be and she wanted to be professional singer ...i could see the audience snickering...

Not sure who Michelle McManus is as I normally avoid such reality shows as well...but now u got me piqued.

As for william hung...Haaa haaa..Torture is an UNDERSTATEMENT mate... it was absolute hell!.

I didnt know if I should feel sorry or annoyed at the obvious mockery and exploitation. For his sake, I hope he had other talents... *sigh*

BarryO said...

Michelle was, um, slightly large.

Good point on the exploitation. It`s all too bubblegum now, soon be chewed up and spat out and something new will be along next month.

As for looks, yes I try not to judge, so that smile of yours is no way affecting me. :-)