Thursday, April 30, 2009

Men will be men....

This train incident from Central to Causeway bay yesterday utterly amused me.

There wasnt any seats available being close to peak hour and so I had to stand in the middle of the cabin. What caught my eyes immediately was this early 30s China woman, sitting down in the seat to the left of where I stood, where her seat was facing me. Actually, it was her boobs display that caught my eyes rather than her rapid firing at someone over the phone.

She wasnt dressed indecently but was certainly provoking enough to draw attention to her rack. Wearing a typical oversized black shades and decked in a plunging V-shape neckline vest, complete with a black jacket.One wouldnt cast a second look at her because she wasnt anything to look at , if not for breasts.

In contrast to the dark outfit she had, her soft , creamy-white boobs were threatening to spill out of her tight chest hugging vest any moment. Those huge mamas were real alright because they had a sort of download pull (not saggy), and were uneven in size. Her vest was spanned open so wide that it basically barely covering her nipples at both ends. Everytime she turned her head and upper torso to check the station, it was hard not to oggle at the 2 milk buns swaying with her movement. As I was standing in front of her, it was hard not to look straight down between the valley of blossoms.

As I took in the sight before me, I suddenly had the notion to look around me, checking if anyone else was momentarily memorised by those pair of inviting knockers.

There next to be, was this HK delivery man, aged about late 30s or early 40s. I almost died from laughing observing his expressions. He was utterly memerised by those man-tou like boobs.

What made me laughed was the fact he looked almost breathless, and he was gulping down his saliva so often. Combined with a stoned face, slacken jaws, almost uncontrollable drool, with his glassy eyes all focused on one spot, his expression was pricelessly hilarious. He looked short of reaching his hands out to poke at those boobs. I have to admit, the boobs were rather inviting. The guy looked like he was in absolute paradise.

Another older man next to him, age about 50+ was much cooler. He had that air of "I have seen it all before" look. Sure he was also staring at the boobs but with a certain detachness about it. As for the professionals, guys decked in suit, they were more cowardly to stare openly. Instead, they threw furtive glances in the general boob direction while pretending to also be looking at something else. They shared a similar hunger as the delivery guy but more subtle and restrained. The women standing around were relunctant nor any desire to want to look at the offending boobs before them.

The China woman in the center of all these attention, seemed completely oblivious to the sort of stares she was getting at and down her boobs. In fact, she leaned even more front at occassional times and doesnt give a hoot.

Normally I would be indignant if male strangers throw any lecherous stare at innocent woman who accidentally reveal some intimate parts. However, this China woman basically was flaunting her chest and asking for all the attention, so in turn, I feel no sympathy nor any tinge of outrage for such deliberate blatant display. In fact, I was rather amused at all the various reactions on the men's faces. I wished I had some secret camera to take it down. If only...

Finally, the woman was preparing to alight and she stood up, walked over to the door. ALL the men then turned to stare at her, mentally checking her out from top to bottom, resting their eyes on their butt and then up again. The delivery man quickly moved to stand behind the woman, like a hunger puppy following his mistress. I finally couldnt contain myself and gave a loud chuckle. The older woman next to me smiled at my reaction. I think she had an inkling at what I was laughing about.

Well, I suppose no matter what era we are in, generally, men will be men. Throw a woman with half exposed tits and their imagination will be fired up and run amok.


littlecartnoodles said...

I read the 4th paragraph 15 times ... ...

TvADddict said...


When I told my guy friend about it...all he could do was *GULP* *GULP* *GULP*

BarryO said...

The best cultural exchange in HK and I was stuck at home trying to change a lightbulb. I guess there is always next year to hope for. :-(

Description is fab, when is the book coming out?

Nomad said...

Barry, your wit never fail to tickle... :p